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CanadWheels.ca is located in Canada's capital, Ottawa, Ontario. We ship from over 250 warehouses across Canada. When your order is placed, our team ensures all the products ordered are shipped from the nearest warehouse to maintain the best possible delivery times.

We offer Canada’s largest inventory of wheels, tires , and auto parts.

Our inventory consists of over 500 reputable brands in the automotive industry.

Below is a breakdown of the products we carry based on department:

  • - Wheels, Tires & Wheel/Tire packages
  • - Interior & Exterior Accessories
  • - Lighting
  • - Body parts
  • - Performance
  • - Repair parts
  • - Garage and tools
  • - Audio
  • - Boating / Bicycles
  • - Fashion accessories

We are a 100% Canadian company based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario.

All the prices seen on the website are in Canadian dollars.

We only accept orders through our online website. Due to security reasons, our company does not take any orders over the phone or by email; all purchases placed must go through our website. However, we can always assist you on the phone or via email with how to place a new order with us.

If you would like to place an order with us, add the product to your cart and proceed to the checkout page. Please include your vehicle information is attached to secure can guarantee the fitment on your order. If any issues or errors arise when placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are always available to assist you during our business hours if you need any help navigating through the website when making a purchase.

We chose Purolator, Loomis Express, Canpar, FedEx, Dicom and Midland as our reliable shipping partners within Canada. As long the following couriers can ship to your address, we can ship your order anywhere in the country. Please note, if for any reason we are unable to ship the product to your final destination, a representative will contact you within 1-3 business days with an explanation and options to either proceed or cancel your order.

For more information, please visit our shipping policy.

We offer international shipping through DHL and Purolator to most countries across the world. If you are looking for a shipping quote, please add the product you would like to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once there, insert your billing and shipping address and, before final payment, a shipping fee will be provided.

For more information on International shipping, please visit our worldwide shipping policy.

Unfortunately, we do not ship to PO Boxes. Because all of our shipments are always sign-on-delivery, our couriers will not drop large items such as wheels, tires and auto parts to a PO box. We ask that upon filling out your information, you provide a civic address as your shipping address to ensure a seamless purchasing experience.

We offer free Canada-wide shipping when purchasing four or more wheels or tires, covering up to $150 in shipping fees. Anything beyond the $150 shipping fee will be shown on the checkout page and added to your order.

If a shipping charge is seen at check out after placing an order with four wheels or four tires, either the shipping address is out of our regular shipping area, or the couriers charge an additional rate. Furthermore, if you are not buying a set of wheels or tires, a fee will be added to your order. For example, if the shipping quote is $200 total, CanadaWheels will cover up to $150 of that fee and there will be a charge of $50 reflected on the order at checkout.

For more shipping information, please visit our shipping policy.

All products sold on CanadaWheels carry the respective warranties provided by the brand name manufacturers. While all warranties are handled directly through the respective manufacturers, we can facilitate your warranty process by submitting a case on your behalf. For any warranty claims, please contact [email protected] with your order ID, the reason for your warranty claim, photo evidence and any other available documentation. If the information provided is complete, we will file your claim. If any further information is needed, our returns team will contact you in three business days.

Please note that while we have a great relationship with all manufacturers and will facilitate the warranty process, final decisions are made by the respective manufacturers and not us. We also ask you to stay patient as each manufacturer works on a different timeline.

Please inspect all your products and labels to ensure you have received identical items as on your order. Furthermore, ensure you keep all the packaging until your installation is 100% complete.

FOR Tires: Make sure you have acquired the same Size and Speed/Load Rating as stated on your invoice.

FOR Wheels: Check each box to ensure the finish of the wheel (paint) is the same as those on your invoice.

FOR Mounted and Balanced orders - Inspect the front/back of each wheel/tire package to ensure there is no damage on the product and, the weights have remained in place. Please be aware most mounted and balanced packages are position sensitive. A checkbox will be available on each box explaining where each item should be placed. Furthermore, when opening each case, do not misplace the pieces, along with where they are located on the vehicle.

For Installation Kit: Check all boxes for installation hardware (if ordered). Occasionally installation hardware will be packaged inside the wheel boxes.

Once you have received your wheels, perform a dry test fit before installing the products ordered. Dry test fitment means you test fit the clearance of the wheels on your vehicle before mounting the tires onto the wheel. When performing these inspections, please note the following:

a. DO NOT mount tires to the wheels until brake, body, and tie rod clearance is confirmed in the front/rear of your vehicle.

b. If there are any fitment issues, take a picture of the product, return the item to its appropriate box, and contact [email protected] with your order ID, photo evidence and any other available documentation.

c. DO make sure your hubs are free of salt, rust, or any debris, as these factors may interfere with the bore of the wheel fitting over your hub properly.

d. REMIND YOUR SHOP: If any fitment issues arise and tires have already mounted to wheels, these items, according to our policy, are no longer to be considered brand new. In this scenario, our returns department may be subject to shipping and restocking fees or refused entirely.

If a return request is required for some or all of the items ordered, please do so through your MyAccount page ( click here to log in). For a step by step on placing a return request, please click on the following link for detailed instructions click here to log in. If you would like to speak to a return specialist, please email [email protected].

Please note all original boxes and packaging is required for any return to be approved. If original packaging needs replacement, the return can be refused or, all packaging costs can be deducted from any refund/credit.

The most effective way to use our “Search by Vehicle” option which will guide you to all the wheels, tires, packages as well as auto parts that fit your specific vehicle.

Please note that all the necessary information for wheel fitments (PCD + Offset + Bore + Color), tire fitment (Size + Type), plus auto part, are specified in the product detail section of each product.

For Wheels: if you are only buying wheels alone, please ensure your current tires fit the new wheels you are trying to purchase.

For Tires: if you are buying tires only, the most effective way to find tires that will fit your car is to "Search by Size". If you are unsure of your current size, read the specs of the front and rear tires you currently have. To learn more click here click here.

If your vehicle is not listed on our website, it is either because the vehicle model is very old or unique. While we constantly add and update our wheel database, in this scenario, do not hesitate to contact our team of car experts, who will happily guide you through finding products for your car.

Furthermore, please note whether your vehicle is listed or not on our website, add your vehicle information to your order to allow our team can guarantee the fitment of your order.

Yes, our company offers mount and balance packages. Because we deal with over 100 wheel and tire warehouses across Canada, not all the wheels and tires we offer can be mounted and balanced. Currently, we are offering these services only on products that are in the same warehouse.

For mount and balance options, contact us through our email or phone and, our sales specialists will happily provide you with wheel and tire options for your vehicle.

If the order you have tried to place on our website has been rejected, please check to ensure the billing information provided matches the one you have given to your bank.

If you choose to provide a shipping address that is different from where all your statements are sent, please place the alternate shipping address under “New Address” at checkout. Billing information must be accurate to what is bound to the card.

Most vehicles require TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors, but there are certain vehicles that can measure tire pressure through their ABS system, or do not have tire pressure sensors at all.

If you are uncertain if whether your vehicle requires TPMS sensors, you can search our website based on “Vehicle Information“, press “Shop Wheels”, and our system will display “OEM Specs” of your vehicle on the top banner. These OEM specs state if TPMS is required. The specs say yes, then you will need to purchase new TPMS sensors, however, if they say no, you will not need to buy any.

You can verify and check this information through your car dealer. Simply, provide them with your VIN and, they will inform you if your vehicle will require TPMS sensors or not.

We sell MAX TPMS sensors MAX TPMS sensors that are designed to perform similar to O.E sensors, in terms of signal interval, durability & functionality. They all use wireless programming which means the sensors can be programmed from outside the tire from virtually any machine including, Bartec, Ateq, Autel etc. Please note the following:

Note 1: All TPMS sensors sold by CanadaWheels will be pre-programmed for your specific vehicle before they are shipped.

Note 2: All TPMS sensors are position sensitive. Once you receive the TPMS package, please ensure your installer follows the directions included in the packaging

Note 3: Some cars are self-learners and detect new sensors. Others may require your installer to force the brain of your vehicle to detect the new sensors.

When you add wheels to your cart after inputting your vehicle information, our system automatically checks if additional hardware is required such as an installation kit or hub rings. If these pieces are required for your purchase, then they will be added to your cart automatically.

When hub rings and/or an installation kit are purchased with your set of wheels, these pieces are packaged in one of the four wheels boxes. When receiving your order, please check in all the wheel boxes for the hardware purchased. If nothing is found, please contact our experts either by phone or email and, we will help you accordingly.

The products automatically added to your cart would be required for perfect fitment and to avoid any safety issues down the road.

Wheels are sold by us are sealed with a cloth cover or a foam sheet on both sides. Further, they are wrapped in a plastic bag and packaged professionally to avoid any damages. We ensure all our products delivered to our customers reach the highest of standards.

The minimum number of wheels/tires that can be purchased from CanadaWheels.ca is one wheel/tire. However, if you order less than 1 set (1 set = 4 wheels/tires), please ensure you ask a customer representative regarding fitment.

All prices listed on CanadaWheels.ca are per wheel/tire.

Yes, we do as our deals and discounts are always directly applied to our products listed on our website. Please note we guarantee the lowest prices in Canada and also have a Sales Zone Sale Zone where you can find all the latest tire rebates as well as any other active promotion.

Any shops or dealers that would like to inquire about purchasing through our platform, please note the following:

If you are a dealer or shop, making a first time purchase through our website of at least four wheels/tires or more, no discounts or deals can be given along with your first time purchase. After making your first purchase, please send an email to our sales experts with the purchase invoice and details about your business. This information will aid us in creating an account. Once this has been completed, an exclusive coupon code will be given that can be used when making purchases on our website and help you obtain further discounts.

Eligible First Nations people, bands and band councils of a First Nations reserve, may claim a rebate from taxes paid on qualifying goods and services purchased off-reserve. Vendors can provide this rebate at the time of purchase or, customers can apply for the rebate from the Ministry of Finance after they have completed a purchase. In our case, we are not able to offer the rebate at Point-of-Sale, and eligible customers would need to claim this with their provincial government.

The rebate can only be claimed on qualifying goods or services purchased for the exclusive personal use of eligible First Nations people, bands or band councils of an Ontario First Nations reserve.

Yes, CanadaWheels by default, will always try to showcase the lowest prices in Canada. If you find lower prices on an online retailer's website or have paper quotes from a reputable store, please send us an email, and we will do our best to match or beat the cost shown.

For a price match to happen on wheels, tires or parts, your request must meet the following criteria:

  • - The part number, brand, model and finish of the product must match what is seen on our website.
  • - The lower price being presented must be in Canadian dollars and must include any additional shipping fees and appropriate taxes. Please Note that we will only match prices from authorized Canadian ONLINE Retailers.
  • - If you find a lower price at a local shop, only formal written quotes will be accepted. We will NOT match verbal quotes.
  • - The lower price cannot be due to a pricing error on the competitor's website. We will not match a price in which the minimum advertised price (MAP) has been broken by the competitor.
  • - The product must be IN STOCK on the competitor's website.
  • - The product must not be discounted, or have a discount code applied.
  • - Your order must not already be placed when the request is being made.

The following types of sellers DO NOT qualify with our price match policy:
  • - Marketplace sellers on websites such as Amazon, Kijiji and eBay.
  • - Private sellers who are selling used, refurbished or liquidated products.
  • - Special sales such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, liquidations, clearances & financing offers

At CanadaWheels, we frequently run various promotions, each with specific conditions, particularly those involving draw-based or giveaway formats. These promotions are exclusively open to legal residents of Canada. In line with Canadian contest regulations, all eligible participants in our draw-based promotions and giveaways must complete a skill-testing question to ensure compliance with legal standards and to maintain fairness. Whenever such a draw is conducted, every eligible customer will receive an email from CanadaWheels containing a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question. To qualify for entry into the draw, participants must submit their answers correctly within the specified timeframe. We also reserve the right to publish the winners' first name and last initial to publicly acknowledge their win, in alignment with our privacy policy and contest terms. By participating, entrants agree to these conditions, which are designed to protect all parties involved and maintain the integrity of our promotional activities.

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