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About Farroad

Since 2007, Farroad has been producing tires from its primary facility in Asia. Currently with a volume of 20 million units per year, Farroad aims to expand that amount by solidifying its reputation as one of our top rated value brands. Competing with brands like Nankang, GT Radial, and Sailun; Farroad aims to keep your rolling in every season, while maintaining your budget requirements.

Now in 2019, Farroad is available in 61 countries around the world, and meet all international safety standards including: ISO9001 quality system certification, TS16949 certification, the United States DOT certification, ECE certification, the European GCC certification, certification, Brazil Inmetro certification. The Farroad Arctic STU99 has been rated as “amazing quality for the price” by our customers, and the value per dollar is indeed one of our top tires. The FRD26 summer tire has also been well received, and the Mud Hunter is pushing the market by providing our truck customers with aggressive off-road treads for a fraction of the usual cost.

If you need a budget option for Montreal winters, or something affordable that can handle Calgary off-roading, look to Farroad for something that will keep your vehicle and your wallet satisfied.

If you have any other questions about Farroad, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 34 Reviews

Dry Performance

97.058823529412% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

92.352941176471% Complete (warning)


2980% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

92.941176470588% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

89.411764705882% Complete (warning)
  • Thank you canadawheels

    I loved it really fit in and nicely to my ride

    Written by Delfin Santos Apr 30,2020

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  • Our review

    Shipping time was excellent! Tires are of great quality & ride smoothly & quietly. We have not yet had them long enough to have any tread ware or to have used them in the ice/snow. We would recommend these tires and Doing business with Canada Wheels.

    Written by Paul Wells May 18,2021

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  • Great tire dealer !

    really satisfied to customer services such as delivery and communication.

    Written by Youli Zhu Apr 03,2020

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  • Good!

    So far so good! Been to some road trips and it’s not bad at all

    Written by Marionel salazar Dec 06,2018

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  • Great buy

    I have these tires on my cadillac ats in 18'' They are amazing for the price , on dry pavement they stick so much to the road great for agressive drivers

    Written by Vincent Milot Apr 10,2020

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  • Good performance & reliable

    Second purchase using Canadawheels and I’m very satisfied with the fast shipping and good quality products. Will be back in the future when needed.

    Written by Mariah Seales Aug 27,2020

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  • Good. Happy

    As expected. Good value/performance. Happy customer.

    Written by Rori Hartnell Aug 27,2020

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  • Smooth

    Very smooth ride!!

    Written by Kirk Trowers Jul 28,2020

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  • Feels good

    First summer tires I've bought (coming from all seasons) and I'm happy with the way they feel when handling the car in corners and straights (not driving aggressive, just zipping around town and back country roads with nice turns through the hills) Great for how I drive

    Written by Philip Freundlich Jun 19,2021

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  • Conseiller

    I have just discovered this tire powerful enough for the price !

    Written by Raynald Dusseault Nov 21,2019

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  • Great for the price

    Work well in all conditions, not the world's best grip in -30 but really good for the price especially. I'd buy them again for snow and ice

    Written by Kent Lappin Feb 15,2020

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  • 10/10 Recommend!

    Super happy with my purchase! I got winter tires and rims for my suv. The price was very reasonable! They put them together and filled them all for me which was a nice bonus, since I thought I would have to take them to get done. The shipping was very fast and there wasn’t any issues! From now on I will be getting all my tires from here!

    Written by Sydney Nov 25,2019

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  • I am Satisfied

    So far good

    Written by Gilbert Junsay Dec 14,2019

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  • Amazing tires for the price

    Tires are great for this Cdn weather. Not much noise from the tires as you drive on dry ground. Does not slip on wet or snowy weather. Over all great tires for the price they listed for.

    Written by Neil Feb 15,2020

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  • Inexpensive Winter Tires

    Nice winter tires. Goot match of price and performance. Highly recommended

    Written by Svilen Oprikov Jan 21,2019

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  • Awesome tires

    Great tires, fast shipping awesome all around experience.

    Written by Elise Solomon Nov 16,2019

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  • Tires

    Awesome tires

    Written by Radek Skalicky Aug 16,2021

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  • Noise

    Too loud when driving on highway

    Written by Tanya Burgess Nov 26,2019

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  • Good tires

    I never bought winter tires ever but this year I did. Tires reacted awesome in about a foot of snow had good stopping and less spinning on takeoff than an all season. Tires are a bit noisy on dry pavement but it let's you enjoy your radio better by turning it up

    Written by Raymond Tobin Dec 30,2019

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  • Very satisfied

    Great deal! Great service ! Great products !

    Written by James Dubé Nov 16,2019

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  • Putting myself out there...

    The service of CanadaWheels is fantastic. Love the tires, and my customers love the tires, and the quick delievery times. Will stay with the company and will always get all my tires through CanadaWheels.

    Written by Peter Kyte Nov 30,2019

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  • Very good

    I appreciate the great quality

    Written by STEPHANE KAZADI Nov 03,2019

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  • Great tires

    Great traction, very quiet. highly recommend these tires. We have a 2020 corolla.

    Written by Marc Roy Dec 14,2019

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  • Great for price

    Amazing for the price

    Written by Andrew monahan Nov 02,2019

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  • Great winter tires

    Buy now

    Written by Robin Lawrence Dec 05,2019

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  • For what you pay. They are great!

    Great quality for the price!

    Written by Justin Vella Mar 16,2020

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  • Great tires

    I will be buying another set of this when

    Written by Joey Gagne Nov 25,2020

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  • Very nice ride

    excellent quality

    Written by Farid Shodjaee Feb 10,2021

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  • Winter tires for Mini Cooper

    the whole process of ordering online and receiving the tires at my front door 2 days later was awesome !

    Written by Julie James Dec 02,2019

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  • Good tire at a good price

    Nice tire, side walls seem a little weak. Cars tends to have a wiggle in it on the hwy nothing to worry about just an odd feeling at first. Overall would buy again good tire at good price.

    Written by Chris Sawyer Apr 16,2021

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  • Putting myself out there...

    To all who read this. I have nothing but faith in CanadaWheels.ca. The company is great and have a great product line of tires, and extras.

    Written by Peter Kyte Nov 04,2019

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  • great tires

    love them

    Written by Sheri Nov 29,2019

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  • Great Service!

    I bought both sets of my winter tires from here for both of my cars. Great service and prices, definitely ordering from them again when I need new tires.

    Written by Shyle Braithwaite Dec 16,2019

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  • Very good buy

    Tires are real nice. Grip the road good. Very good customer service. Tires arrived in just a couple of days

    Written by mark turnbull Jul 05,2021

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