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About Bridgestone

Formed in 1931, the roots of Bridgestone can be traced back to two companies, The Firestone and Rubber Company, established by Harvey Firestone and, the Bridgestone Tire Company, founded by Shojiro Ishibashi. After Bridgestone purchased Firestone for $2.6 million, the merger allowed the company to become the world's largest rubber and tire business. Ranking amongst the strongest tire brands in the world such as GoodyearMichelinContinental, and Pirelli, Bridgestone consists of an international family of enterprises with 52 production facilities in 24 countries with more than 50,000 employees throughout the Americas. Their tires today are customed for all types of vehicles, be them cars, trucks, SUVs, UTVs, or even bicycles or airplanes.  

Bridgestone tires are engineered to be the best regardless of the weather condition. Whether you need the quiet ride of Turanza or increased confidence in driving during the winter with the Blizzak WS90, high-performance is always guaranteed. Some of their other brands include the DriveGuard tires that allows you to drive up to 80 kilometres at 80 km/h after a puncture and, the Potenza that gives high-performance thrills. Furthermore, Dueler tires bring together road-gripping performance and versatility, allowing you to confidently explore any challenging terrain, and the Ecopia helps improve fuel efficiency our all our eco-lovers.   

From their deep heritage as a Formula 1 tire supplier to their advancements into the future with charge-saving Tesla tires, the Bridgestone mark is one you can wear on your vehicle with pride. If you ever need a special request for your car and cannot find what you need within our CanadaWheels Inventory, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are always on standby during our business hours to answer all your questions.   

With CanadaWheels' award-winning fulfillment and support network, we want to give your vehicle the treatment it deserves. Your dream car is possible. Take charge of your car tire buying experience and let us at CanadaWheels guide you through an optimized package that will meet all your car and car tire needs. Let us support you in building a positive driving experience for years to come.   


Based on 5 ratings, 27 Reviews

Dry Performance

97.777777777778% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

97.777777777778% Complete (warning)


2600% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

91.851851851852% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

94.814814814815% Complete (warning)
  • Only option

    Given this is the only tire option for my car, Happy so far, based on having been driving on them for about 1 month.

    Written by Christine Feeny Nov 22,2018

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  • Excellent Service

    Got new all season tires!! Quick delivery. Their service was excellent and very professional!

    Written by Shahab Bagher Jan 04,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Rating

    Good tires that provide very good performance on snow and ice. Highly recommend them.

    Written by Andrew Shaw Jan 21,2019

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  • Winter Tires for Canada

    Work as intended. And they look mean

    Written by Ernesto Angeles Jan 22,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Good tires

    Good tires. Good price.

    Written by Michelle Barter Feb 01,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Simply the best tire I ever got!

    Great on ice and great on snow; I am totally traction to it...

    Written by Marc André J. Fortier Feb 02,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Excellent tires

    Excellent tires for the winter in Quebec

    Written by Lucian Rat Feb 15,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Good tires for the price

    Not a lot of road noise

    Written by Justin Mohammed Feb 16,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Great tires

    Nice and quiet and grips the road well at low temperatures. Still haven't used them in snow or on ice but we will find out soon enough.!

    Written by Greg Kervin Nov 08,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Blizzard satisfaction

    On my fourth set of Blizzak tires on various vehicles. Love them and winter driving

    Written by Cheryl Tenhave Nov 16,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Great tires

    Really great tires and traction. Have a very steep driveway and always get's me up on the ice and snow

    Written by Clifford McIntosh Nov 28,2019

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  • Great product

    These are a great winter tire am very happy

    Written by Toni Eversley Nov 30,2019

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  • A


    Written by alexandra Hurtubise Dec 08,2019

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  • Blizzak WS90

    The reviews for these tires were excellent and the set ot WS80"s on my previous car performed very well over the last 5 years. I based the treadwear rating on the previous set.

    Written by T. Edwards Dec 16,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Great Product, Excellent Price!!

    Great Product, Excellent Price!! I didn't want to review until I had a chance to experience the product under the neccessary winter conditions. I can say now that reviews are all true, I am very happy with these tires and brand.

    Written by SHARON E Dec 29,2019

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  • Winter tires

    We bought these for our new mini van and they work well in the snow and ice

    Written by Maureen Boese Mar 07,2020

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  • Dueler Alenza

    Love the handling these tires give my XTR Ford pick-up. Cornering is much more precise than previous tires. Quite, and also handles weight with ease. Would recommend these tires.

    Written by BRIAN APPLEBY Jun 18,2020

    Is this useful?

  • Great tires.

    These are some great tires for the 3 warm seasons. For winter you struggle a little. Especially if there is blackice but you will do great if you shift to 1st gear maybe 2nd max.

    Written by Marios Proniaris Jul 28,2020

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  • Blizzak Winter tires

    We have only just installed the tires on our vehicle so it is a little premature to rate these tires; however I have used Blizzak tires in the past on other vehicles and have always been impressed by there performance in snow and ice. This is the reason I chose Blizzaks for our new vehicle.

    Written by Martin Brock Oct 05,2020

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  • Perfect

    Great time at the best prices

    Written by Cody Pearse Nov 02,2020

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  • Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires

    Great in snow and very quiet overall. This is my second set of Bridgestone Blizzak and I would definitely recommend them for fantastic winter tires.

    Written by Joseph Carlyle Thomas Nov 30,2020

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  • Great Winters for my ZRS

    These tires feel amazing in my Colorado ZR2. They're so quiet and I feel so much more confident on the road.

    Written by Scott Cameron Dec 10,2020

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  • Winter tires

    Great winter tires almost like driving in the summer

    Written by Lyle Elton Dec 12,2020

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  • long shipping

    Tires are great shipping from CW took almost 4 weeks they were unable to locate, limited to no tracking information dump Loomis as a carrier, there are better out there. Am

    Written by Angus McDonald Dec 23,2020

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  • great tire

    great reliable tire

    Written by Jeffrey McMillan Jan 03,2021

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  • Great tires!

    Very good service and product. We are very satisfied with the tires. Thank you!

    Written by Miguel Moya Jan 24,2021

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  • The industry standard for winter tyres

    I’ve had Blizzaks on different vehicles over the years, you won’t regret it.

    Written by Anton van der Merwe Mar 19,2021

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