CanadaWheels Favourite Canadian Made Cars of 2015

CanadaWheels' Favourite Canadian Built Cars

Celebrate the best country in the world by driving some of the best cars in the world. Here’s a list of which Canadian built vehicle you can be excited about

Tomorrow is Canada Day

So we decided to change up our usual posts and make a quick top 5 for you all to enjoy. Most people don’t know how important Canadian manufacturing is to our economy and the great automotive lifestyle in which we live, so here’s a list of the Canadian built vehicles you can brag to all your friends about.

Number 5 – Lexus RX

Lexus RX Series

The Luxury SUV that started the trend of baller trucks, built right here in the true north.

The SUV that sparked a luxury revolution. Before the Lexus RX you had to either spend $100 Grand on a Land Rover or you were stuck with a Ford Expedition. The RX did a great job of bringing Canadians a semi-affordable luxury SUV that was not the price of a house. To this date they’re one of the most popular choices in its class and are built right here on home soil.


Number 4 – Dodge Charger Hellcat

Dodge Charger Hellcat

Dodge is on our list twice this year, mainly cause they’re bringing more horses than anyone else to the Canadian production party.

Oh Dodge, nobody does a better job at dropping ludicrous amounts of power into great big muscly cars. The Charger Hellcat is built in Brampton, Ontario. Oh and it’s got over SEVEN HUNDRED TIRE SHREDDING HORSES UNDER ITS BONNET. That’s Ferrari numbers, except instead of mama’s pasta sauce this thing bleeds maple syrup.


Number 3 – Chevrolet Camaro

The new Chevy Camaro

In 2016 the Camaro is getting a facelift and a some super-sweet performance upgrades. Tested in Germany, built right here.

The Camaro got a slick facelift and some serious performance upgrades, it should turn this transformer from a bumblebee into more of a hotrod. All that German engineering and it’s still built in Oshawa, strong and free! Can’t wait to fiddle around with the fitment on one of these babies.


Number 2 – Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Same power as the Charger, a whopping 707 Horses. Fearsome muscular styling, and oh lord those sexy intakes…

Alongside it’s little brother, the Challenger Hellcat is also built in Brampton, and what a terrifying beast it is. Old time muscle given power that would make even the greasiest old gearhead blush, with a sound that will give you nightmares. This thing represents the toughest and meanest Canadians can get… sorry about all the tire smoke… and saying we were mean…


Number 1 – Ford GT

Ford GT

Yes they’re making them here. Yes they are! Yes yes yes yes yes!

When this beast was announced everyone’s jaws dropped, and had to be surgically reattached. Then Canadians had to re-attach their jaws once again when they found out they’re building them here. Yes it’s true, the 2017 Ford GT, the machine that makes Ferrari owners clam up, and Lamborghini owners do a double-take, is being built in a “Toronto Area” plant. So yeah, brag and brag hard fellow Canucks; the best looking, sounding, and possibly performing supercar since the Huayra is Canadian. Excuse us while we sing the anthem, single-tear style.



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