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About Pirelli

Operating in over 160 countries, with over 19 manufacturing sites globally, Pirelli tires are among the most recognizable in the world. Since 1872 Pirelli has been dedicated to providing the best quality products, and innovating tire technology. Since their invention of the “wide radial” for the Lancia Group B rally team, Pirelli’s focus has been on performance. They can now be found across many motorsports, including Formula 1 for which they are the exclusive tire supplier.

The Pirelli PZero line is a supercar icon, with their Corsa trim coming OEM on epic machines like the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. Their performance heritage has trickled down into their other lines like their Scorpion for off-road, their Winter Sottozero, and their Cinturato for high end cars like your Lexus, Mercedes-benz, BMW, or Audi. Pirelli’s reputation is that of pure dedication to tire performance, and we can bring that performance to your door.

We can deliver Pirelli performance to anyone in Canada, including customers in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, or Vancouver and anywhere else. As you cruise down the road, you can drive confidently with Pirelli performance laying the power down. Pirelli tires can meet just about any application, with sizes ranging all the way from 15 inch to 28 inch. Your TPMS sensors will be at ease while housed within a Pirelli tire.

If you have any other questions about Pirelli, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 25 Reviews

Dry Performance

95.2% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

93.6% Complete (warning)


2280% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

92.8% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

96% Complete (warning)
  • Good purchase

    I live in a small town of 175 people roughly and I purchased the car I purchased the tires for in late late fall so on the drive home we ran into a snow storm, we had plans for Christmas but the tires did not make it before we left, my own fault. The tire package I chose was complete for my car include a factory looking tire guide to stick in my door, the tires are really really good winter tires considering they were made in Italy. Very happy complete with tire sensors all I did was bolt them on and go. Good purchase. I'm very happy.

    Written by John J Anderton Dec 15,2018

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  • Love These

    They are really nice to drive on and perform well in ice and snow, and wet and dry which we get a lot of here. Can't speak to the treadware yet.

    Written by George Eichholzer Jan 27,2019

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  • Tires for Tesla

    Great tires. Do the trick.

    Written by Aydin Mirzaee Jan 28,2019

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  • Perfect tires

    Perfect is all I can say as they are exactly as shown and advertised, they came complete with tire sensors for my car as well as spacer's and wheel nuts and key for the nuts. Great doing business with them.

    Written by Jj Anderton Feb 06,2019

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  • Great Service!

    Great service. I ordered my winter tires on Thursday and had them by Tuesday morning. They would have even been there earlier, but Thanksgiving fell on the Monday. The price was very competitive and I took advantage of the free shipping .

    Written by Carolyn S Jun 05,2019

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  • Timely Service

    I ordered my winter tires from Canada Wheels. Timely service - exactly what I ordered. I also used their installation center and had a great experience there. Thanks again team!

    Written by Aydin M Jun 06,2019

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  • Great Speed!

    Timely service - exactly what I ordered.

    Written by Adyin M Jun 06,2019

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  • Smooth Ride

    My car has never rode smoother. These are by far the best tires I've ever had on. Fairly quiet for winters also.

    Written by Kyle Nov 24,2019

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  • First set of Pirellis

    Only have had them 1 month, much quieter than the Bilizzacs that I have had for the past 5 years. They appear to be well designed for snowy conditions, time will tell.

    Written by Reg Marte Nov 29,2019

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  • Great winter tires

    Quiet, smooth and great traction

    Written by Gian De Faveri Dec 12,2019

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  • Low profile with all the winter confidence

    These tires were fitted to my 18" Audi OEM wheels for winter and they keep the sporty look while offering much needed winter traction. The difference was noticeable from the moment I drove on them in 4" of fresh snow. Hard-packed snow grip is good. I will always recommend a dedicated set of winter tires if you live anywhere that snow flies. On dry pavement in freezing temperatures they are slightly noisier that taller profile tires, but not overly loud. I will buy these again.

    Written by J Mc Dec 14,2019

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  • New tire purchase

    Nice tires, am very happy with them Thanks

    Written by Henry Vandersteen May 22,2020

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  • Wow

    Fabulous feel and grip. Haven’t had a chance to drive in packed snow, but yesterday was slushy. I made the right choice for our RWD MX-5 Miata. Also, the tire has a aggressive no nonsense look to it.

    Written by Tim Langford Oct 28,2020

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  • Very Quiet

    These tires are quieter than the all seasons that came with our new car. They also have very traction. I highly recommend these.

    Written by Charles Brunet Dec 30,2020

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  • Great tire

    Low noise, great road feel, performance great in all weather conditions

    Written by George Mitchell Mar 07,2021

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  • Really impressed in the wet.

    I've only ran the tires for a few 1000'nd kilometres so my review is based on that. However I have driven in all conditions including snow and I've been very satisfied with the tires. The road noise is quite minimal which was a concern to me but they're great, I can use them commuting and then on trails at the weekend.

    Written by James Mar 07,2021

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  • Great tires

    Good quality tires, perform well in wet conditions.

    Written by Arman Apr 16,2021

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  • Quiet & Smooth Ride

    I bought these tires to replace the tires that originally came on the vehicle. The difference was noticeable from the first ride; there was minimal road noise and my car glides along like silk on the highway. Great traction and control on the turns and an overall pleasure to drive on.

    Written by Shawn May 04,2021

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  • Nice tires

    Tires were priced right and delivered quickly, no problems.

    Written by SCOTT PRICE May 04,2021

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  • CanadaWheels kept sending me emails to review, so here it is..

    I've only had the tires on the car for like, 2 weeks - yet 4 or 5 emails later, I feel pressured to review. Mainly, so I can stop receiving emails to review the product. Give some peeps a couple of months to really experience the product before asking for reviews! Tires are smooth, very quiet, and no slippage on wet pavement - unless you really give it. Dry driving on the highway doesn't allow for the best straight-line drive - there are always adjustments while on the highway. Maybe that's what makes a great summer tire though. On the streets, I feel like I'm on train-tracks. Such excellent grip. Rolls over bumps the way my OEM tires couldn't. They look a little thicker too. I have no idea how good the treadwear is this early.

    Written by Scott Everingham May 04,2021

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  • Very solid choice

    I haven’t driven them in the winter as I have dedicated winter tires, but for summer driving, traction is very good, and I haven’t had any issues so far!

    Written by Justen McKnight May 13,2021

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  • Great feel of the road

    Buy this tire you will not be disappointed

    Written by Raymond Rhinelander May 18,2021

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  • Great tires at a great price!

    Tires are awesome- I had done my research and found that for what I was looking for- these seemed to be the best in class. I am not disappointed. They provide great feel, minimal road noise and strong grip in both dry and wet conditions. Service from Canada Wheels was quick and without issue. They also had the best prices on these and other tires that I shopped- both against other online tire sites and in person tire shops. 100% satisfied and now a big promoter of this site.

    Written by Anthony Day Jun 14,2021

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  • Great tire for BMW X3

    Ordered these tires and wheels from Canada wheels.... fast shipping and local tire shop mounted them for $25 a wheel.... they look great and improved ride quality over the run flat tires .... great experience from Canada wheels.

    Written by Ken Oshea Jun 28,2021

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  • Great looking tires

    Very nice ride and much quieter than the tires I had on previous.

    Written by Rob Service Jul 01,2021

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