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About RTX OE

A Division of RTX wheels. RTX-OE wants to help customers find OEM wheel replacements, and the same quality but with a much better price. RTX-OE offers direct fit replacement wheels to fit almost any car. Direct-Fit is extremely important when finding wheels, it means that the wheel does not require any additional hardware or accessories to fit your vehicle. For example a tuner wheel may require new lugnuts and hub-centric rings, but a direct-fit wheel can support all your vehicle’s factory hardware.

Our Dodge Grand Caravan wheel customers love the Auburn for their alternate wheels, especially since they are so great for winter tires. Our Audi clients take full advantage of the RTX-OE Bavaria, and our BMW customers love the RTX-OE Graz rims. RTX-OE Wheels also come in staggered fitments, so they can even accommodate the most aggressive Mercedes-AMG models. They even have large alloy wheels for luxury SUVs, for example the RTX-OE Rhine is a great choice for your Mercedes SUV.

RTX-OE is devoted to giving you the best direct-fit replica wheel experience. If you’re ever wondering what the best wheel is to match your OEM tires and hardware look for replica lines like RTX-OE. If you have any other questions about wheel fitment or RTX-OE’s guarantees feel free to contact us at sales@canadawheels.ca or call 1-800-453-4484 to find your fit!


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  • Rtx wheel

    Very good wheels for the price Fast delivery Would buy again

    Written by paul nadeau Dec 15,2018

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  • Factory Quality

    Clearly Factory grade quality. Perfect for as an off season rim to replace my 2018 Edge Sport 21" rims but they look so good they'd be a terrific upgrade on an Escape or base Edge. As a Canadian the shipping np price were right on the mark

    Written by Jeff SCHERF Dec 15,2018

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  • Grand Caravan 2016

    Good fit on my Grand Caravan 2016.

    Written by Denis Boisvert Dec 15,2018

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  • Wheels

    Nice product. Had to grind the calipers a bit. Should have gone with the 18". Fast shipping. Happy with my purchase.

    Written by Kevin Haight Feb 04,2019

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  • Great Wheels

    Just had my new wheels installed and they are beautiful. Really good quality. They arrived very quickly. I was really impressed by the help I rec'd when I ordered them and by the professional service provided. The wheels arrived just as promised. They fit perfectly. Thank you to all at Canada Wheel. And...a special thanks to Noory. I highly recommend Canada Wheels.

    Written by Tony Merlocco Mar 28,2019

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  • Good Rims, Quick Ship to BC

    Installed them on 05' Corolla LE. Bore size is 56.1mm while car hub size is 54.1mm. Canadawheels rep reached out to let me know that there were no spacer rings for those sizes. I ok'd the shipment with the rep on a Thursday and received the pieces by Monday. So far so good.

    Written by DIEGO CASTANON May 28,2019

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  • Thanks!

    It was hard the right 2nd set of wheels for my 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, until I found the Canada Wheels website. They had a great selection and the perfect set for my vehicle. placing the order online was convenient, and they were shipped to my address in a couple of days. Thanks, Canada Wheels.

    Written by David N Jun 05,2019

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  • Nice Rims

    These rims look great on the Grand Cherokee I put them on and the price was good. Excellent value!

    Written by Keith Harder Aug 23,2019

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  • review

    Hi:- Very fast delivery time. People at CanadaWheels were very helpful after I ordered the wrong size rims the first time. Thanks:- Ken

    Written by Ken Stewart Nov 05,2019

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  • Awesome!

    These tires look awesome on our new Pacifica van. Great quality, and overall good price. Would definitely buy from these guys again!

    Written by Jeff Driedger Nov 17,2019

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  • Summertime OEM Look in the winter

    My RTX OEM wheels arrived in a week, and look great. Once on the car, I see no difference other than the RTX centre cap versus the OEM Audi four-ring logo, which signals these are winter rims. Matched with Pirelli Sottozero winter tires from CanadaWheels, the car is handling very well in the Alberta snow. It is too early to tell how the wheels will stand up to the corrosive winter conditions. Ordering these wheels from Audi would have been cost prohibitive for a winter wheel set, and the RTX set really keeps the OEM feel of the car which is important to me. Careful ordering the bolts and tire valves as a separate order ($64.99CAD) when getting these wheels. Two issues. First, the RTX wheels came with their own tire valves. Second, the bolts CanadaWheels sends are not colour matched to the gunmetal on the wheels (this is obvious at ordering, but I didn't think of it until I went to mount the rims). In order to keep the OEM look, you will want to reuse the Audi gunmetal coloured bolts from the original rims if you can. If you don't mind using bright silver bolts surrounded by gunmetal wheel colour, then you won't have a problem.

    Written by James Dec 01,2019

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  • RTX OE Bavaria II rims on Mercedes GLK 250

    First time installing winter rims and these look and fit great. I gave a high star rating for these points. BUT, only 1 star for install. There was no information provided by CanadaWheels (or anywhere else on the internet that I could find) on potential issues due to differences in rim thickness in comparison to OEM standard rims. - Original MB standard rim (7.5Jx19H2, ET47, 66.6mm bore, 5x112PCD) I measured thickness at lug bolt to be approximately 24mm. - RTX OE Bavaria II rim (7.5Jx17, ET45, 66.6mm bore, 5x112PCD) I measured thickness at lug bolt to be approximately 8mm. This difference in rim thickness results in original OEM bolts being to long and bottoming out before rim clamp up. I had to order new ball radius wheel lug bolts part no. W2714BBH from WestCoastAccessories for successful installation.

    Written by Jason Hamp Jan 25,2020

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  • Very nice

    Beautiful finish on these wheels. They look great - very high quality throughout. Customer service outstanding!

    Written by Derek Dec 20,2019

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  • Good transaction. Nice wheels!!

    Great looking wheels. Fast delivery. The wheels appeared to require quite a few weights to balance. I am not sure what is typical but expected less for brand new wheels. It could have been unbalance in my existing tires though. Overall very satisfied..

    Written by Cam Feb 09,2020

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  • New rims

    These are exactly like the rims on a new Dodge GrandCaravan but at 1/3 of the cost and free shipping. Great deal!

    Written by Maureen Boese Mar 07,2020

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  • Perfect match for vw Arteon oe

    I wanted smaller wheels for the winter, but wanted to replicate the original 20" wheels of the VW Arteon. This is a great Product!!

    Written by Carolyne Leroux Mar 08,2020

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  • Makes your car look faster than it is!

    My god, these wheels look even better in person.

    Written by Jake Jimenez Mar 25,2020

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  • Rims

    Great product

    Written by Nino Mendosa Apr 18,2020

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