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About Yokohama

If you are looking for a dependable store that sells Yokohama tires, then Canada Wheels can be a feasible option for you. We are one of the most popular wheels and tires sellers in Vancouver, Canada. Apart from Yokohama, we house products of other top-notch brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, General Tire, Evergreen and Pirelli to name a few.

Yokohama Tire Corporation, based in USA, is the manufacturing and marketing arm of Yokohama Rubber Company which is involved in manufacturing premium tires. It is known to employ the latest technology and innovation in its manufacturing process. It pioneered the production of the first tire in the world that used orange oil to reduce petroleum. We, at Canada Wheels, want to cater to your varied tire buying needs and we have in store products of high-quality brands. Its tires are used in light trucks, passenger cars, commercial trucks and buses. Moreover, it also has off-road, mining and construction applications. 

The advantages of using Yokohama tires are given as follows:

·Superior fuel economy: This company believes in producing tires that will improve performance of your vehicle on road as well as provide greater fuel economy. This will greatly reduce the maintenance cost for its users

·Innovation: It thrives on innovation and always ensures that it incorporates the latest technology in its manufacturing process

·Durability: Tires from this brand has earned a reputation in the market for being highly durable

·Tire design: The pleasing tread design in its tires is also widely appreciated by customers

At Canada Wheels we sell a versatile range of tires from Yokohama for the various vehicle models. When you choose us you will be assured of products and services of the highest standard. This business principle has helped us to earn the loyalty and trust of our clients.

We employ skilled and friendly people who are there to assist you in every step of the buying process. Call us at 1-800-453-4484 and get to know any information that would help in fulfilling your tire buying needs. Do not delay any further, buy from us today!    


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  • Nice tires

    Only had them on for a week, but they are doing what they are suppose too.

    Written by Sheila Chiasson Nov 23,2018

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  • Canada Approved!

    Got this set for winter in Alberta and very impressed

    Written by Robert Cordsen Jan 21,2019

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