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About Michelin

Since its founding in 1888, Michelin has been a leader when it comes to rubber meeting the road. Now they are the world’s No. 1 innovator in tires. Michelin’s history dates back to humble beginnings in France, originally founded by two brothers who wanted to find ways to improve on bicycle tires. As the company continued to blossom, Michelin also became a marketing innovator by introducing the Michelin Star, now the highest global accolade a restaurant can earn. While the Michelin Guide seemed like an innocent way to promote restaurants, the original writers were instructed to favor restaurants outside of city limits so that people would take longer drives. Michelin’s biggest contribution to tires has to be their invention of the Radial Tire, technology that literally has spread to every tire available for any car, truck, or SUV.

Since supplying the tires for the renowned Bugatti Chiron top-speed run, they can also say they are the fastest passenger tires in the world. With prestige like this, it’s no wonder that Michelin is a top tire producer in the world, competing with Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Pirelli.

Being an innovation leader means that Michelin tires can be found a huge variety of applications. Whether it’s for your sporty sedan, off-road pickup truck, or family SUV, there’s a Michelin for you that can provide an optimized driving experience. Michelin’s product line is not only of the highest quality but extremely diverse. From high performance tires like the Pilot Sport Cup series, to the tough duty all-terrain power of the Defender, and everything in between. In addition the X-ice series gets great reviews from our winter customers, no matter the location. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Toronto, or Calgary, or Vancouver, the Michelin X-ice line will perform and impress.

Featuring some of the most robust warranties in the industry means that Michelin will be glad to help you when your TPMS light comes on. No matter how you drive, you can always trust the Michelin Man.


Based on 5 ratings, 17 Reviews

Dry Performance

95.294117647059% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

95.294117647059% Complete (warning)


1580% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

94.117647058824% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

96.470588235294% Complete (warning)
  • Great tires and service from Canada Wheels

    Got my tires - fit perfectly - thank you Canada Wheels!

    Written by Aydin Mirzaee Nov 22,2018

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  • Michelin LTX

    Great, quiet, tires. The rear tires were basically bald after 20,000 miles

    Written by Eric Wenzelbach Dec 15,2018

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  • Smooth ride

    Smooth ride on these bad boys feel every curve literally can go around a corner at nearly 60 miles plus haha

    Written by Adam Pitts Dec 15,2018

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  • Thank You

    Thank You CanadaWheels, 5 Stars everything was, for lack of a better word (Perfect) excellent customer service, excellent price, super fast shipping on hard to find tires for my 2019 Corvette.

    Written by Jeff Baird Sep 06,2019

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  • Excellent High Performance Winter Tires

    Purchased for use on a BMW 328iX with the M-Sport option but with tires squared and wheels downsized for winter driving. Is proving to be an excellent tire in both dry and wet conditions where grip is predictable doesn't suddenly break loose. Road noise is low even on dry roads where tires with a winter tread tend to be the moist noisy. Overall would rate as an excellent winter tire to have on a high performance or semi high performance vehicle, particularly if you live in an area where winter roads are mainly cold and dry with intermittent periods of wet, rainy or snowy roads. Canada Wheels pricing was the best I could find even after contacting other tire dealers who claimed they would price match any competitor. Delivery was quick, within a week of placing order.

    Written by Peter Doucette Nov 09,2019

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  • Nice Tires

    Good service

    Written by Ray Depuit Nov 27,2019

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  • Excellent

    Best winter tires for my Tacoma. Great traction on snow and ice.

    Written by Ian Brown Dec 01,2019

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  • michelin tires

    They are very quality snow tires. This was the fourth set of Michelin tires I used in winter. Their treadware was excellent.

    Written by Dennis Poon Dec 10,2019

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  • Excellent tires

    Very happy

    Written by jerome Maingot Dec 16,2019

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  • Couldnt be happier with this snow tire.

    Have tried snow tires from every major brand. When trying to outfit a vehicle and maintain its ride and handling quality I prefer the Michelin X-Ice tire over any other winter tire. The winter performance is incredible!

    Written by Jonathan Lebold Dec 26,2019

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  • Perfect choice

    It was recommended for my Tesla Model 3 which is a heavy car due to battery weight, works great so far in snow and ice. Great traction and got $70 mail in rebate from Michelin

    Written by Mena Hanna Jan 26,2020

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  • Great snow tire

    Very good snow tire and the comfort is excellent.

    Written by Marlon Pabilona Feb 29,2020

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  • Very good product. Can never go wrong with the mick

    Great snow traction, deep or icy. Minimal road noise. Good handling and ride comfort. Highly recommend.

    Written by Gorob Mar 21,2020

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  • Good Tires / Poor Delivery

    The tire selection and prices are good but the delivery fell flat. They used Loomis who is the only “courier” I know of that won’t deliver to a rural Alberta address (all the others do it without any drama). I had to arrange to pick them up at the Edmonton depot. If you don’t live in a big city, I would expressly ask them to use FedEx (or UPS, or Purolator, or ...).

    Written by Robert Park Mar 23,2020

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  • Best UHP All-Season Tires

    I've been running these tires since the A/S 3 model lineup came, before the Plus+ and I must say these are definitely the best bang for your buck for an UHP All-Season Tire. These tires lasted about 6 years with some nails or screws that I accumulated on one of the tires and still going strong! Excellent pricing and very fast delivery time.

    Written by decivious Mar 31,2020

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  • Great Tire!

    Will definitely be buying again.

    Written by Ryan Eatman Jun 15,2020

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  • Awesome tires

    Highly recommended if you have a performance vehicle.

    Written by Kevin Horiachka Jul 28,2020

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