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About Sailun

Sailun tires are a value brand developed with the power of Cooper Tires keeping your budget in mind. Originating in Asia, it has become one of our best sellers and top reviewed for quality in its class. You can find similar value in Sailun’s sister brands, Vanderbilt and Multi-Mile on our website as well. If you’re shopping Sailun, you can compare them to its top competitors GT Radial, Farroad, and Nankang.

Customers looking for a well reviewed, and amazingly priced winter tire will love the Ice Blazer. For top-notch all-season performance look to the Sailun Atrezzo line. When you’re looking for a reliable off-road tire, browse the Terramax line.

If you’re looking for a quality tire that can handle Montreal roads, for a great price, Sailun is one of our top recommendations. Great for those Calgary winters, and the Vancouver rain. Sailun is a great home for your TPMS sensors, and we’re proud to provide them to you.

If you have any other questions about Sailun, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 10 Reviews

Dry Performance

86% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

88% Complete (warning)


840% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

76% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

80% Complete (warning)
  • Sailun ICE BLAZER WST1

    Great tire!!!

    Written by john macleod Jan 25,2019

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  • Great traction

    We live in the country and needed extra grip for the very icy road condition. I have purchased those for my son's rv4... I loved it so much on ice that I purchased another set for my daughter's mazda3. They are good on all pavement but on ice they are just unbelievable.

    Written by Martin Beauregard Feb 04,2019

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  • 2

    here you go

    Written by Rose Sedgwick Feb 04,2019

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  • Rides great

    Great tire. Haven’t seen snow n ice and probably won’t.

    Written by duane herman May 24,2019

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  • re: Sailun ATREZZO SVR LX

    love this wheels!

    Written by Mark Caderma Jun 11,2019

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  • Tire

    Delivery On time good service

    Written by Michael Chang Jul 15,2019

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  • Great value

    Great price for the value of the product would use them again

    Written by Andy Schlesak Sep 06,2019

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  • Good Tires

    Have used these tires for a number of winters( not the same set). I find them to be good tires with good wear.

    Written by Jamie Clements Sep 18,2019

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  • Very good service and delivery is very fast

    I just got the tire put on . It have no snow yet. It is Quiet and confort on dry and wet condition. It is a snow tire so I cannot tell about on winter condition. Canada Wheels processed my order very fast It take 5 days to get my tires. put in the order via internet on Friday and get them on following Wednesday.

    Written by Martin Wong Oct 24,2019

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  • sick

    so far so good

    Written by David Robert Nov 11,2019

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