Wheel Construction

Wheels are one of the critical component of your vehicles. Your wheels are the ones that take a lot of bashing on the road. We have already covered about steel wheel and alloy wheel and what is the difference between both. We have stated the facts for you so that you can weight the pros and cons and take a decision.

Over here we are going to cover various process involved in the creation of wheels.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels have two different portions, a center and a rim. The center of the steel wheel is a single part where you will see some sort of decorative hub pattern and holes for the lug nuts. The rim is totally a different part. Once the center is prepared it is then added to the rim. The rim is of a different piece of metal. The rim was made to fit around the center and provide the structure for it. The rims and centers are welded. Welding is the final stage of putting wheels together. Once this is done the wheels are then polished.

Alloy wheels

Unlike steel wheels there are various ways of producing alloy wheels. Few of them are:

1) Forging: Forging is considered as one of the best manufacturing method. During the process of creation silver billet of aluminum between the forging dies under and extreme pressure. The forged wheels are of excellent quality and strong. The forged wheels are expensive then wheels that were made through other processes.

2) One-piece Cast Wheels: Casting wheels is the most popular and affordable method of production of wheels. The difference of performance between cast and forged wheels is miniscule, though. The Casting of wheels is the process of getting molten aluminum inside a mold to form a wheel. There are different methods of casting two of them are:

a) Low pressure casting (LPDC): The most popular approved method of wheel manufacturing, low pressure casting, uses positive pressure to move the molten aluminum into the mold quicker and achieve a finished product that has improved mechanical properties (more dense) when compared to gravity cast wheels. Low pressure cast wheels are more priced then a gravity cast wheels.

b) Gravity casting (Permanent mold and sand casting): Gravity casting is the most simple method of pouring molten aluminum into a mold utilizing the earth’s gravity to fill the mold. The method is used for creating visually appealing wheels or when reducing weight is not a primary concern.

3) Multi-piece wheels: Multi-piece wheels is a method that is more geared towards creating special applications that elsewise would not be available through any other process of creation. In this method the rim sections are bolted to the center and a sealant is applied at the assembly area to seal the wheel.



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