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About Art Replica

Sometimes an OEM replacement can be very expensive. Other times finding an alloy winter wheel can be tricky. That’s why manufacturers like Art Replica were founded. A division of DAI Alloys, Art Replica should be at the top of your list when you want the same look and quality as an OEM wheel, without the high price tag.

Art Replica has a mission to help consumers find wheels that will match the current ones on their car, including OEM lugnuts and TPMS Sensors. If you want to return your car to that “fresh off the factory floor” status without breaking your budget, Art Replica will be there for you. We have proudly fitted many Honda, Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover, and even the new Tesla Model 3. Art Replica wheels are truly at home on any car, truck or SUV.

Art Replica’s engineering is guaranteed to meet all JWL/VIA safety standards and their winter approved wheels are salt-spray tested to ensure a perfect finish in any season. Choose their model 152 for your Range Rover, 105 for your Jeep, or 104 for your Volkswagen. Choose Art Replica to keep that new car look, with classic car mileage! Remember to check out their affiliate brands DAI Alloys, and Ruffino.

If you have any other questions about wheel fitment or Art Replica’s guarantees feel free to contact us at sales@canadawheels.ca or call 1-800-453-4484 to find your fit!


Based on 5 ratings, 42 Reviews


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  • Great rims and a great price

    Love these wheels on my new GTI. The only issue I had with the order is that 3 out of the 4 wheels I ordered came with a the Art Replica branding and logo in the center cap for the wheels, and one did not. So it is kind of weird having it being inconsistent. But not a huge deal (probably no one but me will ever notice) Other than that, very happy with these wheels. Perfect fit, came incredible fast, and they were on sale! I will be back if and when I need wheels in the future.

    Written by Aaron Konyer Nov 30,2018

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  • Summer wheels

    I needed summer wheels for our 2017 Toyota RAV4 and these install nice on the hubs and look even better on the road.

    Written by Derek Lorenz Dec 13,2018

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  • Great product

    Quick delivery, great product at a fraction of the cost of OEM!

    Written by Scott Russell Dec 13,2018

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  • So far so good

    I installed it for Toyota Corolla IM, so far so good.

    Written by Oleksandr Basanets Dec 18,2018

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  • Super fast shipping

    Replica 48's on my grand caravan. Thanks Canadawheels. Super fast shipping

    Written by Joseph Bensette‎ Jan 31,2019

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  • Good price

    Good price, variable products, best customer service, and nice guys. Thanks CanadaWheels.

    Written by Nîma Nassèhi Jan 23,2019

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  • Total satisfaction

    I can’t think of anything negative to say about the wheels you shipped me. I am happy and totally satisfied Be assured l will shop you first whenever lm looking for wheels

    Written by Marty Reemeyer Feb 01,2019

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  • Very good wheels

    Very good wheels. Perfect fit on my 2018 Rav4. No difference compared with Oem wheels. Those models were oem on 2015 Rav4

    Written by Lucian Rat Feb 15,2019

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  • Great value

    Nothing wrong with these wheels. Best looking wheels I could find for the price. They actually look better than the picture on the website.

    Written by Leon Van Bommel Apr 15,2019

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  • Fantastic RIMS

    Great overall experience bought tires, rims, delivered mounted and on time.

    Written by Ross Lowe Apr 26,2019

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  • Magd


    Written by nelson da silva May 16,2019

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  • Good Online Company

    Good online company, much better selection and prices than local retail. Website is informative and easy to use in regard to selecting suitable wheels. The ones I ordered were out of stock but CanadaWheels kept me informed and the wait was only two weeks. They shipped quickly after that. Would definitely order from them again.

    Written by James D Jun 04,2019

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  • Great!

    Ordered a set of 18” ART Replika wheels and Falken Eurowinter snows for my 2012 Buick Regal GS. Order was completed quickly and arrived within 3 days. Great service and great product. No issues at all.

    Written by Ben B Jun 05,2019

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  • Amazing!

    Amazing timing! The delivery was fast! Except for the tires where the delivery man left the tires at the door and didn't even ring the doorbell, they could have gotten stolen! Oh well

    Written by Kevin H Jun 05,2019

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  • Service rapide et courtois

    J'ai commandé 4 jantes en alliage Art Replica 95 Titanium pour installer sur ma Toyota Prius Prime 2020 un ensemble de roues pour l'hiver. Service rapide courtois. Les gens de Canada Wheels m'ont donnés des informations claires pour confirmer mon choix. Je recommande sans hésitations.

    Written by P H Dec 04,2019

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  • Company helped me find the right size

    The company has contacted me and will be helping me out with exchanging my rims for the correct size.

    Written by Norm M Jun 06,2019

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  • Awesome!

    Good price, very wide selection, and awesome delivery time. My order of new set of wheels arrived in 2 days in Ontario. All items in original packaging. Very satisfied with their service.

    Written by Ali H Jun 06,2019

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  • 22 inch rims

    Rims were originally advertised on the website as 20inch, long story short they turned out to be 22inch rims and had to rearrange my tire order to match as these were the rims I truly wanted! Fit well and look great! No issues so far

    Written by Lesley Mathe Jun 28,2019

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  • Very happy!!!

    Wheels arrived within two business days...great value and the wheels look great installed. Very happy with the product and the company!

    Written by Adam Szakacs Jul 18,2019

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  • Awesome wheels!

    These are very nice the picture doesn’t do them justice. Fit perfectly no problems! Fast shipping!! Thank you.

    Written by Tarin Alm Aug 17,2019

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  • Best outfit in Canada

    Each wheel was superbly wrapped, had a door decal for tire pressures, nitrogen was used and pressure levels where indicated by front or rear wheel/tire application. I was truly impressed and pleased...

    Written by André Losier Aug 23,2019

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  • Awesome rims.... Replica 48 gloss black

    Well only comments I can say is that these wheels are awesome and looks great and as for the shipping well its really really fast... got them is 2 days and everything was packed professionally. I recommend CanadaWheels

    Written by Terry Lee Boudreau Aug 26,2019

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  • Highly Recommended

    Very helpful and wheels arrived quickly! Recommend them highly

    Written by Felicia Normandy Sep 06,2019

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  • Great wheels and service

    Shipping was pretty quick, product was well packed , appearance is awesome and exactly as they appeared on website Great quality and good experience thank you :)

    Written by Mike Clay Nov 01,2019

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  • look great on my dodge caravan

    A+++++++ great rim on my 2013 dodge caravan

    Written by Louie Savoie Nov 02,2019

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  • Rimes

    I think it’s a good quality

    Written by STEPHANE KAZADI Nov 03,2019

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  • Lexus rx 350 Wheels

    Great service ,Super fast shipping ,Good price ,And they look great on the SUV. One of the center caps was bent but still got it on. Quite happy with my purchase.

    Written by Monika Betz Nov 04,2019

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  • Awesome

    Wheels look great. Delivery was extremely fast. Great customer service. Highly recommend Canada Wheels.

    Written by Marc Roy Nov 04,2019

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  • great rims so far

    bought these and had tires mounted. use these as winter rims for jeep Cherokee, they are as close to original OEM style and mounting. look good and work great so far. excellent value.

    Written by Gregory Ward Nov 05,2019

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  • VW MK6 GTI

    Bought these wheels for my GTI to use with winter tires. Shipping was very fast and customer service was excellent. No problems during installation - these wheels are perfect for VW owners. These wheels are a great bang for your buck and ride quality is great. I threw my 225/45/R17 winters on these and am ready for some snow. They also look amazing and rival the quality of much more expensive wheels.

    Written by Gregory MacDonald Nov 06,2019

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  • Nice style. Perfect fit.

    The wheels are a perfect fit and suit the style of the vehicle.

    Written by Robert Brown Nov 08,2019

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  • Nice rims

    Rims look great on my Jetta. They arrived quickly and very safe and secure. Very happy purchase.

    Written by Shane Froude Nov 25,2019

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  • Very Happy Customer

    I am very happy with the look and quality of this wheel. Good value and excellent delivery time from Canada Wheels.

    Written by Doug Bell Nov 30,2019

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  • Good experience

    Great wheels!

    Written by Martin Vachon Dec 13,2019

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  • Great value

    They look just like original equipment. Easy install and look great.

    Written by Fred Thorne Dec 18,2019

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  • Perfect experience

    I installed these wheels with a set of winter tires on my Mazda cx-5 . they came in great condition and are working perfectly . highly satisfied.

    Written by Keyvan Bahramianfard Dec 18,2019

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  • Lots of compliments

    We had these installed on a 2019 Audi A4. Even the sales guy asked where I got them from, and was surprised by the price. The Audi wheels cost almost 8x as much for a similar style. I gave a 5* for quality because build quality seems good. They are well balanced and worked as expected. I don't anticipate any strength issues, but that would be the only thing that changed my opinion (if they dented or cracked with regular use). This is a classy looking wheel on the car. Undoubtedly good value for money. I would like a better finish on the center cap ... but that's a minor thing.

    Written by Evelyn Wong Jan 10,2020

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  • Happy

    I’m sure I’ll be happy, haven’t even opened the box yet.

    Written by Dale Fisher Feb 15,2020

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  • Rims on van

    Looks great!

    Written by Bret Feb 15,2020

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  • Loving it

    I ordered this set for my winter tires but now I like my car better with these. Mind you my car is the top trim. The finish and level of details are top notch and it’s a great value for money. Highly recommended

    Written by Abhijeet Singh Chauhan Feb 29,2020

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  • Wheels

    Great Wheels at a great price

    Written by Peter Schulhof Mar 09,2020

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  • Thank you

    Great price and product

    Written by kevin williams Apr 03,2020

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