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About Continental

When you choose Continental, you’re going with one of the most renowned tire manufacturers on earth. In competition with the largest and highest performing brands, like Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli; Continental Tires feature the height of German engineering. With a heritage that spans almost 150 years, Continental’s philosophy is to supply the ultimate experience, be it your all-season tires, off-road mudders, or high performance trackdays.

Whether you want one of the highest rated all-season tires, like the ExtremeContact DWS series, or the spectacular winter traction of the ContiWinterContact line, we’ve got the best inventory of Contintneal tires in Canada. You can drive with confidence on Continental tires, it doesn’t matter if you’re in urban Vancouver, or country driving through Calgary. In addition, Continental tires come OEM on some of the world’s top car brands, including BMW, and Volvo.

As you cruise the streets with your new Continentals, you’ll smile with confidence as you’re supported by one of the best warranties on the market. You’ll also have some extra money in your pocket if you grabbed one of their amazing rebates.


Based on 5 ratings, 19 Reviews

Dry Performance

97.894736842105% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

97.894736842105% Complete (warning)


1780% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

96.842105263158% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

95.789473684211% Complete (warning)
  • Great tire on snow and ice

    Tire grips great on both snow and ice! Very happy with its performance so far!

    Written by Rob Nov 26,2018

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  • Great winter tires

    My Tiguan's got its new great winter shoes on. Slick! Thanks CanadaWheels for making this a quick and painless process.

    Written by ‎Henri Kuschkowitz‎ Jan 14,2019

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  • Great Experience

    Great shopping experience !. Really happy with the purchase. Got them the next business day. It was a great deal too.

    Written by ‎Rafal Kusiak Jan 08,2019

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  • Great look

    Thanks Canada Wheels! Everything looks great!

    Written by Warren Hemsworth‎ Jan 31,2019

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  • Great tires

    245-35-r19 on 19X8.5 Mercedes E550, another happy family with canadawheels.ca

    Written by ‎Matt Wright‎ Jan 31,2019

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  • Continental WinterContact SI Tire review

    Snow and ice performace is not too good.

    Written by Walter Foo Mar 01,2019

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  • Good performance

    I've had these tires on my mini cooper a few years now, they are very good for the summer and have amazing grip. I just ordered a new set and was a bit dissapointed in the packaging (there wasn't any at all, just 4 loose tires..) and the fact that the production date of my tires was 2015... i thought i was buying brand new ones! But tires are good for 6-10 years they say online atleast.. They aren't used, just sat in a warehouse for the last 3 years i guess

    Written by Emile VDM Mar 26,2019

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  • Happy

    245-35-r19 on 19X8.5 Mercedes E550, another happy family with canadawheels.ca

    Written by Matt W Jun 04,2019

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    Really like the new tires.

    Written by John Rowley Oct 31,2019

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  • Great Winter Tires and support from Canada Wheels!

    Ordered these tires and some touren wheels for my 2019 S4. I was pleased with the correspondence with Canada Wheels, they were quick to respond. Shipping/ tracking went off without a hitch. I have only put maybe 1,500km on these tires and they've seen ice, snow, dry pavement (cold and warm) and so far they seem to be performing well. I have no complaints thus far! For reference, I generally have used Blizzaks in winter. Would order from Canada Wheels again and would recommend these tires to anyone!

    Written by Philip Forbes Nov 20,2019

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  • Continental WINTERCONTACT TS830 P

    Did not try them in snow yet...but I bet will work fain! overall happy!

    Written by SORIN VOICHITA Nov 25,2019

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    Very good gripping and excellent tires to drive on Winter .

    Written by Ravitjeja Gunukula Dec 02,2019

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  • Quiet tires

    These are very good tires, had blizzak ws80 for three years and now i bought those continental. They are very QUIET tire wow. I would recommend big time. Very good in snow and on ice.

    Written by Ghislain Losier Dec 02,2019

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  • Continental VIKINGCONTACT 7

    Have had them now for a month. They come as advertised. Great performance wet or dry. Quiet for winter tires. Solid value.

    Written by V Dec 03,2019

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  • Great Tires

    These tires are great in all weather conditions. They have great ride comfort and have no noticeable difference with road noise from my summers. Reccomend to anyone looking for solid winter tires.

    Written by Raffaele Dec 16,2019

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  • Great performance!!

    Installed on 4 Motion VW Arteon. Excellent performance in the city and on the highway. Good handling, no noise. Perfect!

    Written by Carolyne Leroux Mar 08,2020

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  • Best affordable tires

    I’ve been spending lots of money on real expensive tires and by trying this continentals I can say these are the best tires ever. Specially the winter performance is awesome

    Written by Francisco Ruiz Oct 26,2020

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  • 2 weeks and one snowfall in, giving these a thumbs up!

    Really like the ride of these Continental Viking Contact 7's. Put them on my 2011 Volvo XC60 and the ride is very quiet and super smooth. Had one good dumping of snow a week ago and I put them to the paces, acceleration and sudden braking was satisfactory to me. Don't know about treadware as I've only had them a few weeks now. But overall very happy so far.

    Written by Chris Fuoco Nov 30,2020

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  • Continental Winters

    Top notch winter tire , we often forget the quality and reputation Continental Tires carry! Great Product , great price !

    Written by Patrick Bushby Dec 01,2020

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