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About GT Radial

One of the most competitive value brands in our inventory, GT Radial brings over 60 years of tire experience to your wheels. With 8 manufacturing facilities across the world, operating in over 130 countries, GT Radial is one of the top brands when you’re looking for great performance that fits your budget.

The Winterpro HP tire is one of the top rated winter tires in its class. For your truck, you can try the Adventuro AT all-terrian line, one of the finest tires to leave their USA manufacturing facility. If you want something long lasting, the Champiro Touring A/S has a great rating for wet/dry performance.

GT Radial is well at home anywhere in Canada, tire shoppers in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal have all had great experiences across any season. GT Radial tires come as one of our top value-brand recommendations, these products are destined to put a smile on your face.

If you have any other questions about GT Radial, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 42 Reviews

Dry Performance

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Wet Performance

93.333333333333% Complete (warning)


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Snow/Ice Performance

77.142857142857% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

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  • Fast delivery!

    Fast delivery however you can’t beat these prices!!!! Will definitely deal with them for all my tire

    Written by Jay Brown Sep 06,2019

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  • Outstanding!

    Outstanding service! Best price, fast shipping, great customer service, knowledgable staff. It wasn't like an ordinary shopping. They do care to make customers informed about what would be the best option to choose in terms of match, price, performance, and aesthetics. Highly recommended. Wheels looks nice.

    Written by Maryam Y Jun 05,2019

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    I love the quietness of the truck tire while still having an aggressive tread design.

    Written by Raymond LeBlanc Oct 21,2019

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  • Quality at great prices.

    Great price and quick delivery, what more do you want?

    Written by Armand Ohanoglu Jun 15,2020

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  • Nice tires

    I can't give a snow rating because I use winter tires. Great performance otherwise, will buy again. ( also wanted to note the order and shipping process was stress free)

    Written by kristen levac Jun 28,2021

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  • Good deal

    Good tires, quiet drive.

    Written by Salvador Hernandez May 04,2021

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  • great tire

    the tire is exactly what we expec5ed and performs well. delived quick right to our door in a timely fashion. Ill be lppking for winter tires soon. easy to do business with canada tires. esier than dealing with The tire rack.

    Written by Arch Noseworthy May 06,2020

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  • Smooth Ride

    I haven’t been able to drive with them in the snow hence the 4 star rating, but these tires are awesome and I would choose them again. Nothing but a nice smooth ride for me!

    Written by Rachel O'Reilly Mar 26,2021

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  • great

    fast service, great tires

    Written by James Retieffe Nov 19,2019

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  • Great deal

    Very quick shipping, helpful customer service.

    Written by Brianne Boulton Dec 07,2019

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  • Thanks ud83dude0a


    Written by Élaine Brickwood Apr 10,2020

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  • Great value

    Great value, rally nice looking tire and good quality

    Written by Lorna Curtis Sep 03,2020

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  • nice tires

    they look awesome on the rims i got from wheels

    Written by Kim Blackmore Jun 16,2020

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  • Good tires for the price

    Definitely a good price would buy then again

    Written by Travis Bowles Jun 19,2020

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  • Tires


    Written by James Kavanagh May 17,2021

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  • Very good tire

    Rating 500 A A, for the price they must be the best tire out there rating is amazing, very silent no problem at all.

    Written by JF Guimond Jun 06,2021

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  • Very happy with this purchase

    A great quality and performing tire for my Land Rover. All at a great price.

    Written by Darren Parachoniak May 07,2019

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  • Excellent customer service

    I ordered a set of wheels and tires for my kid's car and they were exactly as described. They were sent from different areas but arrived to me in Fort McMurray a few days after online order. I had a question which I sent by email and a fella called my back Monday morning and answered it as he wanted to make sure everything was correct before they shipped everything to me. I would highly recommend this group to anyone.

    Written by Ryan Menzies Feb 06,2019

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  • Great customer service skills!

    Hong was great and has great customer service skills. Shipping was quick. Thanks again.

    Written by Sam S Jun 06,2019

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  • Good choice

    These are good performances snow tires and great value for the money. This is first season so can’t rate on tread wear so for now marked as a 3 but overall I give 4 out of 5

    Written by Mario Sanelli Mar 07,2020

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  • Great price and quality.

    This is the first time I bought tires on line and I will do it again.

    Written by James Payne Feb 22,2020

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  • So far so good.

    This is my first set of GT Radial tires. If they perform well I will likely be a repeat customer. I cannot comment on the tread wear or the snow/ice performance as neither has happened yet.

    Written by Robert Brown Nov 08,2019

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  • Great Tires

    So far they are great tires. Great price.

    Written by Matt Nov 23,2019

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  • Amazing for the price

    Great performance, prices on this website

    Written by Serge Dec 08,2019

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  • Great in snow

    Great overall tire, great handling in snow.

    Written by Roman Nowakowski Dec 12,2020

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  • Not recommended

    I tried these on my 2010 Ram 1500 after running both Toyo & Kumho AT tires. Both great tires for my area (Southern Alberta) These AT's from GT Radial are no where close. If you do anything more than summer highway driving i would not recommend these. The Good: tread life Quite on open & dry highway The Bad: Next to no traction on ice & snow Awful in mud ( gums up and gives no traction) Price point is high for the value After -20 the tire may as well be glass

    Written by Joshua Jan 31,2020

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  • Tires

    Excellent traction

    Written by Gary King Jul 29,2021

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  • Tires

    They seem fine in snow so far nice and quiet tires chance are I get another set in spring time

    Written by dave moreau Nov 25,2019

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  • So far good

    Only had these tires a few months now and seem to be good, little road noise but overall a good tire for the price

    Written by Andrew Winker May 28,2021

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  • Great Tire - Great Price

    Great tire for a great price. Shipping was fast and no issues during Covid. Very quiet and smooth ride. good on both dry and wet pavement.Haven't used them in winter situations so can't say much here. Overall an excellent tire and a great company. I would recommend them and will look to buy from Canada Wheels again next time.

    Written by Sax Jun 24,2020

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  • Fast Shipping !

    very fast shipping !!!

    Written by Samantha Nolan Nov 12,2020

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  • Tires

    They are awesome. Shipping was fast. And they didn’t cost a arm and leg it get lol.

    Written by Justin Snow Jul 28,2020

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    I replaced my Michelin Pilot tires with GT Radial CHAMPIRO UHP AS on my 2017 Maxima...the first big difference i noticed was how little road noise these tires made compared to the Michelins, and make the Michelin tires sound like winter or big Mudding tires. I only had them on for a couple weeks... too early to comment on tread wear and time will tell how they work in the snow. So far im more then pleased with these tires.

    Written by Katherine Jewell Jul 31,2020

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  • Great

    Amazing tire. Used on bmw

    Written by Lisa Vasil Jul 02,2020

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  • Very nice

    Very nice

    Written by Oscar Perez May 07,2021

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  • Great Tire

    Well priced and functions as it should. Gives confidence while driving in winter conditions.

    Written by Mike McKinnon Feb 08,2020

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  • Bought a second set

    Bought a second set for my car after trying them on my son’s car. Nice grip in snow and slush conditions.

    Written by Guillaume Ste-Marie Nov 23,2019

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  • Great

    Excellent Tire No Noise like most snow tire great delivery

    Written by Tatek Dec 04,2019

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  • Great

    Great Tire overall

    Written by Tatek Meshesha Dec 21,2019

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  • Very satisfied!!

    Very satisfied!!

    Written by Philippe Courtois Aug 28,2020

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  • Review

    Unable to rate treadwear and snow as I only had the tires for 10,000 km and not in the winter. So far for the price the tire seems to be holding up well and is stable and does well in rain I am happy with the purchase and more so happy with Canada wheels service and price

    Written by Matthew Kenny Jun 15,2020

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  • Great winter tire

    Great in snow and slush...

    Written by Nicholas Carew Dec 18,2020

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