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About General

Looking for a tire company with a century of experience? General tire was founded in 1915, and since their creation, General has been devoted to providing quality product. Now that they are under the umbrella of Continental Tire products, General can be found anywhere in the world. With warranties that extend up to 120,000 km, it’s not a surprise that General Tires are among our best reviewed products.

With the backing of Continental and a tradition of tire innovation, General Tire products have become synonymous with Quality. In addition, General has developed a technology called RTM or Replacement Tire Monitor, to help you know when it’s time to change your tires. The General G-Max line can bring you top-tier performance in all-seasons, and the General Grabber line is one of the most sought after off-road tires on the market. For the snowy months, the General Altimax Arctic line has one of our top review scores. Production facilities in the USA means that you’re getting the same quality of care you would get in any decade, and a commitment to American muscle.

As you cruise suburban Toronto, you can drive with confidence if you have General Tires. Tough enough to battle a Montreal pothole, and smooth enough to cross the prairies of Calgary for years to come.

If you have any other questions about General, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 25 Reviews

Dry Performance

92.8% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

91.2% Complete (warning)


2180% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

80.8% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

91.2% Complete (warning)
  • General Arctic LT

    Seem like a decent tire. Drove in this morning in the ice and snow fairly good grip. I generally run in 4x4 in the ice and snow as the truck gets pretty light in the rear being a dually regular cab. I did run it in 4x2 seems ok. Did ok braking on the ice as well. Obviously bring snow tires the dry and wet performance are lacking but that can be expected. No idea for treadware performance as I just mounted them the day before this review. Not sure why they send review requests out a week after you get the tires? Have yet to see how they'll do in deeper snow. Will try and update

    Written by Justin Roberts Nov 02,2020

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  • Revelstoke here we come

    Finally I was able to find a 34” true winter tire. These hands down beat the good year dura tracs. So far I’m very impressed.

    Written by Robin Lawrence Oct 25,2020

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  • Tires

    They have a smooth quiet ride with lots of traction

    Written by Bill Cournoyer Nov 12,2019

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  • A great tire

    A great tire

    Written by Rick Davies Aug 28,2020

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  • Good all season

    Good all season tire

    Written by Robin Lawrence Oct 25,2020

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  • great price and shipping

    Just Recieved my 35" tires great price and shipping was fantastic 3 days to my door .in noav scotia .. this place rocks .

    Written by Chris T Jun 03,2019

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  • Fast delivery & great price

    I purchased 4 tires for my Toyota Camry, extremely fast delivery, excellent customer service, great price!

    Written by Amir Ghods Jan 07,2019

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  • Quiet and comfortable ride

    Quiet and comfortable ride, Great in snow better than my Goodyear Nordic winter tires love them.

    Written by kenneth samuels Mar 20,2021

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  • General ALTIMAX RT43


    Written by Hugo Pozzobon Mar 27,2020

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  • Great value tires

    Tires have great tread and low noise. Not had any snow yet so can’t review. Really good price and fast delivery installed on rims and balanced..

    Written by Adam Moore Nov 30,2020

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  • Excellent Produit

    C'est super!

    Written by Eddy-Wilfrid BENINGA Mar 30,2021

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  • Working out

    Still fresh; I can't rate the treadware or ice grip, reliable on dirt & gravel.

    Written by Kirsten Busse May 25,2021

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  • Pretty good!!!

    For the price. 10/10. No issues. Have 6000km on so far. Next ti no tread wear. Good in deep snow, ice, climbing hills. Makes the truck sit a little low. Would get bigger ones next time.

    Written by Johnathan Ingenhaag Feb 14,2020

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  • General AltiMax tire

    Happy with General tires, we’ve been using this product for years

    Written by GENER MAPUE Mar 29,2021

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  • Not too shabby

    Good all-around tire

    Written by Cory Lavergne Apr 15,2021

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  • Quiet and comfortable ride

    Quiet and comfortable I really like these tires, in snowy conditions, they performed real good, Nice ride, better than my Goodyear snow tires.

    Written by kenneth samuels Jan 06,2021

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  • Great Tires

    So far so good. I was impressed with the quick delivery and the price was very affordable. Will definitely order again from here!

    Written by Eunice Yeboah May 21,2021

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  • Great tires

    Great tires. Reasonable shipping time. Happy customer.

    Written by Wayne Boyd May 24,2021

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  • Happy Consumer

    the website order process and the price were great and I am pleased with the tires so far

    Written by Chris Buda Jan 09,2020

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  • Great Winter Tires, Quiet and Amazing Traction

    These tires have exceeded my expectations, for the price, you can't go wrong. The General Altimax Artics are very quiet, you don't really notice any sounds while driving, especially on the highway. They were easy to get on the rims I bought and they provide amazing traction, even during snowstorms. We had a snowstorm with over 20 cm of snow and these tires handled the road like a beast. Definitely buying these or another set of General Tires again.

    Written by Anthony Dinh Tran Jan 22,2019

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  • Ordered Tires/Got Tires!

    So I ordered new winter tires... recieved the tires in a timely fashion. Thanks. 3

    Written by Laura LeBlanc Apr 03,2020

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  • Had 2 sets

    Have purchased 2 sets of these for different cars (just not from this dealer) because I was quite pleased with the traction, including braking. Noise level was quite low on dry pavement too. Used in Canadian winters too. As long as you're OK with having directional tires, you should be pleased with them. Thought I'd pass on an opinion on the tires in case that helps anyone.

    Written by Dave Sep 25,2020

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  • great winter tires

    Installed on a 99 Hyundai genesis, its a rwd V8 car so traction in the winter is always an issue and i live in Saskatchewan. I had them studded and i put 200 pounds of sand bags in the trunk. Best winter Iv ever had. Previous winter tires- Goodyear Viking , Michelin X ice, Bridgestone Blizzak

    Written by colby sedor Nov 22,2020

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  • Good value

    For the price, they are good quality.

    Written by Cody Miu Oct 31,2020

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  • General Altimax RT43 tires

    I drove only 12000km on those tires (installed on my small SUV) and overall performance is better than Michelin Defender i always used. It is too early to compare the tread-ware though...

    Written by Piotr Mizgalewicz Apr 17,2021

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