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About Sailun

Sailun tires are a value brand developed with a philosophy of Quality, Trust and Support while keeping your budget in mind. Originating in Asia, it has become one of our best sellers and top reviewed for quality in its class. Sailin engineers, designs, manufactures and supports a full line of impressive winter, summer, all-season, off-road and ultra high performance tires. Their line boasts a list of sizes compatible with a huge range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. You can find similar value in Sailun’s competitor brands, Vanderbilt and Multi-Mile on our website as well. If you’re shopping Sailun, you can compare them to its top competitors GT Radial, Farroad, and Nankang.

Customers looking for a well reviewed, and amazingly priced winter tire will love the Ice Blazer. For top-notch all-season performance look to the Sailun Atrezzo line. When you’re looking for a reliable off-road tire, browse the Terramax line.

If you’re looking for a quality tire that can handle Montreal roads, for a great price, Sailun is one of our top recommendations. Great for those Calgary winters, and the Vancouver rain. Sailun is a great home for your TPMS sensors, and we’re proud to provide them to you.

If you have any other questions about Sailun, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 48 Reviews

Dry Performance

91.666666666667% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

88.75% Complete (warning)


4160% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

87.5% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

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  • Rides great

    Great tire. Haven’t seen snow n ice and probably won’t.

    Written by duane herman May 24,2019

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  • re: Sailun ATREZZO SVR LX

    love this wheels!

    Written by Mark Caderma Jun 11,2019

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  • 2

    here you go

    Written by Rose Sedgwick Feb 04,2019

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  • Tire

    Delivery On time good service

    Written by Michael Chang Jul 15,2019

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  • Great value

    Great price for the value of the product would use them again

    Written by Andy Schlesak Sep 06,2019

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  • Perfect studded tyre

    The overall rating isn't my choice . I'd give them 5 stars. I know for most of you this won't be important , but I installed them myself. They went on the rims in a snap. Aired up without blaster or (heaven forbid) strap. I studded them myself. Now I only stud my families tyres and my own, but these were the easiest tyres to stud hands down. We live 50 miles from town on a dirt road and have had studded tyres for the 37 yrs we've been married. They are by far the quietest studded tyres I've ever had. Didn't know there was a difference between brands before using these , and have had several different brands. I don't buy winter tyres based on treadware . We put 1000 Km/wk on the car. Pull the studs end of April ,run them till July? when they are worn out and buy a new set in November. I'll look for these again in the fall and would pay a premium to get them. Loved them so much I want to tell everybody about them.

    Written by Adam LeMoine Dec 19,2019

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  • Excellent value

    Great traction, very quiet, excellent value for the money.

    Written by Gavin Waffle Nov 29,2019

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  • Good tires and fast service.

    Tires grip good but a bit loud.

    Written by Rogelio Tulagan Dec 19,2020

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  • Average

    Some loss of traction at extreme temp

    Written by Ashraf Ahmed Dec 13,2019

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  • Good!

    Really good for the price!

    Written by Richard Grant Dec 30,2020

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  • Good tires for the price

    Great value and performance for this price range.

    Written by Scott Simpson Dec 02,2019

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  • Sailun ICE BLAZER WST1

    Great tire!!!

    Written by john macleod Jan 25,2019

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  • Good tires

    I like!

    Written by Christopher Craig Dec 01,2019

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  • Better than decent traction!

    Exactly as described.

    Written by Jamie Donaldson Dec 18,2019

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  • Good Tires

    Have used these tires for a number of winters( not the same set). I find them to be good tires with good wear.

    Written by Jamie Clements Sep 18,2019

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  • Good tires performing well

    The products were delivered on time. So far I think the tires are doing well. I don't think anyone can match their prices.

    Written by Godwin Ezinkwo Nov 30,2019

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  • Smooth ride!!

    Great service and fast delivery !! I installed the winter tires and fellt a great grip and quite ride at 80km. , waiting for snow, so far I'm happy with this set of tires, thank you.

    Written by Martin Santillan Nov 01,2020

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  • Pretty good value

    Pretty good so far. Quiet and smooth ride.

    Written by William Turner Jan 22,2021

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  • Good


    Written by YiYang Chen Nov 25,2019

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  • Great tires for the price

    These tires work amazing in snow and ice. I have used these on both of my vehicles. The only thing I noticed was that they sometimes don’t balance up nice and they may cause a slight vibration at highway speeds. But the winter performance out weighs the slight vibration that you may encounter.

    Written by David Brown Apr 09,2020

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  • Best I’ve ever bought

    Great tires affordable can’t wait to try them in the snow when we get some

    Written by Mervin Woods Nov 19,2020

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  • Fantastic Tires

    I bought these tires a year ago for my wintermobile and they’re absolutely fantastic. They hold up well on wet pavement, mud, ice, snow and slush, so well that my nephew says it’s harder for me to do slidey’s around corners now lol. I’ve always bought the Wrangler Duratrac’s for my trucks but they apparently don’t make them to fit my Jeep so ended up with these and I’m really impressed. They’re a fantastic price and a great option for an all season tire;)

    Written by Lisa Vanhill Nov 22,2020

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  • Nice tire for the price

    Put on my Ram 1500. Tires drive smooth and even on dry pavement, haven't driven on them in rain or snow yet. The quality is impressive for the price, rubber a bit softer than I'd like but that should help in the snow.

    Written by Curtis Jeffery Aug 27,2020

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  • so far so good

    very happy with these tires. Great value!

    Written by Brian Tuson Aug 27,2020

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  • Review

    Really well rounded tire!

    Written by Michael D'Alessio Jun 15,2020

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  • Great Product and Service!

    Outstanding product and service. I was very pleased that the tires were delivered extremely quickly! I would highly recommend this company.

    Written by Chris Decker Jul 03,2020

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  • Great tire

    Great Tire for your price got here quickly

    Written by Larry Johnson Jun 17,2020

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  • Best tier for the price, summer tier

    Best tiers for the price.. used it local autoslalom, no problems, good grip on the track

    Written by Leo Chkouro Sep 10,2020

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  • Atrezzo ZSR 18”

    I bought these for my 18” Rims, was looking for a cheaper option than 12-1400 $ set and they have definitely surprised me. They are an excellent tire and I would purchase again. I wasn’t expecting such a great all around tire for the price!

    Written by Jeremy Apr 13,2020

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  • sick

    so far so good

    Written by David Robert Nov 11,2019

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  • Not expensive. You get what u pay for. Excellent delivery.

    Fine for me. I never drive in snowstorms.

    Written by Catherine Kowanetz Dec 19,2019

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  • Great!

    Thank you!

    Written by Serguei Aroutiunian Mar 13,2020

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  • Very good service and delivery is very fast

    I just got the tire put on . It have no snow yet. It is Quiet and confort on dry and wet condition. It is a snow tire so I cannot tell about on winter condition. Canada Wheels processed my order very fast It take 5 days to get my tires. put in the order via internet on Friday and get them on following Wednesday.

    Written by Martin Wong Oct 24,2019

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  • Good tire for price

    Tires are s bit noisy, but lots of traction on snow and ice. Gave treadware a 3 star, but don't know how it will be as the tires have only been on the vehicle for 2 weeks.

    Written by Blake Reid Oct 25,2020

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  • Sailun tires

    they were for my son. Had the same before and is very satisfied with this brand. Very good price. Fast delivery at my door!

    Written by Lyse Piche Jul 29,2020

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  • great tire

    Happy with our purchase, nice ride, will see how it holds up.

    Written by Bob Walker Dec 12,2020

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  • Great Tire, Great Price

    I bought these at the start of this season, wasn't sure what to expect but after 2 months I must say I'm quite impressed. I live on a private road with no services and have had no issues getting in or out even on icy days. After 2 months the wear has been good, I've driven a good 7000KM so far but the wear is still to be seen. Otherwise, I would buy this product again for sure.

    Written by Phil Tessier Dec 31,2020

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  • Good Tires

    TY for the Tires they worked Great on both our 2019 Rams

    Written by Della Bell Dec 18,2020

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  • Great tires even better service

    Lots of traction on ice and snow. Easy to use website and fast delivery

    Written by Stephen Anderson Dec 27,2019

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  • Great tire!

    For the price, it's practically a steal.

    Written by Taiwo Akinnusi Nov 29,2019

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  • Great traction

    We live in the country and needed extra grip for the very icy road condition. I have purchased those for my son's rv4... I loved it so much on ice that I purchased another set for my daughter's mazda3. They are good on all pavement but on ice they are just unbelievable.

    Written by Martin Beauregard Feb 04,2019

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  • Awesome


    Written by Barry Tanner Jul 10,2021

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  • Excellent

    Great tire, excellent price

    Written by Louella Noble Dec 23,2020

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  • Great Customer Rep

    I had an issue with a order missing a few lug nuts , no problem with great customer service , nuts where sent , new tires right on time , BRAVO CORRIN , great customer service and fast shipping keeps me ordering again without hesitation .

    Written by kevin kursen Jun 06,2021

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  • Tires

    So far goof I just had them put on let you know

    Written by John Scullion Jun 15,2020

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  • No regrets

    I installed on 2018 BMW 340i M Performance Edition. Too early to comment on wet and treadware but excellent grip on hard packed snow and ice. I will not be adding the studs. Tires make a bit of noise at 90+kph+ but this is appropriate for a winter tire. Excellent Value. Very pleased.

    Written by Christopher Westdal Nov 12,2019

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  • Sailun Inspire Review

    PROS: I have looked everywhere for the perfect balance between price and treadwear rating and these turned out to be the best. 120,000km or 5 year treadwear rating for $100? HELL YES! Other manufacturers are asking a hell of a lot more for the same and some not even close! CONS: Harder tire = More road noise and I have that, but nothing some music on medium can't handle, the road noise could end up going away after I put a few thousands miles on them and if I can I will edit the review and let you know.

    Written by Marcus Jun 14,2021

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  • Haven't had theses too long

    I've only had these on car about 2 or 3 weeks. But they seem great, my mechanic said they were a good tire. Price was great, also I had these at my door 5 days after ordering. Too easy! Tried to add photo but says my 1 photo was too big....??

    Written by Deanna Cole Apr 22,2021

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