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Fast Wheels Switch

(76) Reviews
  • Winter Approved
  • Free Shipping
  • Fast Delivery
  • Canada's Lowest Prices

Fast Wheels is one of the best brands in Canada in terms of their quality. If you're looking for a custom tuner wheel, a direct-fit wheel, or something for your winter tires, Fast Wheels is one of our top recommendations every time. As wheel technology advances, so does Fast Wheels business practice, to move the OEM accessory and tuner wheel market forward. Their latest Flow Form technology is amazing for low-weight winter approved wheels, and they have the largest catalog of all Canadian brands.


  • All wheels are tested to exceed JWL, VIA and SAE standards for radial fatigue, impact resistance, bending resistance, air leaking and more
  • Analysis and revision with Solid Works® prior to production approval
  • CASS (salt spray) corrosion tested
  • GVWR (load rating) verification for every vehicle 3D digital mapping with the aerospace approved Faro Gauge® to confirm X and Y factor clearance check
  • 40 000+ Canadian specific vehicles measured with over 300 data points
  • Custom fitments drilled and milled with Mazak CNC 3-axis vertical mill
  • SEMA certified installers
  • Highest standards in radial & lateral run out verification
  • Wheel and tire packages are laser optically balanced
  • The industry’s benchmark for customer support and after-sales service




    • Peeling of the clear coat, paint or chrome finish.
    • Wheels with a radial or lateral run-out greater than 0.020 inch/0.50mm, provided there is no evidence of impact.
    • Stress cracks in the wheel, provided there is no evidence of impact.
    • Bubbles in the paint or chrome or other blemishes in the finish of the wheel.
    • Wheels that leak air.
    • Improper machining of the center bore or lug holes.

    Link to PDF


Manufacturer Part Number: F212-1880-12TN+35C671
Wheel size Boltpattern Offset Hub bore Weight Finish
18x8 5x120 35 67.1 24.00 Titanium

Specifications shown are as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by the product manufacturers. The dimensions reflect average values for products measured on the specified measuring rim width. Individual products may vary from data shown.

All products are subject to continuous development. The product manufacturers and CanadaWheels Inc. reserve the right to change product specifications at any time without notice or obligation.


Based on 5 ratings, 76 Reviews


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  • Extraordinary!

    This is my second time using CanadaWheels' services. This time I ordered both rims and tires for my VW Tiguan. The tires came mounted and balanced on the rims at no additional costs. Pricing is unmatched, ordering process is smooth and shipping is extremely fast (I placed my order on Wednesday and received it on Friday). I continuously recommend CanadaWheels to my friends and family. Extraordinary service thanks to the team at CanadaWheels!!

    Posted by Shabab B Jun 06,2019

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  • Excellent customer service

    I ordered a set of wheels as a winter setup from CW for my golf R. there was a stock issue, but they called me right away and did everything they could to make things right. I would definitely recommend CW to anyone looking for wheels for a decent price.

    Posted by Brad Robbins Feb 06,2019

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  • Everything seems AOK

    Wheels were delivered very quickly. They appear to be high quality and their looks complement my vehicle.

    Posted by Brian Burtt Feb 06,2019

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  • Great quality

    Great wheel at a great price Perfect fitment

    Posted by william reed Mar 13,2020

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  • Great wheels!

    Product arrived fast. Installation was easy and smooth. Wheels look great, colour as pictured. I'm very happy with the purchase. Highly recommend!

    Posted by Dasha Mar 27,2021

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  • Great wheels at a great price.

    Can’t go wrong with these.

    Posted by Andrew Stafford Dec 05,2018

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  • Worked perfectly with our new Jeep

    Awesome looking wheel that fit our new Jeep perfectly.

    Posted by Richard Dering Oct 28,2019

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  • Excellent service

    Ordered rims on a Tuesday and they arrived on Thursday morning. Good value and excellent service.

    Posted by William McIntosh Jan 25,2019

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  • Fast Delivery

    I was really surprised at how fast my order showed up. Rims are spectacular! They look even better than the photos. Very happy!!!

    Posted by Barry Challice May 25,2021

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  • Great price, great service

    Very pleased from start to finish.

    Posted by Richard Anderson Nov 05,2020

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  • New Rims look great

    These rims look amazing on our Rav4. Glad we went with Titanium. Note - I did the research and made sure I bought the exact hub core size. The Gauranteed fit size was 67, while our specific was 60.1 - which meant I didn't have to worry about hub adapter rings. Mechanic agreed - they do both but you always have to worry whoever is changing your tires to winter or rotating, don't lose or forget the rings. So my exact fit fit perfect (I tried one myself on the vehicle to make sure before I brought it in to the tire shop). The rims were very well packages, and one box labeled very clearly that had the box of lugs. the rims had a plastic film, a cloth elastic fit cover, and then cardboard cover, all to protect the rim in transit. I unpacked and checked all before going to the tire shop to ensure no damage in shipping (and in case the shop did something) - but in all very satisfied with look and quality of these rims. Even the tire shop were impressed and asked where I got them as they liked the look (and price).

    Posted by DBorg Apr 12,2021

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  • Fast Alloy Wheels Review

    Fast delivery. Really adds value to my CRV.

    Posted by Eric Dallaire Jan 21,2019

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  • Better than the ugly steel winter rims

    I bought these to use for my winter tyres on the Subaru Crosstrek because they were reasonably priced and I hate those ugly, black steel rims. The bore was exactly the same as the factory rims so hub ring adapters were not necessary.

    Posted by Richard Ding Oct 13,2020

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  • Great Value.

    Great price. They look great. These rims are hub centric for my car which I greatly appreciated.

    Posted by Vic Baniuk Nov 21,2018

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  • Great wheels, great price

    Installed these to use as winters on my ELR. Fit perfect, match the car nicely.

    Posted by Jason Dec 20,2019

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  • Great and superb look and services!

    I had my rims upsized and replaced by this switch. Fits exactly to my specs and leveled up the overall totality of my vehicle. It's very nice and sporty looking titanium rim that blends well to my white terrain. I really could not say anything bad on the outcome. Thankful to the FastWheels team to confirm fitment and deliver the rim in less than a week after I purchased it online. Highly recommended!

    Posted by Ryan Anthony Jul 28,2020

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  • Impressed

    Nice looking wheels for a reasonable price. Liked that they used my existing lug nut set.

    Posted by Collin Watson Dec 23,2019

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  • Awesome wheels, amazing service

    Couldn't have asked for better service (my wheels arrived 2 days earlier than scheduled). They make my truck really stand out.

    Posted by Laurie MacIntosh Jun 25,2020

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  • Perfect fit for Gen 1 Honda Ridgeline

    I was looking for wheels that would be a direct fit for my 2010 Honda Ridgeline and the 'Switch' do exactly that (ie. they don't require a centering ring or an extra set of lugs). They look good without being too gaudy. Fast shipping and great customer service. I asked a rep to double-check the fitment as Hondas typically use different lug nuts than most, and they verified directly with the manufacturer.

    Posted by Graeme C. Sep 04,2020

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  • New Wheels for new winter snow tire install.

    Our new wheels look great and we are really happy with the Costco Tire Centre staff's great job of installing them with our new winter tires. Our 2020 Honda Ridgeline looks great. So great I'm a little concerned we didn't purchase the locking lug nuts! LOL! My husband isn't concerned but I'm still a bit nervous about his truck sitting on varying 12 hour shifts even if there is security that checks the parking lot intermittently. The price was the best we'd found on multiple sites so we're really pleased all round... ;)

    Posted by Lorelei Petrie Nov 22,2020

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  • Rims

    Look fantastic

    Posted by Paul McNeil Nov 19,2020

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  • Impressive!

    Purchased winter rims for new winter tires. The fit onto the hub was exact as I tested a rim on the vehicle before having tires installed. We had purchased tires locally with install from Costco. Canada Wheels shipping was as promised. Satisfied with purchase.

    Posted by Jack Park Nov 18,2019

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  • Fit Fine

    Not my first choice but fit fine on 2019 Volvo XC60. Will do for snow tires

    Posted by VITOLD GORNICZ Dec 16,2020

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  • Beautiful Wheels

    Absolutely everyone loves these wheels (Fast Wheels Switch). They look great on my car and I am asked about them alot... I will always recommend Canada Wheels. Excellent company to deal with, great prices and very fast delivery...

    Posted by Ted Ingram Jul 30,2021

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  • Amazing customer service

    From start to delivery a top notch company.

    Posted by Ron Lee Nov 27,2018

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  • Sharp

    Haven't put them on yet, but look great for the price!

    Posted by Ryan Breivik Oct 27,2019

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  • Very Happy with these Rims for 2016 Mazda 3 GT Sport.

    Look awesome.

    Posted by R Khan Jun 15,2020

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  • Nice Look

    Dealing with Canada wheels was simply and straight forward. They helped me pick my rims, process was simple. They look good installed on the 2020 Mazda cx 9. I didn’t receive the t-shirt so I have no comment on the quality.

    Posted by Gordon Willson Jan 26,2021

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  • Great sales service , saved me money

    Much cheaper than going to FAST Wheels , great customer service too when calling to confirm my order and whether the Wheels could use the manufacturers wheel nuts or not.

    Posted by Harrison Robbins Nov 27,2018

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  • No complaints

    I bought these wheels as a winter wheel rim for a 2018 Malibu. The website was easy to navigate and all of the specs were accurate. The price was reasonable. The shipping was fast (I first received three of the wheels, but the fourth arrived on the next business day, so not an issue). So far the quality has surpassed my expectations, the packaging was very good as well. I bought these wheels as an exact fit and they fit like the OEM’s. I would not hesitate to order from canadawheels in the future.

    Posted by Todd McKinnon Nov 17,2019

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  • Great product at great price

    Love the wheels so far. They look great on the car. They fit right without any adjustments. Hope they last long.

    Posted by Dilip Gadde Nov 19,2020

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  • Great value. Great service.

    These wheels were not only the amongst the lowest cost, but the only ones that were attractive at this price point. Great service with easy email exchanges. This should be a five star overall review, but the algorithm didn’t let me when I had installation done elsewhere. I was forced to give the install five stars.

    Posted by Ian Reid Nov 30,2020

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  • FAST Wheels

    All the good reviews Canadawheels.ca receives are true. Fast delivery, true direct fit, exceptional styling and great value are what you can expect. Customer service reps are very knowledgeable and professional. They take the time to answer all of your questions.

    Posted by Peter Tuffner Oct 03,2020

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  • Switch Titanium Wheels

    Gorgeous set of wheels. Installer. Commented they were superior to manufacturer’s.

    Posted by Joe Huff Nov 06,2020

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  • 20" RIMS


    Posted by Paul Brown Dec 23,2020

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  • Wheels came in as described

    Great wheels at reasonable price.

    Posted by Zen Hiew Apr 03,2020

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  • Satisfied

    Ordered and delivered 7 days later and no issues at all.. I would definitely buy from Canada wheels again...

    Posted by Marco Presta Nov 26,2020

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  • What you see is what you get

    Nice product

    Posted by gabriel seguin craig May 21,2021

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  • Perfect Rims

    Great rims, very sturdy and sleek design. Installed easily, recommend getting the spacers as it makes it easier to centre wheels. Running these as my winters, will be buying a summer set as well!

    Posted by Melanie Poaps Dec 03,2018

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  • Great wheels

    Put these on my RX450h because I was unable to get steel wheels for my winter tires anywhere. These were very affordable, high quality, very good looking wheels that fit well. My only problem is that all non-stock wheels activate the tire-inflation-level warning light (this is not the problem of the wheels but an idiosyncracy of the vehicle). I would have no problem recommending these wheels to anybody.

    Posted by Craig Nielsen Oct 24,2020

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  • Good value for good looking winter rims

    Prompt delivery and well packaged. Installed by my Acura dealer and they fit perfectly. A good choice for good looking winter rims.

    Posted by Jurgen Dirks Nov 05,2020

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  • Great Wheels

    These wheels look awesome and for a decent price! Would definitely recommend

    Posted by Amanda Montgomery Jun 19,2021

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  • Great service

    My order was slightly delayed but I appreciate the quick, almost immediate responses to all my emails. When the wheels were delivered there were no other issues. They were nicely packed, no damage, valves were included in one of the clearly marked box. Day after delivery they were already on my car. Fit perfectly, look great. Excellent service, great product, highly recommend.

    Posted by Darek D Jan 07,2021

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  • Great Looking Rims for reasonable price!

    Rims look great, fast shipping. Have bought rims & tires from Canada Wheels before and always have good service

    Posted by Karen Gruza Mar 27,2021

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  • Great wheel

    Great wheel, perfect fit and very fast delivery.

    Posted by Ray Dec 23,2020

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  • Perfect fit

    I had an excellent experience with CanadaWheels. They helped me through the process of making sure the wheels will fit my car and worked with the manufacturer to confirm clearances etc. It was a pleasure to deal with people that respond quickly and professionally. Good job guys...can't wait for spring to put my wheels on.

    Posted by Julius Bago Feb 06,2019

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  • Great looking wheel

    I purchased a set of Fast Titanium Switch wheels from Canadawheels.ca for my Hyundai Elantra Gt. I am very happy with the product and purchase experience from Canadawheels.ca I have my winter tires mounted on them as I wanted a decent looking, reasonably priced, alternative to steel wheels. These wheels look great! For the price, they are excellent in quality and fit and finish.

    Posted by Steve Fareham Nov 02,2019

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  • Fast wheel excellent on Mazda

    Same ones on our Mazda CX5 and they will be great on our CX30 in winter. Phone help excellent for both purchases.

    Posted by Harry Vandervoort Aug 27,2020

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  • winter rims

    great looking rims

    Posted by hans goretzki Oct 24,2020

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  • Great so Far

    Bought alloy rims for the winter - we'll see how tehy work out!

    Posted by Sandro Pecile Nov 01,2020

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  • Nice wheels, good value

    I had the rims and tires assembled and installed at my mechanic's and they said they had no difficulty. The wheels fit and look good on the Mazda CX-5, 2017.

    Posted by Meghan McNaughton Nov 30,2020

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  • Look sharp

    the rims look very sharp, not a perfect match for the silver car but they work for sure. They seem to be high quality but remains to be seen how they will hold out. Good value for the money.

    Posted by Scott Mowbray Nov 30,2020

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  • as advertised

    as advertised

    Posted by Dale Lynch Nov 30,2020

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  • Excellent wheels and price

    Had the Blizzaks installed and no problems - they look good on the car and very well balanced with not much balance weight on any of them. Fit like a glove on the rotors.

    Posted by Hank List Dec 07,2020

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  • Difficult Experience

    Saw article in Globe regarding Saleh Taebi, Founder of Canada Wheels and decided to give the online retailer a try. Unfortunately bad info on availability on website forced me to switch my choice and more nad info led to having to order two sets of wheels and return one set . What should have taken only several days turned into more than three weeks from order to getting my refund for a return . Wheels seem to be good but I had to settle for a second choice which is a bit disappointing. Return process required escalation and person who handled that was relatively easy to work with. This should have been a 'right the first time ' experience to minimize costs on both sides of the transaction.

    Posted by Ernesto Springolo Dec 10,2020

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  • Rims

    Look good, excellent value.

    Posted by Darrell Henderson Dec 18,2020

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  • Great

    Affordable, stylish, well packaged and quality looks decent. However time will tell, so far so good!

    Posted by Wenxu Lu Jan 26,2021

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  • Great buy

    Great service. Definitely wouldn't have a problem to deal there again.

    Posted by Jacques Morneault Mar 23,2021

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  • Fast Wheels Switch Satin Black

    This company is awesome. I was having trouble finding reasonably priced winter wheels for my 2019 Kia Stinger. The stock wheels are 19" staggered. My dealer stated that I could only use 19" wheels which was costing a lot of money. These guys came up with an 18" wheel direct fit. No hub rings or any other additions. I was hesitant at first but they fit perfectly. And nothing beats their price. The shipping was free and only took 4 days to get to Calgary. Considering what my dealer was charging I saved about $1000 for my winter tire package. The wheels themselves are really sharp. See picture. I will definitely buy my next set of wheels from these guys

    Posted by Moez Hassam Oct 31,2019

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  • Wheels

    Looks good and fit well. The staff was helpful in letting me know that the wheels I had first selected wouldn't fit and that i need a different style of the same wheel design.

    Posted by Kameron Kuchala May 25,2021

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  • Questionable build quality

    Had these mounted for about 2 weeks before I noticed one had two cracks and a dent. I cannot recall hitting a pothole, etc, hard enough to do this. You get what you pay for.

    Posted by Dwayne Nov 16,2019

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  • Great Looking wheels

    Purchased online several times from Canada Wheels. Always exactly what I order with no issues or nightmare returns from wrong items or damaged product. These wheels came in special individual heavy cardboard boxing with a scratch protector covering, way over the top !! These wheels are very high quality. Delivery is always right to my door. I will continue to purchase future Wheels and tires and would Highly recommend those skeptical to order worry free. I'm not a robot OR paid from Canada Wheel. I'm just an average Joe helping others make decisions like I had too. Of all the online purchases we do, This site is by far the best to deal with 100% Ian Nicholson Orillia , Ontario

    Posted by Ian Nicholson Aug 27,2020

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  • Great Buy!

    Really pleased with the service and delivery speed.The rims look fantastic. Best of all saved some serious money compared to the Dealer quote.

    Posted by Hugh Dow Dec 30,2020

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  • Great wheels

    Easy website to navigate. Very fast delivery. Excellent customer service (added wheel nuts after placing wheel order - great agent) Love the look of the wheels. Installation coming on Nov.16 but I expect this package will be 5’s all the way. Would definitely order again if future need arises.

    Posted by Brian Connell Oct 24,2020

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  • Great Rims. Great company

    Easy on-line shopping. Great price and quality. Lightning-fast delivery. Excellent company agent service if required. Would buy aging and I do recommend based on my experience.

    Posted by Brian Nov 18,2020

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  • Nice


    Posted by rhael picardal Apr 19,2021

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  • Recommend

    This wheels looks amazing on my CRV touring I definitely recommend as for the quality as well.

    Posted by VICKY DERASHRI Dec 23,2020

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  • Great Purchase

    My husband and I had a difficult time knowing what kind of winter tires we needed for our new cars. We must have called half a dozen times. All the customer service reps were amazing and very very knowledgeable which made the stressful purchase so easy. She even broke down what all the numbers meant and what I needed. I had no idea

    Posted by Kris Mistry Dec 23,2020

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  • Fast wheel

    Fast delevery and good quality

    Posted by daniel tremblay Dec 23,2020

    Is this useful?

  • Best price!

    Best Price online Speedy delivery

    Posted by Tom Kelly Nov 14,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Canada Wheels

    Very good service and very good quality

    Posted by Pierre Gallant Apr 11,2020

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  • Great price

    I've scratched my head many times and wondered why did I buy this ugly car. But with the lowered suspension and new taller and wider wheels with a different offset from the stock rims, I'm really liking the new look... and feel. Great price and and quick responsive customer service. I even had them delivered before Canada Wheels sent the email telling me they're on the way. I couldn't be happier! Cheers to Canada Wheels :)

    Posted by Peter Bartkiewicz Jan 18,2019

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  • looks amazing on my rouge

    Loved these!!! great price and quality.

    Posted by Nicole Whitney Apr 24,2021

    Is this useful?

  • Outstanding

    The product, price, customer service, delivery, communication and notification was outstanding. I would recommend Canada Wheels to everyone.

    Posted by John Morris Jun 14,2019

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  • Amazing wheels, look beautiful and great price!!

    The tires and my rims look great on my Tesla model 3, and after the snowstorm this morning they ran beautifully. Great customer service from Canada Wheels, amazing company with unbeatable prices! Before pictures (silver oem rims) and after pictures (black Fast Wheels rims with Nexen tires) are attached.

    Posted by Jacob Gauthier Dec 02,2019

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  • Everything is good

    Shipping was fast. Quality is good. We'll see how nice finish handles gravel road, time will tell.

    Posted by Jesse Dressler Jun 15,2020

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