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About Nexen

With 72 years of tire manufacturing experience, Nexen tire has risen to be one of the most respected brands in the world. Featuring one of the best tire warranties in the business, Nexen is dedicated to your comfort and safety during any season. Nexen’s brand lineup spans any application you can think of, from super-aggressive mud terrain tires, to ultra sticky track performance tires, and everything in between, all seasons including winter.

Nexen’s reputation is so strong that their tires often can be found as OEM on trusted car brands like Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, RAM, and Chrysler. The Rodian AT Pro line is one of our top reviewed lines for your truck or SUV, especially in the off-road. The Winguard and Winspike lines are extremely popular in winter, not just for their dollar value, but for their lasting power and performance during the frozen months. For your super sport track machine the N’Fera SUR4G will keep you glued to the road.

Suitable for any season in Montreal, the rains of Vancouver, or the rough country of Calgary. Nexen’s performance, value, and their warranty is a top competitor in the world, ranking with the highest rated companies, like Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, and Pirelli.

If you have any other questions about Nexen, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 39 Reviews

Dry Performance

96.923076923077% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

95.384615384615% Complete (warning)


3580% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

86.153846153846% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

91.794871794872% Complete (warning)
  • Look great, work well and very affordable

    I think I got one of the last sets. Make sure you order early if you want them for winter as they are sure to sell our. A friend of mine wanted the exact same ones but they were sold out by the time he tried.

    Written by Matthew Gibson Nov 27,2018

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  • Excellent Service

    Got new winter tires!! Quick delivery. Their service was excellent and very professional!

    Written by Shahab Bagher Jan 04,2019

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  • Excellent customer service

    Excellent customer service ! Thanks Canada Wheels !! And the tires look great on my truck !

    Written by Johnny Thordarson‎ Jan 09,2019

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  • Nexen CP671

    very good and inexpensive tire

    Written by Donna Tobin Jan 16,2019

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  • Amazing prices and great quality

    Bought a set of winter tires four years ago and a set of rims and tires last year. Impressive customer service, amazing price, fast delivery and great quality. Highly recommended.

    Written by Fraidoun Tavakoli Jan 18,2019

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  • Great products

    Absolutely pleasurable experience. Not to mention the rims and tires are great!!!

    Written by Randy Bot Jan 29,2019

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  • Excellent

    Great price and good quality product

    Written by Pierre B Jun 04,2019

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  • tires

    looks nice on the mag, feels great when you drive your car, 245/19/40

    Written by Jason Soares Aug 05,2019

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  • incomplete review

    I can't rate the wear-value of these tires because I've had them on the car for less than one month. Equally, there is yet to be either snow or frost, so my snow/ice review should be n/a.

    Written by Thor Frohn-Nielsen Nov 17,2019

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  • Great snow tires, greater price

    My new tires and rims look great on my Tesla model 3, and after the snowstorm this morning they ran beautifully. Great customer service from Canada Wheels, amazing company with unbeatable prices! Before pictures (silver oem rims) and after pictures (black Fast Wheels rims with Nexen tires) are attached.

    Written by Jacob Gauthier Dec 02,2019

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  • Mint for the price

    Oh boy do these things let you rip in the snow if you have an audi

    Written by Robert Magee Dec 09,2019

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  • Excellent rapport qualité/prix

    1 winter so far so good!

    Written by Pierre Lambert Apr 18,2020

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  • Great service, super fast shipping

    I always order from Canadawheels. Best prices and great service every time!

    Written by Rob Boutilier Mar 16,2020

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  • They work well

    Disclaimer, they’re my first winter tires but I defiantly noticed a huge difference immediately after installation. They work well and got me through several snowstorms in my Mustang.

    Written by Akin Ojo Mar 16,2020

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  • Nice Tires!

    It’s hard to judge them long term as like everyone else, my vehicle hasn’t moved much from the driveway! Short term, I’m very pleased with the ride and performance!

    Written by Gordon Mansell Mar 21,2020

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  • Great winter tire

    I used it in Winnipeg winter. I can say it is great.

    Written by Ehsan Jalayeri Apr 09,2020

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  • Happy Customer

    Overall we are happy with our purchase. We will provide feedback for how they handle in winter, at a later date. We are hoping treadware is as the manufacturer stated.

    Written by SONIA AUSTIN Aug 27,2020

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  • Nice tires

    Little softer then I am use to but they look great on my truck

    Written by david parker Apr 30,2020

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  • Tires

    Good job

    Written by Giuseppe Verrillo Jun 17,2020

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  • Tires

    Good for that value.

    Written by Sergii Voichenko Jul 02,2020

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  • CP 671 Tires

    Very nice clean looking tire

    Written by Raymond Tobin Jul 28,2020

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  • Great tires

    Couldn’t be happier

    Written by Nathan neufeld Aug 27,2020

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  • Good tire but a little noisy at high speeds.

    My overall rating is low as I cannot rate for Snow and Ice performance yet. Overall I would think this is about 4 stars. The issue I have is with road noise. I find it a little loud.

    Written by Andy Narayan Aug 27,2020

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  • Mecenate winguard sport 2

    Great product and great service

    Written by Paolo Ricottilli Oct 14,2020

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  • Great for Ontario winters

    Compared to other sport winter tires, these stand up well to snowfall on an AWD vehicle (BMW 335XI). I commute from Toronto to Hamilton and I've never gotten stuck in snow and never lost traction in slushy/ icy conditions. Overall fantastic tire for the price.

    Written by Darian C Oct 22,2020

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  • Great value and quality

    Better than expected. Nice tire, quiet and high quality.

    Written by Terry Williams Nov 06,2020

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  • Neede to match Walmart

    Needed this tread pattern to match a couple tires from Walmart SUV Arctic. They looked exactly like this. Specs are same. Winner.

    Written by Donald Holmes Nov 07,2020

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  • Great tire for the $$$

    This is my second set of these...first was on my Jeep SRT, now for my Jeep Trackhawk. An excellent all-around tire, especially for the price.

    Written by Kevin Cameron Nov 07,2020

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  • Winguard sport 2

    Good quality tires

    Written by Binh Huynh Nov 30,2020

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  • Great value

    Pretty solid tires, less that 1,000 kms on them so far. I tested them through a 60cm snowfall (Saskatchewan, Canada) on a 2016 Lexus RC350 AWD (245/40/19). The tires are not the greatest through very deep snow, as they get bound up fairly easy and the tread pattern is not super aggressive. I have driven Goodyear Ultragrip (aggressive tread and studded) and Continental WinterContact SI's prior. Both of these tires performed better in very deep snow, and handled better through deep snow. The Nexen Winguard Sport 2's can plough through corners when snow is deep (not good). Outside of deep snow, the tires perform great when wet/dry, or light snow (10cm or less). Braking, acceleration, and handling are quite good. A small increase of road noise on dry surfaces compared to all seasons (expected). Tires feel responsive on dry surfaces. Tread wear is too soon to tell, but compound feels pretty stiff. Considering the price of 4 for around $650, you cannot go wrong. Competitors are around $1200. Ordered Nov 2020, tires were manufactured May 2020 so they were pretty fresh rubber!

    Written by Brendon Demerais Nov 23,2020

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  • Great Times, No Complaints

    I've had them for a year and they're still working and looking great.

    Written by Akin Ojo Dec 24,2020

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  • Good all around

    - A little bit of a noisy tire - They grip really well on dry - Through slow you lose quite a bit of grip - Snow and ice, great traction

    Written by Jacob Harney Jan 26,2021

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  • Nexen tires is a good buy.

    I recently purchased the Nexen win guard sport 2. These tires are surprisingly a very smooth and comforting ride. So far they are great on wet and dry condition, I have not had a chance to drive them on snow or ice conditions. I can’t wait to test them in winter conditions. I am hoping they will perform the same. So far so good and reasonably priced.

    Written by Raymond So Jan 26,2021

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  • Great tires

    I run a big block in my truck and these tires stick to tho road in the wet weather even when i stomp on it. Jus snowed 13 inches sunday morning past (wet very heavy snow, jus about broke my awning on my fifth wheel) n i was out climbing hills and pulling trees off the road without even a slip. My driveway is steep as hell and was covered in snow n i went up without even a tire spin. Very happy with these tires n will be buying again. (Cant upload my pics cuz to big i guess and cant upload the video i took of the rooster tails i was making in the snow eather)

    Written by Rob Fraser Mar 16,2021

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  • Great tires

    These tires have been great so far. They have an aggressive tread pattern to handle the wet roads yet are quiet on the highway. I haven't driven in the snow so I can't give an accurate review for that but overall I am very happy with their performance. A couple of things to note, the original tread depth is 11/32 which is better than my original Continentals and these tires are directional so make sure they get installed correctly. I would definitely recommend them to friends

    Written by Doug Apr 07,2021

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  • Seem great so far

    These tires are working great so far. Can’t give an accurate depiction of tread wear as I haven’t had them long enough.

    Written by Gordon Lengkeek May 13,2021

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  • Great tires for the price

    I mounted them on my 89 Suburban and they look great and have given me no issue whatsoever

    Written by Ryley Ravestein Jul 30,2021

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  • I installed


    Written by javad Mohammadi Aug 28,2021

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  • Good tires

    I have a pair of summer and winter nexen tires. Will recommend. Smooth drive.

    Written by mansoor zubair Sep 11,2021

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