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About Nankang

Serving tires to the world for over 60 years, Nankang’s dedication to quality and performance cannot be denied. Distributed across North America by Tireco, Nankangs are a great value brand of tires, in competition with great brands like GT Radial, Sailun, and Farroad.

Since their founding in Taiwan, Nankang has expanded into a global company serving over 60 countries. Their motto is “Care for the customer is always of paramount importance.” Their devotion to quality products can be found across their entire catalog. For a sporty summer tire with great looks for your BMW, you can browse the NS-II Ultra Sport. If you’re looking for a truck or SUV tire that can handle a rough trip to the cottage, the SP-7 is one of our top rated all-season tires in terms of value. In winter you can count on the aggressively styled and reliable SV-1, it will keep your Dodge Grand Caravan or Chevy Silverado safe and stable in the snow.

When you need to get rolling on a budget, Nankang should absolutely be on your shopping list. Their commitment to success and long-lasting products can be read about in their reviews. Experience the quality for yourself and join their growing fanbase.

If you have any other questions about Nankang, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 28 Reviews

Dry Performance

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Wet Performance

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Snow/Ice Performance

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Comfort + Noise

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  • excellent service and advise

    Received my tires and wheels today. Thanks for the excellent service and advise. Excellent value for money. We will be back soon. Special thanks to Alfredo.

    Written by ‎Valerie Loyer‎ Jan 04,2019

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  • Outperformed by 200tw tires.

    Ran these At the DDT, set lap times about 2.5 seconds slower than my Hankook Ventus RS4's in a 255/35/18. Average cornering G force was about 0.2-3 less than the Hankook. Tire wear was very low for the 40 or so laps that were done. Almost no rubber balling up on the tires after a very aggressive stint. They tend to favor less aggression as they will understeer when pushed over the limit. 2 separate drivers in the same car presented the same feedback. Even though you can have them shipped to you for about 900 all in.. I'd suggest spending more if you are looking for lap time. Also, road noise on the drive home sounds like a single prop plane.

    Written by Doug Newman Jun 04,2018

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  • Great Customer Service

    definitely great customer service and they answered every question i had with in depth feedback definitely would buy them again

    Written by Omar R Jun 05,2019

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  • Good Tyres

    Was looking for weird sized tires for my 83 jetta, they look great and this was the best price i could fine online. Delivered in good condition and on time.

    Written by David Lavoie Aug 17,2019

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  • Fiat 500 abarth

    Overall a very good tire for the money. Have had them for about 9 months on my fiat 500 abarth, no complaints , fast shipping. Definitely ordering from this company again.

    Written by Joseph Vitaro Apr 13,2020

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  • 5 STARS * Perfect Transaction *

    These Nanking NS-II tires on my car outperform my Toyo racing tires. Puran, your advice, service and tires were the best! It feels like I am driving a new car. Tires were ordered late Friday afternoon and were delivered early Tuesday morning. Perfect transaction!!!

    Written by janna! Jul 09,2021

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  • Good Tires for the Price

    Affordable and performs up to expectations!

    Written by Keyvan Hayati May 27,2019

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  • Nice tires, well-priced.

    Sporty tires as affordable price.

    Written by Cory Magoffin Jun 15,2020

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  • Big improvement

    Used on my 2010 Nissan Versa (1.8l, 6 speed manual) with 16 x 7 wheels, the improvement in braking, steering and ride is amazing . Previous tires were 195 x 60 x 15 Continental,(half worn) on factory alloys. I don't put a lot of kms on my tires (snow tires half the year)and most of my driving is urban, so I don't care about treadwear if I get great wet braking and tight steering.

    Written by Roger Jubinville Nov 02,2019

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  • Positive experience

    Extremely helpful in assisting me through my first ever online tire purchase. Being such a positive experience, I will more than likely purchase my winter tires through CanadaWheels as well.

    Written by Perry Parisa Jan 24,2019

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  • Worth the money

    Great tire for the price

    Written by Brent Huard Sep 16,2021

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  • Perfect fit

    I am so happy with my experience with canada wheels, perfect fitment with my order of rims and tires, can't beat the prices and super fast shipping.

    Written by Kurtis Hartig Feb 07,2019

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  • First class

    First class company and staff. They know what they are talking about.

    Written by Heather-Raymond Séguin Jan 22,2019

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  • Perfect choice

    Decided to change up my set up for this season! I’ll never buy my wheels/tires elsewhere!! Perfect choice

    Written by ‎Chelsea Longtin‎ Jan 15,2019

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  • Review

    Delivery was fast and price was good.

    Written by jonathan thibert Jul 02,2020

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  • Excellent tires

    Looking good with the new tires thanks to Canada Wheels!!

    Written by ‎Tucker Cochrane‎ Jan 09,2019

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  • Good for the price

    Very happy with tires tread looks aggresive and the handle and drive quiet !

    Written by Scott Jago Jun 19,2020

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  • Fast delivery

    Fast delivery and good quality.

    Written by George Byrde Jul 07,2020

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  • A bit noisy, but I'll buy them again

    I bought these for an Audi Q3 on 20"wheels (factory). The price point is amazing. They are quite a noisy tire, louder that my winters, but they feel very planted. I gave them 5 stars for tread wear, but I haven't driven enough to know for sure. For the price, I could replace them 3 times before I spent the money for a set of Michelin pilots. They are confident in corners. I haven't pushed hard in wet, but they didn't wiggle under acceleration or Lane changes in heavy rain conditions. Excellent performance, noisy. Turn your music up a little...

    Written by Jesse Wilson Jun 15,2020

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  • So Satisfied

    I am extremely satisfied with the fast shipping and quite pleased with the tires themselves. You have yourself a new customer from now on. I even had my brother buy 4 tires and mag wheels last week. (Including 4 spacers and a set of lug nuts and center caps.)

    Written by Bernard Hupe Jun 15,2020

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  • Cheap sport tires

    Worth more then what you pay

    Written by Scott Strang Aug 27,2020

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  • Nankang ns-20

    Havent had a chance to try in heavy rain yet, seems to handle light rain well. Quiet tire and handles turns better then i thought for a cheap tire . will ve ordering more

    Written by Nick Lapointe Jul 16,2019

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  • Fast delivery

    Very good service and super fast shipping. Thanks!

    Written by Maxime Jacques Jan 24,2019

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  • awesome tires

    Great tires, very grippy even in the rain. Just have to see how long they last.

    Written by Colin Williamson Dec 05,2018

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  • Nankang Ns2 r 180treadwear

    Bought it for my 1994 Eagle talon 350hp awd. Awesome grip when it's over 20 degree celcius, can't reach the limit in the street. I think that it's the perfect trackday tire. You can use it in the street, but they are mush more noisy than uhp tire that I normaly put on this car. Did'nt try these tire in the wet.

    Written by Richard Lapalme Dec 06,2018

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  • Worth the price

    I have installed these on a 2012 BMW 335i RWD. They get the job done but they do slip when really punching it (where as my old Pirelli's gripped much better). I only drive this car in the summer in dry conditions so I cannot speak to their traction in rain or snow. They are comfortable and quiet, and worth the price if you aren't needing something for crazy hi speed driving. If you are on a budget, I would recommend these tires.

    Written by Cam Swearingen Jun 07,2021

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    Excellent tires and great driving on them. Also excellent customer service

    Written by Philip Temos Jun 21,2021

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  • Fantastic Tires

    Quick delivery with no issues, smooth installation and rides like a dream. It is my second time running these tires and I have no complaints.

    Written by Alan Jul 09,2021

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