Congratulations to our fellow BOB Award Recipients

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Our trophy case is growing! Here’s our current list of awards we’ve received since 2015.

  • 2017 Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Startup of the Year – Bootstrap Awards

  • 2016 Ottawa’s Best Performance in Sales Award – BOB Awards

  • 2016 Ottawa’s 3rd Fastest Growing Companies Award – Fastest Growing Companies Awards

  • 2015 Ottawa’s Best New Business Award – BOB Awards

A few weeks ago CanadaWheels was awarded the BOB Award (or Best Ottawa Business Award) from the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce for Best New Business. We’d like to take this moment to thank the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce for their recognition, and recognize our fellow recipients. It’s because of businesses like CanadaWheels and our friends listed below that Ottawa is one of the fastest growing cities for Entrepreneurs in the world.



It started as a couple friend just looking for a way to sell snowboard gear, that evolved into one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the world. Looking to set up an online shop? These Ottawa billionaires have got literally every tool you could imagine, and are always working to create more. Shopify


The Better Software Company

Simplify your small business with The Better Software Company’s completely integrated custom solutions. Purchase orders, inventory management, reporting, customer management, literally any small business issue you can think of, The Better Software Company is ready to roll out a custom solution that meets all your needs. The Better Software Company



The web is about to change forever. If you’ve ever tried to build a website by hand, then you know it’s one of the biggest pains out there. Learning code and design best-practices is time consuming, and difficult to master. PageCloud’s mission is to bring drag-and-drop web design and development to the customer’s fingertips. Instead of forcing their clients into pre-made templates, PageCloud has created a system that puts every aspect of your website’s creation into your hands. PageCloud



Disney recently awarded a leader in the mobile gaming space, Gigataur, licensing to produce Star Wars. It’s a ton of responsibility to make content for the most profitable movie brand in the world, and we’re honoured to have these major players in our city. With the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, guaranteed you will see one of their products on someone’s smartphone soon. Gigataur


Ross Video


A leader in video products and solutions for over 41 years, Ross video has the solution for any any project. With a portfolio including America’s Got Talent, New Jersey Devils and the UK Lottery, Ross has proven time and time again that they are second to none. Stand back and recognize the kings of Canada’s video R&D technology, as well as their acquired companies providing Graphic, Editing, and even Virtual Reality services. Ross Video


Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc


A wonderful new product created right here in Ottawa. The Rumifidier is a home humidifying device that simply sits over an existing air vent, improving the humidity in your home in an extremely inexpensive and efficient way. Eliminate that dry itchy skin from winter air, and feel other health benefits from the elimination of dust particles, at low cost with a sleek and trendy design. Founded in 2011 this product can now be found in Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, and even Costco. Rumidifier is truly one of the finest local success stories. Rumidifier


Dominion City Brewing Company


A labour of love from a team of close friends, these young guys have grown from a simple home-brewing kit to a full blown warehouse of hops and barley. Sample their products and you’ll see why they are a difference maker in the local brewing scene. Combining their craft expertise with community support, Dominion City Brewing is destined to be a name in Ottawa for generations. Dominion City Brewing Company


Shaw Centre


The crown jewel of downtown Ottawa. The Shaw Centre is the number one source in the city to ensure your event is unforgettable. This world-class convention center features three levels, and an enormous glass façade, designed to guarantee comfort and satisfaction for all types of events. Shaw Centre


You.i TV


Specialists in Apps for the TV viewing space. The gurus at You.I have built an engine to ensure any media company can quickly and easily build beautiful apps for use on the Television. Their portfolio includes Adobe, Rogers, Corus Entertainment, and Crackle. Expect to have an app based on the You.I engine in your home before you even notice. You.i TV


It’s been a wonderfully exciting year to grow along side all these proud Ottawa businesses. Congratulations to everyone, let’s keep our home city booming!



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