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About Bridgestone

Founded in the year 1931 by Shojiro Ishibasi, whose name translates to Stone Bridge in English. From Fukuoka, Japan, Bridgestone ranks as the largest manufacturer of tyres in the world as of 2017. Since their founding Bridgestone has always had a passion for excellence.

As Bridgestone has grown, they are now a competitor with the other largest tire brands in the world, alongside Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli. As of 2018, Bridgestone group operated 181 production facilities in 24 countries. Bridgestone tires can now be found on all types of vehicles; be them cars, trucks, SUVs, UTVs, or even bicycles or airplanes, Bridgestone produces a tire for that application.

Bridgestone produces performance tires, all-season tires, tires optimized for your EV, and even off-road applications. The Bridgestone Potenza and Blizzak are top competitors on the track and through the snow respectively. For off-road and heavy duty tires look to the Dueler line to provide industry-leading performance. Bridgestone’s passion for quality means that any application will get a good review, and your TPMS sensors will have a happy home.

From their deep heritage as a Formula 1 tire supplier, to their advancements into the future with charge-saving Tesla tires, the Bridgestone mark is one you can wear on your vehicle with pride.


Based on 5 ratings, 8 Reviews

Dry Performance

92.5% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

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720% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

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Comfort + Noise

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  • Only option

    Given this is the only tire option for my car, Happy so far, based on having been driving on them for about 1 month.

    Written by Christine Feeny Nov 22,2018

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  • Excellent Service

    Got new all season tires!! Quick delivery. Their service was excellent and very professional!

    Written by Shahab Bagher Jan 04,2019

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  • Rating

    Good tires that provide very good performance on snow and ice. Highly recommend them.

    Written by Andrew Shaw Jan 21,2019

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  • Winter Tires for Canada

    Work as intended. And they look mean

    Written by Ernesto Angeles Jan 22,2019

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  • Good tires

    Good tires. Good price.

    Written by Michelle Barter Feb 01,2019

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  • Simply the best tire I ever got!

    Great on ice and great on snow; I am totally traction to it...

    Written by Marc André J. Fortier Feb 02,2019

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  • Excellent tires

    Excellent tires for the winter in Quebec

    Written by Lucian Rat Feb 15,2019

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  • Good tires for the price

    Not a lot of road noise

    Written by Justin Mohammed Feb 16,2019

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