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About Falken

A name synonymous with JDM performance, a division of Sumitomo Rubber Company, Falken tires is one of the most respected brands in the industry. Since their original founding as the Performance line of Ohtsu tires, Falken has since become its own brand, regarded as a top performer across all its models.

With performance in their DNA, it’s no wonder that Falken has gone on to sponsor champions across multiple Motorsports. From Dakar Rally teams, to Formula D Drifting champions like Vaughn Gittin Jr and Daijiro Yoshihara. In 2012 they propelled Lars Vanderbeken to a new Guinness World Record for speed while drifting. Now they are the Official Tire of Major League Baseball, and a sponsor of Liverpool F.C; Falken’s dedication to diversity in sport, combined with their passion for performance has produced a product line that can satisfy any need. Falken is so respected that they currently are in OEM tire agreements with companies like Jeep, Ram, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Chrysler, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Those who want the ultimate is performance, the Azenis line is there to help you put the power down. For a smooth and long-lasting all-season ride, check out the Sincera. Off-road masters love the Wildpeak, available in winter approved All-Terrain tread, or Mud.

We’ve served happy customers their Falken tires for as long as we’ve been open, everywhere from Vancouver to Calgary to Toronto to Montreal, and even the Far North. Their pricing and performance balanced together make them one of the most sought after tires in our inventory, and we’re certain your TPMS sensors will find them a happy home.

If you have any other questions about Falken tires, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 27 Reviews

Dry Performance

97.037037037037% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

97.777777777778% Complete (warning)


2500% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

91.111111111111% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

92.592592592593% Complete (warning)
  • great experience dealing with these guys

    Ordered a 20” falken all terrain tire and its excellent! tested in the highway right after it got installed and it has a really good traction on the road..i like it so far, there was a bit problem on the shipping but it was solved quickly and efficiently. great experience dealing with these guys and I highly recommend..thank you canada wheels

    Written by Jefferson Mercado Sep 06,2019

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  • Excellent customer service

    Purchased 4 AMP TERRAIN PRO A-T 325 .65. 18 tires because they were over 100.00 cheaper than next brand of tires. Cheaper is not always better. These tires did not work well with my F350 and had tires balance at two different tire shops and could not get rid of the shake. I dealt with Hong Tran and he worked so hard to try and fix the problem. He sent me two more tires and I replaced the 2 worst tires and had all balanced and still had a bad shake. Finally I purchased 4 Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain tires and my shake was gone in fact I have run 2 sets of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 on this same truck and was not happy with the mileage I got out of them as well as I always had a slight shake in the truck even with these BFG tires. Now no shake and the Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain handle great. Hong looked after me and the guys at Canadawheel are stand up guys. I will continue to purchase tires from this site. Thanks Brent.

    Written by Brent Chapman‎ Jan 31,2019

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  • Absolutely fantastic experience

    My experience with CanadaWheels, has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I cannot wait to buy another set of wheels! The ease of the website to browse and choose from, to the amazing Customer Service (whether email or phone), is what true customer service *should* be, but sadly is not most other places. Not only great selection and lightning fast shipping, not to mention excellent pricing, but a personal touch kind of business. I could not imagine ever buying elsewhere. Thank you to all the Reps I spoke with or received a kind email response from, and especially Alfredo! I wish I had a few better photos, however, was swamped this past week. Here are a few pics of my new wheels and tires! Simply gorgeous, and a ride that is still smooth and quiet. ps. have had a lot of positive comments re the new wheels. I would only choose CanadaWheels, whether for my Volvo, Challenger and any future vehicles; there is an amazing assortment of wheels/tires to choose from, for any type of vehicle! Don't change, you are doing everything right :) I will spread the word. Thanks again! Wheels: 17 " RTX Poison/ Tires: Falken Azenis FK-510 225/45R17

    Written by ‎Ginny Blackshaw Jan 31,2019

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  • Great Purchase

    Great tires, very low noise, performance quality is great.

    Written by Abdul Bayaa Jun 15,2020

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  • Good daily driver

    I was originally going to go for something a bit stickier in the Azenis range, but chose these for my daily because they seemed like a good compromise. A bit more road noise than I was expecting might be the only negative, but I would still buy again based on my experience so far.

    Written by Raymond Blanchard May 22,2020

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  • good tires

    I like the tire's they work great, in my personal opinion i would buy them again.

    Written by James Fraser Oct 19,2019

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  • worth the cost

    So far the best AT tire I had on my truck. Mostly driving within city and surroundings. Snow performance is very good.

    Written by Alexandr Belogubets Oct 28,2020

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  • great product

    I bought these tires for an amazing prices not only did they arrive in less than 5 business days they where the exact size and in perfect condition. Amazing service even better price. I have them on a ram 1500 laramie 20” rims up in central alberta near the rocky mountains and these tires do not disappoint at all!

    Written by Denis Has Nov 06,2020

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  • Amazing tires

    This is my 2nd set ( on different vehicles ) and these Wildpeaks are absolutely incredible for the price. Very quiet, aggressive look, they really rip up the mud and snow and hold up well. Way better tire than ko2s and comparable and half the cost.

    Written by David Grainger Jan 27,2021

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  • Great tire

    I was targeting a tire with high load rating for hauling with good traction and speed rating. This 109T tire met or exceeded my needs. There are so many tires out there that might "look" great, but the specs and fall flat. Other brands list spec's I needed, but have no stock. Very happy to have these great performing, sharp looking tires.

    Written by Joe Krupnik Dec 18,2020

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  • Wildpeak

    Best tire for price would recommend to others.

    Written by Travis Johann Aug 02,2020

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  • Falken tires.

    Great tires for the prices. Really happy with them so far, waiting for the snow for the ultimate test. To early for snow rating.

    Written by Gaetan Landry Aug 27,2020

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  • So far, so good

    The tires are performing as I expected. There is an increase in road noise that was expected as i moved up from all-seasons, but nothing serious. Treadware is unknown as they are still new.

    Written by Greg Weatherdon Dec 01,2018

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  • Beauties

    Haven't had long enough to review tires

    Written by Timothy Alabaster Jul 28,2020

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  • My preferred source

    Ordered wheels and rims multiple times from Canada Wheels, and they are amazing at what they do. A team full of professionals who assist you with ensuring proper fitting, all while offering professional customer service and quick turn arounds. Their website is very intuitive and easy to use, filled with options for any vehicle, model and year. As a comparison, I have used other tire/rim websites in the past an a lot of them were not as easy to use and/or did not have options for all years/makes/models. Definitely will use them as a preferred source for my vehicle needs

    Written by Mohamad H Jun 06,2019

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  • Great Product

    Ordered a set of 18” ART Replika wheels and Falken Eurowinter snows for my 2012 Buick Regal GS. Order was completed quickly and arrived within 3 days. Great service and great product. No issues at all.

    Written by Ben B Jun 05,2019

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  • Great tires

    Great tires. Great handling on snow and ice and noise levels are way lower than Goodyears that I had a few seasons ago. Dry performance is really good too. Cant comment on tread wear as I've had them on for a month.

    Written by David Crocione Dec 16,2019

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  • Tire rating

    I cannot effectively rate tread wear and snow performance yet as have not experienced any deep snow or icy roads and tires have only been mounted for just over two months and can’t rate tread wear.

    Written by Gary Doe Jan 08,2020

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  • So quiet!

    I can hardly tell that I have winter tires on my car.

    Written by Claire Cudmore Nov 21,2020

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  • none

    was really pleased with delivery time arrived days before I expected them

    Written by Dwight Boyd Dec 26,2019

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  • Excellent tires

    I'm really surprised how quiet these tires are considering they are performance tires. Grip is excellent for street use. I have no idea how long will tread life last. Only time will tell with occasional aggressive cornering drive.

    Written by Jonathan Giron Jul 16,2021

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  • Awesome


    Written by Sayeed Baksh May 24,2019

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  • amazing service

    Canada wheels is amazing I received my tires in 5 business days with no hassle and at a remarkable price! The premier way to shop for automotive products. My set came in great condition and correct size. Save yourself the time and look no further.

    Written by Denis Has Oct 21,2020

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  • Excellent Tire

    Very happy with the product. Arrived quickly and are quieter than expected. Not yet sure about the Treadware but all in due time. And they look really good as well.

    Written by Mike Sokol Jun 16,2020

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  • One tire to rule them all?

    I have had these tires installed for about 6 months now on a Subaru Outback. I bought them to improve performance on logging roads compared to my all-season tires. The traction on dirt roads is excellent, as it wet traction. I didn't buy these as snow tires (despite snowflake rating), but these may be changing my mind about using them as such and selling my dedicated snow tires. We are just getting into snow season and so far these have been excellent on black ice and in one foray in deep snow up unplowed roads. I have delayed putting on my dedicated snow tires for 2 months so far. I can't really talk about treadwear yet (I haven't noticed any). The only downside seems to be a little hit on fuel economy vs my prior all-season tires.

    Written by Geoffrey Dosman Dec 16,2020

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  • Great Value

    Great tires. Look good. Perform well. Good price.

    Written by Luis Almeida Jul 30,2020

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  • Great tires, Great price!

    This was our 2nd order from Falken Winterpeak and we were completely satisfied with the prompt delivery and very professional customer service!

    Written by Louise Marcoux Phillips Jul 10,2021

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