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About RTX

RTX has been providing Canadians with high quality alloy wheels and truck rims for over 13 years. Starting as a humble auto accessories from Quebec, RTX has grown to one of the most recognizable wheel brands in Canada. Now they can serve the entire industry with a wide variety of wheels including, retro steel wheels, FlowForged performance rims, and heavy duty off-road wheels.

RTX has a number of direct fit, hub centric wheels to fit many brands, including BMW rims and Mercedes-Benz. Their inventory also has a robust selection of winter approved wheels which have extended warranty coverage during the winter months. Some top RTX models we’ve sold are their RTX Frost, RTX Black Widow, RTX Envy, and RTX Contour. These wheels are extremely stylish and fashionable on almost any vehicle. We’ve been happy to help most family sedans and even tuners find RTX models. Many of our Honda Civic tuner clients seek our RTX for its great price and quality, and many Toyota Camry or Chrysler 200 owners love RTX alloy wheels for their enhanced winter tire packages.

The RTX R-Spec line also includes FlowForged technology, this process makes their wheels 15% lighter and stronger. RTX describes their FlowForge manufacturing process as a procedure that makes the material of the wheel turn on a mold at high speed, and uses hydraulic steel rollers to form the wheel under great pressure. This pressure forces the metal to take the shape of the mold, which creates the form of the wheel. In this process, the metal flows down the mold, hence the name of the technology, creating the width of the wheel. The pressure applied on the wheel changes the mechanical properties and the density of the metal, which increases its strength to be similar to that of forged wheels. RTX R-Spec wheels like the Assassin has been weighed in at under 20lbs per wheel (at 18”), which is definitely a performance boosting stat.

The RTX OR (Off Road) line is also renowned for great quality across Canada on Jeeps and popular trucks. Truck rims like the RTX Spine, RTX Blast II, and RTX Crawler are perfect for modernizing your old truck to keep it rolling, and also giving it a sick look. RTX OR has wheels to fit any truck or SUV, including Chevy 1500 rims, or even high end Lexus SUV models.

Our team here at CanadaWheels would be more than happy to help you find the perfect RTX wheels for you ride. If you have any questions about RTX or any other brand of wheel and tire feel free to contact us at sales@canadawheels.ca or call 1-800-453-4484 to find your fit!


Based on 5 ratings, 63 Reviews


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  • RTX Scalene gunmetal wheels

    Sharp looking, nice quality wheels at a great price. Would definitely recommend these wheels.

    Written by Gilles Beaulieu Dec 07,2018

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  • Love them!!!

    Best online shopping experience I’ve ever had!

    Written by Peter Plummer Dec 08,2018

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  • RTX Wheels

    Amazing, i love my wheels Great service Great selection Great price Great everything!! Very very pleased!!

    Written by Tabby Anderson Dec 08,2018

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  • Wheels

    Nice rims, the black finish would be nicer if it was a bit more polished.

    Written by Amy Lee Dec 12,2018

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  • Great wheel

    Wheels look great, nice finish. They look much more expensive then they are. Delivery was very fast. Really happy with the purchase!

    Written by Joseph Cayen Dec 13,2018

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  • Great Service

    Great product

    Written by James Trimble Dec 13,2018

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  • Great Rims for my Car

    2010 Ford Fusion Summer tires

    Written by Scott Mohun Dec 13,2018

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  • Great buy!

    Love these wheels! They look great and at an affordable price.

    Written by Claire A Aasen Dec 14,2018

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  • They look great!

    Bought these rims about 8 months ago. They are on my summer tires, so they have seen minimal salt and snow but they have no damage and their quality has spoken for itself. They really set my car apart from all the other chevy cruzes that are on the roads!

    Written by Jordyn Bailey Dec 14,2018

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  • Great

    They look great and look like they are made very well

    Written by Colton Lybeck Dec 15,2018

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  • Review

    Very satisfied!

    Written by Caroline C Samson Dec 15,2018

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  • RTX Apex rims

    I am pleased with the how these rims dress up my Infiniti QX50. My only complaint is that the red band is more subtle (less bright red) than it appears in the pictures on your website.

    Written by ROBERT AUSTIN Dec 16,2018

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  • Wheels

    Nice wheels

    Written by Jarratt Keppie Dec 18,2018

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  • Great wheels

    Good quality, nice finish

    Written by Denis Blanchette Dec 19,2018

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  • Excellent wheels

    My 2013 Cruze with the Notorious wheels I purchased from you...

    Written by ‎Jeff Tustin‎ Jan 08,2019

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  • Perfect wheels

    I think these were made for the 200. The gunmetal matches the granite crystal color of the car perfectly.

    Written by Marilyn Lonsbury Jan 09,2019

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  • Excellent wheels

    Excellent wheels! they look amazing

    Written by ‎Milezanne Ross‎ Jan 15,2019

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  • Amazing look

    Here is my 2016 Civic with Vertex rims. Ordered them last October to install them this summer. I absolutely love them and they look amazing on my car. Thanks CanadaWheels! You guys rock!

    Written by James Rosa‎ Jan 18,2019

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  • Excellent wheels

    These wheels look great and are of quality construction. Great price and quick shipping :) Thank you!

    Written by matt harmeson Jan 21,2019

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  • Wheels

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Written by Melissa O\'Leary Jan 22,2019

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  • Great assortment

    Top Service! Beautiful website, easy to use, with a great assortment of wheels and tires for any type of vehicle. I am thrilled with my new RTX Poison rims and my Falken Azenis FK510-225/45R17 tire purchase. They are beautiful rims with the tires providing a gentle quiet ride with excellent grip. The Customer service has been amazing, from emails to phone inquiries. This company has old fashioned great service (and kind after sales followup) with fantastic pricing, to lightning quick shipping. I am so happy I chose CanadaWheels and will only purchase from CanadaWheels, from now on. Thanks again!

    Written by Ginny Blackshaw Jan 22,2019

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  • Amazing customer service

    After reading the good reviews about CanadaWheels I decided to order my rims from them. The free shipping and sales price made the rims cheaper than I could get from my dealership! Unfortunately, I had one heck of a time actually getting the rims, but Clinton was all over it and definitely made sure I got them (even sending a new kit from across the country when the first kit when MIA). So I would agree with the fast shipping (as long as they don't take a detour), and DEFINITELY agree with the amazing customer service! I finally got my RTX Vertex wheels on the car today, and I love them! They are a great improvement over the stock rims it came with - so now my hybrid will not only get amazing fuel economy, but we will look amazing doing it!

    Written by Christine Heintz Jan 23,2019

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  • Great selection and prices

    Great selection and prices online. Called customer service to make sure I was getting the right wheels and got the help I needed. Ordered online. Received prompt confirmation and fast shipping of my well-packaged rims. Very satisfied and will recommend.

    Written by MaryMegan Olive Jan 23,2019

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  • Excellent product

    Excellent delivery and excellent product. Our choice of wheels is getting us a lot of positives comments.

    Written by Pierre Marchand Jan 24,2019

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  • Good price

    I ordered my rims and two days later, they were here. Price was good and the order rep was very helpful on the phone. I highly recommend this company if you're looking for rims or tires.

    Written by Todd Richards Jan 24,2019

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  • Good value

    Not that expensive, good looking, sad thing is up close you can see the quality isn’t perfect and the screw for the centercap is gray so it’s visible on the mag, I painted them black Very good value for the price tho

    Written by Virgil Fabre Jan 28,2019

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  • Great look

    Can’t wait to install these in the spring!

    Written by Sabrina Aubin Jan 29,2019

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  • Great prices and fast delivery

    Great prices and fast delivery. Replaced one winter rim that I curb rashed. If I ever decide to upgrade my summer rims I'll definitely return to you guys.

    Written by Bilal Khalid Jan 29,2019

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  • Amazing wheels

    2011 Jetta with RTX rims and rubber I got from Canada wheels. Amazing wheels!

    Written by Melinda Angell-Widrick‎ Jan 30,2019

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  • great wheel

    Great price, shipping very fast

    Written by Angus McDonald Feb 04,2019

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  • Great wheels

    Bought them as aftermarket winters. Seamless fit, perfect balance and style fit the car as expected

    Written by Nathan Garrett Feb 04,2019

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  • Super service

    Super service et très satisfaite de mes mags! Excellente compagnie...je l'es recommande en tout points.

    Written by Lyne Lalonde Feb 05,2019

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  • Perfect match

    I have had a wonderful experience working with Hong as his group. My wheels are better than I could have hoped and the perfect match for my vehicle. Awesome!

    Written by Tim Armstrong Feb 07,2019

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  • looks awesome!!

    Installed RTX Wheels Gunmetal color, Front 19 X 8.5 and Rare 19 X 9.5 on my 2016 Mustang V6. looks awesome!!

    Written by Preet Babrah Jun 03,2019

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  • Excellent choice

    Excellent way to purchase wheels. Input your car info and an excellent choice of wheels for your specific vehicle is available for your viewing. Free shipping is fantastic and my wheels arrived 2 days after i purchased.

    Written by George Crouse Feb 06,2019

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  • Excellent customer service

    I ordered a set of wheels and tires for my kid's car and they were exactly as described. They were sent from different areas but arrived to me in Fort McMurray a few days after online order. I had a question which I sent by email and a fella called me back Monday morning and answered it as he wanted to make sure everything was correct before they shipped everything to me. I would highly recommend this group to anyone.

    Written by Ryan Menzies Feb 06,2019

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  • Great customer service and fast shipping

    Order 2 set of wheels, received it fast but 1 wheel was wrong. Contact them on monday and wednesday wheel was at my door! Great customer service and fast shipping! Will do buisness again with them for sure!

    Written by Martin Beaulieu Feb 06,2019

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  • Good price & very fast delivery

    Got my wheels for a really good price. ordered it on Saturday and I'm surprised I got the package by Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought it will take weeks but it is instant delivery! Make sure to get the recommended lug nut kit and hub ring if ever. I did not get it before because i though the tire shop would have it. So i have to come back many times to complete the accessories needed and not all shop are carrying them since they are aftermarket.

    Written by Kevin Ralph Feb 07,2019

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  • Winter Alloy Wheels

    Look great on the car, were easy to mount, well packaged and no defects or damage from shipping.

    Written by Ian Routledge Feb 08,2019

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  • Best wheels and service

    These wheels take my vehicle to another level of cool. I had a little issiue at the start ( my fault), but the exchange was handled efficiently!

    Written by Tim Armstrong Feb 18,2019

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  • Great wheels and great service.

    Nice set of wheels and great customer service. Very happy with my order!

    Written by Amanda Pond Feb 19,2019

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  • very good Product.

    I got a great wheel. Good Quality.

    Written by Anh Tuan Dang Mar 08,2019

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    Just awesome looking wheels. Thank you. Mike

    Written by Mirko Kosic Mar 09,2019

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  • good


    Written by jose Mar 22,2019

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  • Great Look at a Great Price

    Great product. Looks exactly as Pictured. Fast shipping

    Written by Brad Apr 26,2019

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  • Sexy

    These are only summer rims

    Written by Sayeed Baksh May 24,2019

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  • Excellent product, for the price!

    The color is the only thing I want to talk about. It's not so much a negative aspect as probably just lighting conditions when the photos were taken: When installed on the car, the wheels seem a little more on the "cold" grey rather than this warmer shade of grey as portrayed. Had I known this, I would still have purchased them because 1) the style is spot on for my vehicle, and 2) the color nuance is so minimal that most people probably won't even notice, unless they compare photo to actual wheel, side by side. That being said : the wheels seem well fabricated, no flaws in the paint when they arrived, and the sizing was correct. All in all, good product from RTX and excellent customer service from Canada Wheels (ordered at 6:30 a.m. one day, order arrived at my front door by Purolator at 9:00 a.m. the next day).

    Written by Marc-Antoine Legault May 27,2019

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  • wheels

    The wheels are great the service and very fast shipping I have recommended this company to many friends

    Written by David Mcbride Jun 03,2019

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  • Very happy with my rims!

    I've never thought of ordering rims online and was surprised with the entire process. The rims look better in person than online, and the order arrived quickly with great communication from the vendor. Will definitely order from here again if I need rims or tires!

    Written by Dustin H Jun 06,2019

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  • Great!

    Amazing customer service, fast delivery!

    Written by Vivek B Jun 04,2019

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  • Great Service!

    Great selection of affordable wheels

    Written by Rod S Jun 04,2019

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  • Great experience.

    Wheels came well packaged. The price was very reasonable. My wife loves the new look.

    Written by Chuck H Jun 05,2019

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  • Really happy!

    Really Happy with the rims. Exactly as described, fit great. Fast shipping. A+ Seller, would by from these guys again!

    Written by Bryan M Jun 06,2019

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  • Murano rims

    Great service. Delivery was timely and the web site was great

    Written by Dave Leschak Jun 09,2019

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  • Awesome product, great aesthetic

    Seamless delivery, seamless install, great aesthetic on the vehicle, quite pleased.

    Written by Bill Jun 28,2019

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  • Fantastique

    I love it

    Written by Serge Melancon Aug 13,2019

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  • Rims

    Amazing rims, makes any car look better!

    Written by Jorge Chavez Aug 18,2019

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  • RTX RC15 Hyper Silver

    Fast shipping and good info.

    Written by ANDRE LEBOEUF Aug 23,2019

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  • Awesome for cheap!

    Awesome wheel/tire packages for cheap!

    Written by Jason Pouliot Sep 06,2019

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  • Great service

    This is the third (3) time I have purchased Rims/Wheels from CDN/wheels in last 30 months, first set took 6 days delivery, second time 4 days last week order wheels at 10:30 am Monday and received them Tuesday 4:00 pm and we are 200 km away. Competitive and more choices than competition.

    Written by Yves Quenneville Oct 09,2019

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    1 person Found this helpful

  • Black Widow Rims

    The process to select and purchase these rims online from Canada Wheels was so easy. The rims were in my yard 3 days later. The install company had no issues and were balanced with no problem or shaking on the road. Plus they look super on the car. When I need another set of rims I will not hesitate to order from Canada Wheels online.

    Written by Gordon Russell Oct 24,2019

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  • wheels

    Look great

    Written by Ralph Funk Oct 28,2019

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  • Extremely Impressed Overall

    Extremely impressed, from the reasonable price and great look to the fast shipping I would highly recommend these wheels and Canada Wheels to anyone.

    Written by Steve T Nov 03,2019

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