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About Chevrolet Wheels

Canadians know it as Chevy, one of the oldest and most recognized vehicle brands in the world. Originally founded by Swiss race driver Louis Chevrolet in 1911, it was funded by General Motors to produce cars that would compete with the rapidly selling Ford Model T.

Chevrolet would grow from that moment to become the largest part of General Motors (one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, in competition with Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford.)

Chevy would see moderate success over the following decades, increasing their product line into commercial trucks, and facing direct competition from companies like Chrysler and Plymouth. The real breakthrough for Chevrolet would come in the 1950s when they would introduce their small-block V8 engine, a motor so reliable and ubiquitous, it’s design can still be found in cars, trucks, and custom hot rods to this very day.

In terms of performance, Chevrolet is a world leader, with legends like the Camaro and Corvette leading their product lines. These beasts are reknowned among both the vintage and tuner communities, with loyal fans that will stick with their trusty muscle cars until the end of days. The Chevy V8 combined with a striking staggered wheel fitment can compete with just about any sports car setup available in the world today. The Corvette in particular has become a technological benchmark for domestic cars, competing with supercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari on race tracks all over the world.

First and foremost though, people flock to Chevrolet because their vehicles are built “Like a Rock.” Their award winning pickup trucks, ranging from the Silverado 1500 light duty to the massive 3500 dually beast, have been a staple in the backcountry and the job site. Who could forget the names Impala and Malibu, driveway icons visible in just about any neighborhood, known for their great pricing and reliability.

In recent years, Chevrolet has been a leader in Electric and Hybrid technology, with the Volt and Bolt EV. Aimed at families with a green mindset without the budget of those buying Tesla or Porsche products. Chevy’s entire green line is extremely well reviewed, and guaranteed to perform up to your standards in all seasons from summer to winter and in between.

Chevrolet was founded on a competitive spirit, and a drive to innovate. These values carry the same energy that we at CanadaWheels try to bring to every order we receive. At CanadaWheels, we are committed to bringing all sorts of customers the optimal buying experience for their wheels, tires, parts, and accessories. In the same way that drivers have come to trust Chevy, so can they trust us to provide a hands on experience, that is efficient, affordable, and still loaded with passion for the road.

If you ever have a special request for your Chevrolet, and you can’t find it within CanadaWheels’ inventory, we invite you to contact us. Our pros are always standing by during business hours to answer any questions you may have.

Give your vehicle the treatment it deserves, through CanadaWheels’ award winning fulfillment and support network, the Chevrolet of your dreams is possible. Take control of your car’s wheel buying experience, and let us at CanadaWheels guide you into an optimized package that will meet your needs and keep your driving experience positive for years to come.

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