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The best wheels for your EV and plug-in hybrid car!

You’ve made a climate conscious decision to buy an electric vehicle, and now it’s time to make it your own with a set of new wheels. But which wheels are best for an EV? This page is a collection of our top recommended wheels for Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, and other eco-friendly cars. Check them out, and follow to their product pages to order. All these options are winter approved, and low-weight!

Fast Wheels EV Line


In 2019 Fast Wheels introduced their EV line, designed specifically for electric vehicles. All Fast Wheels EV rims are Flow Form constructed, making them extremely lightweight and durable.

View Fast Wheels EV01 here



Like the Fast Wheels EV01, the EV01+ is the same design and lightweight constructions, however this model comes with aerodynamic improving inserts included. These bring even more charge saving power to your Tesla!

View Fast Wheels EV01+ here


The EV02 continues the Fast EV tradition of being optimized for electric car bolt-patterns and offsets. If you’re looking for a black rim that improves your charge life and accelleration, this is the one!

View the Fast Wheels EV02 here


The EV03 is designed with sporty performance style in mind. With sharp angles and race-inspired spokes, this EV wheel guarantees that your car will stand out amongst the others without sacrificing performance.

View the Fast Wheels EV03 here



RTX Frost Satin Black

The RTX Frost was designed to be a winter-alloy wheel that can accomodate more complex braking and energy recovery systems. That’s why it’s a perfect fit on the Tesla Model 3.

View the RTX Frost here


RTX Envy Matte Gunmetal

The Envy is part of the RTX R-Spec FlowForm constructed line, making them lighter than a regularl cast wheel. This is why they are perfectly at home in 19” on your Model S, and their unique style will ensure your Tesla really turns heads!

View the RTX Envy here



Replika R187 Gloss Gunmetal Tesla OEM Replica Wheel

Replika is one of our best OEM replica lines. They are direct-fit on Tesla models, which means they support all your hardware, TPMS Sensors, and sometimes even the centre cap! These wheels are for the customer who wants to preserve the look their car came with from the factory with the same level of performance.

View the Replika R187 here


The Replika R241 is the latest generation for Tesla from the Fast Wheels family of brands. Based on the R187 is incorporates a more aerodynamic design, optimized for the Model X, at home on all models!

View the Replika R241 here

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