It’s Canada Day 2019!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s our favourite holiday of the year! That’s right the day we celebrate all the most awesome things about Canada. Being a Canadian company ourself we take a ton of pride in all Canadian products. So this year we curated a short list of our most inspiration Canadian transportation products. Some of the best electric cars, RVs, UTVs, All Terrain Vehicles, and Custom Coaches are built right where we live! So without further ado, let’s take a moment to learn and get inspired by some homegrown legends!

Dynasty IT

Blue Dynasty IT4

This super cute little EV comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes! (source wikipedia)


This all Electric Compact Vehicle company was founded in 2001. They were truly pioneers in an industry that was just a dream in Elon Musk’s eyes. What they presented to the world was an affordable, short-range runabout that can be customized to meet any need. Simple 4+4 for small families? They can build one like that. Something with a truck bed for hauling? They can build that too! Though their HQ recently moved to Pakistan we know that their Canadian values, and dedication to quality. Cheers to Dynasty IT for making green vehicles more accessible to everyone!


Intermeccanica E-Roadster

Intermeccanica’s coachbuilt cars are an amazing high quality throwback. Their E-Roadster is also fully electric!


What is a Coachbuilder? Here’s the wiki definition, but to keep it simple, a Coachbuilder is a company that takes ordinary luxurious cars and turns them into super-unique one-off custom stars of the road! Popular Coachbuilders are companies like Zagato, Pininfarina, and Bertone just to name a few. You may have heard of their work in designing and building some of the most recognizable and exclusive vehicles in the world. What you may not know is that Canada has its own Coachbuilder, Intermeccanica.

Intermeccanica bases their projects off classic Porsche roadsters and spyders of vintage years, but in reality like any other Coachbuilder they can customize anything you want. To top that off, they also build the E-Roadster, which is a completely electric variant so you can keep the vintage looks, and lose the pollution! Or for the opposite end of the spectrum, they’ll modernize an old German military vehicle for personal use. Their standards are extremely high, and their product quality speaks for itself. If you’re someone wealthy enough to afford a custom coach, then Intermeccanica is your Canadian resource!


A pair of giant motorhomes

These road behemoths are custom build luxury travel battleships! Good enough for professional sports teams, celebrities, or even President Barack Obama!


When the President of the United States of America needs a tour bus, he calls up Canada and asks for a Prevost. That’s how Ground Force One was born! And with a customer like that, it’s no wonder why Prevost is one of the most sought after Coach Bus and RV manufacturers in the world. Their X3-45 has been utilized across a wide gamut of tasks, and you’ll likely see their badge on the highway from now on! They come in fleets, or in single luxury tourers, or even fully functioning Motorhomes so you can leave your house behind! With the highest standards for comfort, technology, and luxury, customers are always happy to board a Prevost.

Can-Am by BRP

A line of Can-Am offroad vehicles in a forest

If you know the great outdoors, you know Can-Am. Some of the top performing ATVs and UTVs in the world, there’s no better choice for some homegrown off-road performance.


A devision of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), Can-Am exists to help you rule the world around you. With a history that includes the invention of the Snowmobile, you can rest assured that Can-Am vehicles know one place well, the great outdoors. Need more convincing, check out their promo video for their upcoming line. #werebuiltforthis

If that wasn’t a good enough resume, Can-Am’s OnRoad Division can be seen on highways from coast to coast! The Can-Am Spyder is Canada’s best option for when you need three wheels on the road and the open air in your hair.


A couple in an urban area both riding Can-Am Spyders

The Can-Am Spyder is a staple on Canadian Highways and backroads. The ultimate three-wheel cruiser!


To complement the Spyder, Can-Am has also released the sportier Ryker. A match of performance and sleek design to compete with the sport rider market. We’re super excited to see this beast coming to local roads, and we welcome owners to contact us for a consultation on their wheels and tires! Watch more about Can-Am below!


Campagna Motors

Last but certainly not least on our list is Campagna Motors. Makers of the absolutely insane three-wheeled two-seater speed demon, The T-Rex. Founded in 1988 by Daniel Campagna, the story began with a dream to bring the exotic vehicle market to North America. Combining high-powered motorcycle engine with low-slung seats and sleek aerodynamics, the T-Rex will turn heads anywhere in the world.


Yellow Campagna Motors T-Rex

There’s no better way to get noticed in a Canadian made machine than in a Campagna T-Rex!


One of the main advantages to Campagna vehicles is that they also support 5-bolt wheels and tires suitable for cars. So we’re extremely proud to have supplied multiple sets of wheels and tires to our T-Rex and V13R customers, they look super hot with the Fast Wheels FC04!


2019 has been our best year, and that is why we decided to showcase other proud Canadian automotive brands. Our mission extends beyond just selling the best value wheels and tires in Canada. Rather, we want to push technology forward and improve the Canadian automotive industry and lift our entire country up as a whole.

CanadaWheels has always been proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated, and will always continue to be. We hope everyone has a happy, proud, and exciting Canada Day. Remember to keep our roads safe today and take public transit if you’ve had a few drinks. Cheers and Happy Canada Day!



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