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About Fast Wheels

Fast Wheels has been devoted to making the best quality wheels in our great country for over 30 years. Originally founded in 1989, by Glenn Chaplin the manufacturer took on the brand name FAST in 1995. Fast Wheels has since become the leader in Alloy Wheel technology across Canada, their styles are extremely popular, and their quality is second to none. It is now managed primarily by Glen’s two sons Bob Chaplin and Lee Chaplin, cementing for generations to come that Fast Wheels will always be a family run Canadian business.

Since becoming one of the first companies to import Falken Tires to Canada, Fast Wheels have since entered into OEM Accessory Partnerships with the following car brands: Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Mitsubishi. With the reputation of these car makers on the line, you know that Fast Wheels’ quality is the absolute peak. The Fast Wheels warehouse was upgraded in in 2017 to over 200,000 square feet. Making their facility the largest in Canada, and one of the biggest ever seen in the rim and tire industry.

These steps prove their commitment to giving you the best summer or winter driving experience. Pair Fast Wheels with Hankook, Yokohama, Nexen, Nankang or Pirelli Tires to match any vehicle application. Their Off-Road division, Fast Wheels HD Series, is renowned for making 4x4 accessories more accessible to Canadiana. Furthermore, their Replika line will give you the same proven quality for any season, while preserving your car’s OEM look. We’ve outfitted many BMW, Tesla, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, and Toyota to name a few marks that proudly use Replika wheels for their winter tires.

We are exceptionally proud to offer Fast Wheels parts and accessories as part of our largest Canadian inventory. Their wheel and tire consultants pair with our professional to bring you the number 1 service quality in Canada, and their warranty is the best available on the market. Their technology advancements are the best in Canada, the FlowForm constructions are of the highest grade, intended to make your alloy rims stronger and lighter. In addition, Fast Wheels will support your OEM TPMS sensors.

We at CanadaWheels would be happy to outfit your vehicle with some Fast Wheels rims and tires, so feel free to contact us at sales@canadawheels.ca or call 1-800-453-4484 to find your fit!


Based on 5 ratings, 140 Reviews


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  • Dress up your winter rims

    One of the few 17" alloy rims that were available for my 2017 Honda CR V that were hubcentric and had the right offset. I wanted to drop from my stock 18" rims to 17" for two reasons; tire prices are much cheaper and the 17" rim gives me more tire between the winter potholes and the rim. I mounted Yokohama IceGuard iG51v in 235/65R17 which have been outstanding for ripping up and down my local ski hill which is half paved/half gravel. Canada wheels bent over backwards to put my tire/rim package together. They were delivered free to my door in BC, overpressured with nitrogen so you can bleed off exact pressure to your vehicle specs, and they were clearly labelled front and back with the corresponding correct tire pressures felt-penned on the labelling. Could not have been simpler. Canadawheels would be my first stop when looking for a tire/rim package.

    Written by Scott Banman Mar 24,2018

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  • Canada Wheels comes through

    I need winter wheels, like everybody but there are so many to choose from. I found the style I like at Canada Wheel but there were a few variations of the same wheel. The rep. I got was Hong. He was extremely helpful. He chose the right wheel for my car. The right wheel at the right price, thanks again Hong

    Written by Bob Mcleod Nov 01,2018

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  • Great Value.

    Great price. They look great. These rims are hub centric for my car which I greatly appreciated.

    Written by Vic Baniuk Nov 21,2018

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  • Winter wheels

    Nice wheels really quick shipping and and good price

    Written by Savard Serge Nov 23,2018

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  • Very Nice Wheels!!!

    I bought these as my Winter Weels as I have 255 50R 20” Tires. I thought about keeping them for my Summer Tires as they are really good looking and sturdy wheels. Will use Canadawheels again!!

    Written by Ross Williamson Nov 24,2018

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  • Great sales service , saved me money

    Much cheaper than going to FAST Wheels , great customer service too when calling to confirm my order and whether the Wheels could use the manufacturers wheel nuts or not.

    Written by Harrison Robbins Nov 27,2018

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  • Amazing customer service

    From start to delivery a top notch company.

    Written by Ron Lee Nov 27,2018

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  • Fast Wheels

    Fast delivery and they look real nice on my pickup

    Written by Geoff Link Nov 28,2018

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  • Great stance.

    My GTI is also lowered, and the 8"x18" Fast rims feel and look great. Easy to keep clean too.

    Written by Scott Everingham Nov 28,2018

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  • Perfect Rims

    Great rims, very sturdy and sleek design. Installed easily, recommend getting the spacers as it makes it easier to centre wheels. Running these as my winters, will be buying a summer set as well!

    Written by Melanie Poaps Dec 03,2018

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  • Great wheels at a great price.

    Can’t go wrong with these.

    Written by Andrew Stafford Dec 05,2018

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  • great rims at great price

    nice rims real happy with the service called once and the person was very helpfull in helping me get the right size as i was going from 16 inch rims to 15 inch inch rims on our second car a 2012 hyundai.car feels so much better only took a couple of days they were dropped off right at my door will be buying more rims in future four sure.

    Written by dan berard Dec 09,2018

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  • Rims

    They fit, cheaper than buying steel rims for winter, I used factory alloy rims for winter, these for summer, they look great on my truck.

    Written by John Murphy Dec 15,2018

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  • Great Value

    Was looking for a 19" winter rim, that wasn't the ugly steelies that most use for winter. Went to Canada Wheels, and found Fast Wheels. Look was much better than steelies, and the price was great. 2 months into winter, and no issues with performance, or clean up.

    Written by Barry Travnicek Dec 15,2018

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  • Nice design

    Good quality no balancing issues look nice on the car

    Written by cris soaca Dec 15,2018

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  • Excellent wheels

    I just installed my Nineteen 80 Fast Wheels ✌

    Written by Chelsea Longtin‎ Jan 11,2019

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  • Excellent wheels

    My new winter wheels from Canada Wheels look amazing.

    Written by ‎Michael Curatolo‎ Jan 14,2019

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  • Best price & Extremely fast shipping

    Really impressed with CanadaWheels and the level of service they provided. Everyone I spoke with was super nice and answered all my questions. They had the best price for the rims I wanted, and shipped them extremely fast - received them the next day! Overall, they were awesome!

    Written by Lisa Baird Jan 18,2019

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  • Outstanding service

    Outstanding service! I bought a set of Fast Orbit's 16x7 for my 2016 Hyundai Accent GLS and they showed up on time and in excellent condition with all the appropriate hardware. Would highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a set of wheels or tires. Very satisfied.

    Written by William Botka Jan 18,2019

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  • Great price

    I've scratched my head many times and wondered why did I buy this ugly car. But with the lowered suspension and new taller and wider wheels with a different offset from the stock rims, I'm really liking the new look... and feel. Great price and and quick responsive customer service. I even had them delivered before Canada Wheels sent the email telling me they're on the way. I couldn't be happier! Cheers to Canada Wheels :)

    Written by Peter Bartkiewicz Jan 18,2019

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  • Fantastic !


    Written by Mickaël Simard Jan 21,2019

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  • Fast Alloy Wheels Review

    Fast delivery. Really adds value to my CRV.

    Written by Eric Dallaire Jan 21,2019

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  • Wheels

    Awesome great look

    Written by Keith dauncey Jan 21,2019

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  • Excellent service

    Ordered rims on a Tuesday and they arrived on Thursday morning. Good value and excellent service.

    Written by William McIntosh Jan 25,2019

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  • Fast delivery

    I love it, it drives like a completely different truck, so much better than the factory setup. I called before I purchased this package to find out shipping time, and I am happy that it arrived on time. Thank you Canada Wheels

    Written by Edward Parsons Jan 29,2019

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  • Great prices

    Great selection, great prices and order came quickly!

    Written by Lyndie Dagg Jan 29,2019

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  • Great product

    Absolutely pleasurable experience. Not to mention the rims and tires are great!!!

    Written by Randy Bot Jan 29,2019

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  • Andy Art‎

    When you want to "pimp" your car, nice brand new slicks is the way to start, and Canada Wheels did it just right for me! Fast delivery, spotless service (despite slow system backend) and staff fully devoted to customer's satisfaction. And here is the result! Thanks, guys !

    Written by Andy Art‎ Jan 30,2019

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  • Great customer Service!

    So I hit a big pot hole with my rims that I had bought from Canada Wheels and inevitably one of the rims was badly bent. Hong at Canada Wheels went to bat for me with the rim manufacturer but because it was "road hazard" there was nothing that could be done. Nonetheless, Hong got me a discounted price on the replacement rim AND it was delivered the next day. Not the first purchase I have made from Canada Wheels and it won't be my last. Great customer service!

    Written by Fred L Jun 06,2019

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  • Fastest Delivery Ever!

    Fastest wheel delivery ever.

    Written by Daniel Jun 03,2019

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  • Excellent Customer Service

    CanadaWheels has excellent customer service. When I placed my order I neglected to fill out the street address on the delivery location. I was doing the order online late on a Saturday, Monday morning I had received an email to rectify my issue. Four days later my new wheels had arrived. Very pleased with their service.

    Written by Jason B Jun 05,2019

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  • Black is Beautiful - Awesome Wheels for Ford Transit Van

    It's difficult to find wheels to fit the 5/160 bolt pattern on the Ford Transit Van but I'm glad I found these. First off I saved $200 buying these rims from Canada Wheels compared to my local dealers. I never heard of Canada Wheels before and was a little apprehensive about ordering online. I called their toll free number and discussed my order prior to completing the online checkout My wheels arrived in five days and I couldn't be happier. These wheels are awesome and really make my Ford Transit Van POP compared to the factory tires and rims. I'm using these FastWheels for winter tires but after receiving so many compliments about them I'm thinking of ordering a second set for the summer. The gloss black with silver edging looks amazing. These wheels are well made and fit the full sized Transit Van Perfectly. I would recommend these wheels to anyone and especially Ford Transit Van owners. Here are some photos of my van on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtQJlp7Fw8j/

    Written by Doyle Serink Feb 04,2019

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  • Right fit

    Had a great experience with this company very patient and understanding as I had no knowledge for tires, then they were so helpful that they talked with my local tire company to make sure we had the right fit! Fantastic

    Written by Amanda VanLeeuwen Feb 05,2019

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  • Everything seems AOK

    Wheels were delivered very quickly. They appear to be high quality and their looks complement my vehicle.

    Written by Brian Burtt Feb 06,2019

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  • Excellent customer service

    I ordered a set of wheels as a winter setup from CW for my golf R. there was a stock issue, but they called me right away and did everything they could to make things right. I would definitely recommend CW to anyone looking for wheels for a decent price.

    Written by Brad Robbins Feb 06,2019

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  • Perfect fit

    I had an excellent experience with CanadaWheels. They helped me through the process of making sure the wheels will fit my car and worked with the manufacturer to confirm clearances etc. It was a pleasure to deal with people that respond quickly and professionally. Good job guys...can't wait for spring to put my wheels on.

    Written by Julius Bago Feb 06,2019

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  • Perfect wheels

    Perfect is all I can say as they are exactly as shown and advertised, they came complete with tire sensors for my car as well as spacer's and wheel nuts and key for the nuts. Great doing business with them

    Written by Jj Anderton Feb 06,2019

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  • Awesome rims

    I bought a set of awesome rims for my 2017 dodge ram 1500, the price was awesome and i got them within less than a week. when i bought the rims i also had to purchase rings for them, but then Canada wheels sent me a message saying that i didn't need the rings because they were exclusive to dodge, which was so awesome cause that saved me money. This is the second set of wheels that my wife and i had purchased. Even got my daughter to get a set from them to.

    Written by Dale Groves Feb 06,2019

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  • Amazing service

    Got the look I wanted and my car looks mint. Their service is amazing. You won’t regret going with them.

    Written by Braedan Fockler Feb 07,2019

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  • Awesome product

    Very sleek look. Arrived much sooner than expected

    Written by Suthan Bala Feb 08,2019

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  • Best price & very fast shipping

    Canada Wheels is the best! My order came fast and the wheels I ordered are in perfect condition. Not to mention that their price is very competitive. It's even cheaper than the others in the market! Kudos to you, guys! Cheers for the great service

    Written by Boyet Batara Feb 07,2019

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  • Best price & very fast shipping

    I bought a set of Fast Wheels Detonator for my 2008 Chev Silverado 2500HD. Fast shipping within a week and great price.

    Written by Randy Clarkson Feb 07,2019

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  • Great wheels

    Ordered Fastwheels Jet for my Micra and had them to the door in a week. Very happy with the product and service from Canada Wheels!

    Written by Ken Pike Feb 07,2019

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  • Fast delivery & great service

    Bought a rim and tire setup for my q50, the order arrived with in a week. I’m real pleased with my order and will definitely deal through them again. The staff was really accommodating and pleasant to work with - they helped me out with any questions I had with a fast response. Highly recommended!

    Written by Charlene Elizabeth G Feb 07,2019

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  • Great rims

    Great customer service! RIms were shipped quickly and they look great. Free shipping is a definite bonus. Highly recommend, thanks again!

    Written by Carrie Kleppe Tanchak Feb 07,2019

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  • FAST Wheel

    Product was excellent quality and promptly delivered

    Written by Don Noseworthy Feb 25,2019

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  • New wheels for an old car

    I ordered new wheels and tires for my old car. The wheels are 16" as opposed to the factory original 15". The wheels and tires came mounted and balanced to my door within a few days of ordering. I was able to change out the wheels myself. So far I am very happy with the look of the new wheels and the car feels like new. The road noise is noticeably reduced, the car corners better and feels more solid on the road. I cannot yet comment on the longevity or wear of the wheels or the tires, but right now I feel like I have a new car and the service from Canada Wheels was great. Thank you Canada Wheels.

    Written by Irena Apr 17,2019

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  • Spicy


    Written by James Johnson May 01,2019

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  • looks awesome!!

    jetta 2013 avec 4 fasters

    Written by Sylvain Jun 03,2019

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  • Great experience.

    Great experience. Product as described. Perfect fit. Fast shipment. Said 3 to 5 business days and arrived in 4 days. Knowledgeable sales staff and good customer service.

    Written by Malcolm M Jun 05,2019

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  • Excellent!

    Great rims, Good price, easy to order

    Written by Alex A Jun 05,2019

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  • Definitely recommend

    I needed some wheels for a jag Xtype , not the easiest of cars to find wheels that fit . I spoke with a Mr. Alfredo who was most patient , knowledgeable and directed me to a great buy . Could not ask for more. Definitely recommend CanadaWheels !

    Written by Tony S Jun 05,2019

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  • Kudos!

    Really enjoyed my on-line shopping experience with CanadaWheels. The service was excellent and professional and they kept me informed as to the progress of my order for new alloy wheels for my new Continental Winter tires which are now mounted and installed on my new Mazda CX-5 SUV. The only thing that should have been brought to my attention at time ordering was whether or not I was planning on installing rim protectors because the way these rims were designed and manufactured, no type of rim protector can be installed, not really a deal breaker though, as they were a direct fit plus the pre-calibrated TPMS sensors worked perfectly. Kudos to CanadaWheels !

    Written by Gary P Jun 06,2019

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  • Extraordinary!

    This is my second time using CanadaWheels' services. This time I ordered both rims and tires for my VW Tiguan. The tires came mounted and balanced on the rims at no additional costs. Pricing is unmatched, ordering process is smooth and shipping is extremely fast (I placed my order on Wednesday and received it on Friday). I continuously recommend CanadaWheels to my friends and family. Extraordinary service thanks to the team at CanadaWheels!!

    Written by Shabab B Jun 06,2019

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  • Nice!

    Very happy with the wheels shipping was very fast, and no damages to the wheel at all. The Quality of the wheels are great for cast wheels.

    Written by Ajay Salazar Jun 14,2019

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  • Outstanding

    The product, price, customer service, delivery, communication and notification was outstanding. I would recommend Canada Wheels to everyone.

    Written by John Morris Jun 14,2019

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  • Reactor wheels

    These are awesome wheels. Super Impressed with them. Price was right and style is excellent.

    Written by Jason Boz Jun 26,2019

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  • Bought for a 2012 Camry, very happy

    I have always wanted to buy rims for my vehicles but was a little put off by all the measurements and specifications (and cost). This was my first time buying rims for anything and CanadaWheels made it really easy. I was able to pick my rims based off of my vehicle and I had a few emails back and forth with their support. They were very quick to answer and helpful. The wheels were ordered and delivered in less then a week. I was able to put them on easily without issue and they look great. I may pick up a new set of rims for my winter wheels.

    Written by Kyle Louden Jul 18,2019

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  • Style

    Matched perfectly on my Jaguar.

    Written by Robert Brennan Jul 20,2019

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  • Great look, fast delivery! Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

    Just had my Fast Wheels FC04 19" installed on my 2016 BMW X3 and I really like how the titanium compliments the grey/silver and chrome on the car. Fast delivery and friendly, knowledgeable staff regarding TPMS and hub ring questions. Thanks

    Written by John Aug 16,2019

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  • Very nice looking

    I have not tried the rims on my Buick yet since they were purchased for my winter tires but they look great when the tires were installed onto them.

    Written by Roy Sinden Aug 22,2019

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  • Awesome company!

    Awesome company! They double check everything with you to make sure you're happy before they ship. I ordered on a Saturday and had them at my door with tires mounted and rims balanced by Tuesday! Will definitely order again! Thank you CanadaWheels!

    Written by Gage Lids Sep 06,2019

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  • couldn’t be happier with my purchase

    Very fast and reliable shipping and great pricing

    Written by Ty Barone Sep 06,2019

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  • Awesome supplier!

    Received it earlier than it was supposed to be deliver. Awesome supplier of wheels.

    Written by Cris Denzon Sep 06,2019

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  • fantastic wheels for my ram promaster city

    Great wheels, fantastic customer service, super fast shipping, I highly recommend Canada wheels.

    Written by michael kelly Oct 21,2019

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  • Nice wheels.

    Helpful staff. Wheels are great. Did not need some parts.

    Written by James Gerwing Oct 26,2019

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  • Sharp

    Haven't put them on yet, but look great for the price!

    Written by Ryan Breivik Oct 27,2019

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  • Very happy with wheels/price/shipping

    Wheels were well packed, received in 48 hours as promised and price was very good. Very happy overall and I recommend this vendor!

    Written by Steve Norkett Oct 28,2019

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  • Worked perfectly with our new Jeep

    Awesome looking wheel that fit our new Jeep perfectly.

    Written by Richard Dering Oct 28,2019

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  • Fast Wheels Switch Satin Black

    This company is awesome. I was having trouble finding reasonably priced winter wheels for my 2019 Kia Stinger. The stock wheels are 19" staggered. My dealer stated that I could only use 19" wheels which was costing a lot of money. These guys came up with an 18" wheel direct fit. No hub rings or any other additions. I was hesitant at first but they fit perfectly. And nothing beats their price. The shipping was free and only took 4 days to get to Calgary. Considering what my dealer was charging I saved about $1000 for my winter tire package. The wheels themselves are really sharp. See picture. I will definitely buy my next set of wheels from these guys

    Written by Moez Hassam Oct 31,2019

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  • Well Done

    Quick service in perfect condition.

    Written by Gord Connon Oct 31,2019

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  • Super service

    Service super rapide , meilleur prix et emballage tres securitaire pour eviter les dommages

    Written by Patrick Martineau Nov 01,2019

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  • Great looking wheel

    I purchased a set of Fast Titanium Switch wheels from Canadawheels.ca for my Hyundai Elantra Gt. I am very happy with the product and purchase experience from Canadawheels.ca I have my winter tires mounted on them as I wanted a decent looking, reasonably priced, alternative to steel wheels. These wheels look great! For the price, they are excellent in quality and fit and finish.

    Written by Steve Fareham Nov 02,2019

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  • Thunder Wheels

    Good quality product. Fast service, would buy from Canada wheel again.

    Written by Andrew Inkster Nov 05,2019

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  • Look good

    Looking good in my 2015 crosstrek!

    Written by Eliane Nov 06,2019

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  • Perfect for nissan kicks

    Perfect fit for Nissan Kicks .

    Written by JOSEPH CABIGAO Nov 07,2019

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  • Fast Wheels

    A real improvement on the look of the car. Looks to be great quality. Am really happy with the new wheels so far. Great value !

    Written by Ronald Anderson Nov 09,2019

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  • Best price!

    Best Price online Speedy delivery

    Written by Tom Kelly Nov 14,2019

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  • Questionable build quality

    Had these mounted for about 2 weeks before I noticed one had two cracks and a dent. I cannot recall hitting a pothole, etc, hard enough to do this. You get what you pay for.

    Written by Dwayne Nov 16,2019

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  • Happy Customer

    I am very pleased with what I purchased, the rims were just what I ordered they look awesome, at a great price and excellent service and fast delivery. Will definitely be a return customer.

    Written by Donna King Nov 16,2019

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  • Very nice winter rim

    Switched to alloys for winter after my old steelies ruined a set a tires by springing a thousand leaks last winter. These wheels look great on my Elantra and lessen the shock of going from summer to winter.

    Written by Andrew Neate Nov 16,2019

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  • No complaints

    I bought these wheels as a winter wheel rim for a 2018 Malibu. The website was easy to navigate and all of the specs were accurate. The price was reasonable. The shipping was fast (I first received three of the wheels, but the fourth arrived on the next business day, so not an issue). So far the quality has surpassed my expectations, the packaging was very good as well. I bought these wheels as an exact fit and they fit like the OEM’s. I would not hesitate to order from canadawheels in the future.

    Written by Todd McKinnon Nov 17,2019

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  • Impressive!

    Purchased winter rims for new winter tires. The fit onto the hub was exact as I tested a rim on the vehicle before having tires installed. We had purchased tires locally with install from Costco. Canada Wheels shipping was as promised. Satisfied with purchase.

    Written by Jack Park Nov 18,2019

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  • Canada Wheels - Rims

    Canada Wheels were fantastic in getting these rims shipped out in record time to the West Coast to accommodate an install I had scheduled. The rims were in perfect condition, nicely packaged and protected and I couldn't be happier with the final look. Thanks for providing world-class service - every company could learn from you how to put your customers first.

    Written by Ray Strome Nov 19,2019

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  • Great product!

    These rims look great on my new vehicle. I love the fact that they install them on the tires that you purchase and that they come balanced and ready to install and that they deliver it to your door with free shipping! Actually, we found that Canada Wheels were a lot cheaper than other places. Great products.

    Written by Kevin Ross Nov 28,2019

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  • Great looking rims

    These are great looking rims, but the wheel nuts are a pain to install as the dimensions for the wheel nuts are really precise. Not a big deal overall.

    Written by Ian Brown Dec 01,2019

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  • great wheels

    great looking wheels

    Written by Michael Piekny Dec 02,2019

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  • Amazing wheels, look beautiful and great price!!

    The tires and my rims look great on my Tesla model 3, and after the snowstorm this morning they ran beautifully. Great customer service from Canada Wheels, amazing company with unbeatable prices! Before pictures (silver oem rims) and after pictures (black Fast Wheels rims with Nexen tires) are attached.

    Written by Jacob Gauthier Dec 02,2019

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  • Tres bonne site

    Toute a tres bien ete livraison rapide

    Written by robidoux alexandre Dec 03,2019

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  • fast wheels

    Excellent value. Their price was just 25% over the steel wheels. They looked very nice with the winter tires. Highly recommended.

    Written by Dennis Poon Dec 10,2019

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  • Satisfaction!

    I love my new rims and they look great. Very satisfied with the service as well!

    Written by Linda Giroux-Daigle Dec 12,2019

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  • good product

    it's a good product.. good value the wheel lugs that were recommended weren't needed as the factory lugs fits perfectly this style of rim..

    Written by JODY BROWN Dec 13,2019

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  • Amazingly looking and performing wheels

    I'm very happy with the purchase. Looks and performs great

    Written by Alex Shirokko Dec 13,2019

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  • Cool rims

    These rims look awesome on my Tesla Model 3. A special thanks to Matt in Sales for helping me select the right rims.

    Written by robert wong Dec 14,2019

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  • Great quality!

    Love the colour and design. Hub centric for my 2019 RAV4, works with the original bolts perfectly. Just the right width.

    Written by Trevor Ramdhan Dec 18,2019

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  • Great wheels, great price

    Installed these to use as winters on my ELR. Fit perfect, match the car nicely.

    Written by Jason Dec 20,2019

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  • Highly satisfied

    Product came on before the estimated delivery date, was boxed in with all required hardware. Excellent!!!

    Written by Mohammad Islam Dec 23,2019

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  • Impressed

    Nice looking wheels for a reasonable price. Liked that they used my existing lug nut set.

    Written by Collin Watson Dec 23,2019

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  • Very Satisfied with the service

    Satisfied with the service

    Written by Gurpreet Jutla Dec 23,2019

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  • Great looking wheel!

    Very Happy with my fast wheels. They look great and are nice and light!

    Written by Jonathan Lebold Dec 26,2019

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  • Satisfied customer

    The online search filter process was quite simple. I was able to find this specific rims for my vehicle. Great value. Fast delivery service rims were well package in individually boxed. An overall great first time order experience.

    Written by Garfield Hall Dec 30,2019

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  • Unbelievable deal!

    The boxes came a day earlier than promised - thank you! I trial fit them on my Santa Fe and they fit perfectly. And they look awesome! They look so much better than the factory alloys, I regret not switching my summer tires to my new Fast rims and putting my new winter tires on the factory rims.

    Written by Ronald Schreuders Jan 13,2020

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  • Nice set of wheels

    I bought these for my 2018 Ram 1500 express. The wheels fit great. 0 Offset with the 9” wheel pushes the tires out approximately 1” passed the fender and gives the truck a more aggressive look. Nice wheels at a good price point.

    Written by JOEL WALTON Mar 09,2020

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  • Great quality

    Great wheel at a great price Perfect fitment

    Written by william reed Mar 13,2020

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  • Amazing

    The rims I ordered through this company a very nice really good branding and would buy again very good quality thanks guys

    Written by Glendon Snow Mar 16,2020

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  • Great wheels

    Awesome wheels and light

    Written by Ioannis Tsimaras Mar 18,2020

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  • Rims

    Excellent value and delivery service, Highly recommend.

    Written by Darrin Buck Apr 03,2020

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  • Wheels came in as described

    Great wheels at reasonable price.

    Written by Zen Hiew Apr 03,2020

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  • Best wheels i've owned

    Bought a set of these wheels for my 10th gen civic, could not be happier with the end result, the car feels great the wheels feel good on the road, i can finally actually see my brakes without having to take off the wheel lol. They arrived very quickly too, within days of placing my order they were at my doorsteps. 10/10

    Written by Matthew Drinkill Apr 04,2020

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  • Great service, great product

    Totally happy with everything about this tranaction! From the online advise on tire sizes for larger rims to quick delivery! The wheels are awesome quality, I couldn't be happier! Thanks guys!

    Written by Terry Short Apr 04,2020

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  • Look great

    Love the look of them on my m2.

    Written by Justin Apr 09,2020

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  • Rims

    Rims look great! Much better than my steelies haha. It was delivered to my house in last than a week during the pandemic. I highly recommend this company for rims!

    Written by Quang Le Apr 11,2020

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  • Canada Wheels

    Very good service and very good quality

    Written by Pierre Gallant Apr 11,2020

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  • Great wheels

    These wheels for our Mazda CX5 were a great choice. I immediately liked the style choices and their prices. A simple phone call got me a salesperson who steered me to the wheels that would fit our car perfectly. They arrived promptly and carefully packaged. They were to be for my snow tires but the Mazda service manager said he liked the design better than the Mazda summer wheels so that is where we put them. He also said Mazda uses this company for new wheels. Expertise, great product and best price makes this company easy to recommend.

    Written by Harry Vandervoort Apr 19,2020

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  • Thank you Canada wheels

    My ride looks awesome

    Written by Delfin Santos Apr 30,2020

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  • Nice looking, love them so much

    Love the finish and the look it gave to my CRV 2019

    Written by Raphaël Tanguay May 22,2020

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  • Wheels for Lexus UXH

    Excellent fir. Great finish.

    Written by Michael May 22,2020

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  • Great EV Wheels

    Great wheels! They look good and are very efficient! Been averaging 140watts/km with them, which is fantastic. Don't buy the hub rings for these for a Tesla Model 3. You don't need them.

    Written by Vaughan May 23,2020

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  • Fast Wheels FC04

    You said that I was your first client ever in Finland. :D I got my Fast Wheels FC04 Metallic Black and they look great. The size of the wheels 8x17 et35, and tyres 205/55 R17. The car needed some modifications to fit the wheels because of the tyre size but I knew that before I ordered them. This is the result. The car is European, part of the Volkswagen Group, Seat Leon Fr, 5f 2013, 1.4Tsi 103kw with lowering springs.

    Written by Mikko Alatalo Jun 11,2020

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  • Everything is good

    Shipping was fast. Quality is good. We'll see how nice finish handles gravel road, time will tell.

    Written by Jesse Dressler Jun 15,2020

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  • Bronze Rims

    I love the rims in my Silver Odyssey! The price is also very nice and competative to other sellers.

    Written by Christian Pacaldo Jun 15,2020

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  • Great wheel for the price

    Very solid well put together rim super worth the price

    Written by Marlene Jennings Jun 16,2020

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  • Exactly as advertised!

    Everything was easy, from ordering (Delivery came within 2 days!) to fit and look of the rims on my car. Excellent! Great communication as well!

    Written by Daniel Bilodeau Jun 15,2020

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  • Very Happy with these Rims for 2016 Mazda 3 GT Sport.

    Look awesome.

    Written by R Khan Jun 15,2020

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  • Aristo wheels

    They look good on our Ford Edge.

    Written by K R JOHNSON Jun 16,2020

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  • Great thanks!

    After a bit of a mix up with the first rims we ordered, we were told we needed to order different ones. So we got these instead. They're very nice and look great on my CRV. Customer service was great, I message them on Facebook and they had my order shipped within a day. Thanks !

    Written by Amanda Crocker Jun 17,2020

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  • Gorgeous rims

    Not a huge fan of how they machine the holes for the lug nuts. Overall have been flawless since installed, driven about 600km on these with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s on them. Went to a local shop to get the tires mounted. Asked them to mount the tires and put them back in the trunk so I could install myself, they ended up mounting tires incorrectly, had to go back twice. On the last visit they mounted the tires and destroyed the paint around all of the lug nuts by using a normal socket instead of a thinwall socket, I don't know why I would ever trust the clowns at Canadian Tire to do anything right. Aside from the imbeciles at Canadian Tire the wheels are great.

    Written by Martin Rios Jun 17,2020

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  • Nice wheels

    very happy with my purchase. Looks good and fits perfect. Great service

    Written by Mike Grant Jun 18,2020

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  • Best bang for the buck

    Love the style and quality.

    Written by Rodney Quintyne Jun 18,2020

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  • Fast wheels 18 inches (red)

    Its look great. I loved it

    Written by Clemente Rojas Jun 18,2020

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  • Loving them.

    They go real well with the trim on the car. Super happy. Here is a pic with them on the car. A little dusty but I was going camping.

    Written by Mark Mendelsohn Jun 18,2020

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  • Happy

    My wheels fit well on my, Lincoln MKC. I made my choice in a hurry, i needed absolutely a 45 mm offset. The specs was fit with the choice i did. At the time, the Gloss Silver with Machined Face, was showing a 30mm Offset. About 15 days later, went to Canada Wheel and saw the Gloss Silver .......... showing 45mm Offset; that would have been my best choice !!! It was to late but stil, i like my wheels.

    Written by Norman Helie Jun 20,2020

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  • Rims

    Love my rims

    Written by Joylene Wakeham Jun 22,2020

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  • Awesome wheels, amazing service

    Couldn't have asked for better service (my wheels arrived 2 days earlier than scheduled). They make my truck really stand out.

    Written by Laurie MacIntosh Jun 25,2020

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  • Amazing rims, great price.

    Fit great and look great, nice bang for your buck.

    Written by Kameron Hunt Jul 02,2020

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  • Great product and price

    Amazing price and super quick shipping

    Written by Eric Beentjes Jul 02,2020

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  • Great buying experience

    Excellent customer service during throughout process. They answered all my questions and were extremely helpful to ensure the wheels fit my vehicle without any problems. The new rims were delivered within 2 days to my door. The Fast Innovation titanium18 x8 rims look great on my GTI! I would definitely recommend Canada Wheels to anyone looking for aftermarket rims for the customer service, quality of the products and very competitive prices.

    Written by Bert Van Brenk Jul 13,2020

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  • Fast dime wheel

    Good quality, great price. Wheels look amazing on the car. Great fitment

    Written by Curtis Jul 28,2020

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  • Look amazing on my mustang

    Great value, super light wheels. I can feel the difference while cornering now.

    Written by phillip thompson Jul 28,2020

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  • Great and superb look and services!

    I had my rims upsized and replaced by this switch. Fits exactly to my specs and leveled up the overall totality of my vehicle. It's very nice and sporty looking titanium rim that blends well to my white terrain. I really could not say anything bad on the outcome. Thankful to the FastWheels team to confirm fitment and deliver the rim in less than a week after I purchased it online. Highly recommended!

    Written by Ryan Anthony Jul 28,2020

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