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About Mazzini

Mazzini is a value brand from Asia, distributed by DAI (DAI Alloys, Art Replica, Ruffino Wheels), a Canadian automotive parts distributor that has been in business since the 1970s. Their mission is to produce affordable tires that compete with brands like Nankang, Farroad, and Sailun. Mazzini’s tire products range from high performance tires for summer, to all-terrain and winter approved tires. They have DOT certified and reliable rubber compounds, known for their low noise and long lasting treads.

Mazzini Radial SUV tires and M+S rated, so you know they will perform to an acceptable degree even in snowy and slippery conditions. Mazzini A/T all-terrain tires come with the “Three Peak” Mountain symbol which makes them completely winter approved, and appropriate for places that have winter tire bylaws.

Mazzini tires are a welcome addition to the Calgary farm truck, or the Montreal family van. They have a history of quality and performance without breaking a budget and will be a welcome home to your TPMS sensors.

If you have any other questions about Mazzini tires, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 5 Reviews

Dry Performance

92% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

92% Complete (warning)


380% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

96% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

88% Complete (warning)
  • Perfect

    I Very like this tire

    Written by alain leveille Dec 05,2019

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  • Tires

    First time with these tires and they seem really good, but not much snow yet. Can't rate the tread wear yet. They are noisy and my car rumbles a little. Could this be a balancing thing? May have to bring back to garage to get that checked. Overall good price point and will be ordering summer tires in the spring.

    Written by Gordon Pitcher Dec 16,2019

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  • Great buy

    Excellent price for these snows. Aggressive bite in snow and good hold on ice. Would certainly buy again.

    Written by Paul Herman Jan 21,2019

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  • So far so good

    We installed the tires last week. They seem to be a good product. We’ll see how they perform over the winter.

    Written by Karen Carroll Nov 18,2020

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  • Price

    Very good tire for the price. Nothing comparable in our local markets.

    Written by norman goertzen Nov 19,2020

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