Tire Seasons – All Season, Winter and Summer Tires

Seasonal Tires.

There are different types of weather. Each weather creates a different driving condition. In certain cases a typical all season tire will do but for some locations where the driving conditions are in extreme tires have to be created specifically to meet those needs. We will briefly discuss about the different types of tires and their characteristics so that you understand them.

All season tires

These are the standard issued tires that comes along with your car. These tires are made for year round driving conditions but should not be used under extreme winter conditions. All season tires are good enough to handle dry and wet performance levels. All season tires can handle snow tractions but in those areas where there is light winter weather.

Winter/Snow tires

Winter/snow tires as the name suggests they are built specifically for places where there is extreme weather condition. They are designed in a way that they will have better grip and performance on ice and snow. They are not meant for all round usage as the tire will not suit on other conditions and will give poor performance. Winter/snow tires have a Mountain Snow Flake marked on the sidewalls.

Summer tires

Summer tires are made specifically for summer conditions. Summer tires are high performance vehicles and provide good dry and wet performance levels in a temperate environment. They like all season tires can be used all year round, however, they are not meant to be used in extreme winter conditions.

All Terrain

All Terrain tires are made for off-road conditions. All terrain tires are designed to handle all the off-road conditions such as mud, dirt and rocks. All Terrain roads can be used for driving on the road, however, they are noisier than other tires because of their design.



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