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About Zeta

Zeta is a value brand from Asia, distributed by SD International since their purchase from Michelin Europe. Their mission is to produce affordable tires that compete with brands like Nankang, Farroad, and Sailun. Zeta’s tire products range from high performance tires for summer, to all-terrain and winter approved tires. They have DOT certified and reliable rubber compounds, known for their low noise and long lasting treads.

Zeta Radial SUV tires and M+S rated, so you know they will perform to an acceptable degree even in snowy and slippery conditions. Zeta A/T all-terrain tires come with the “Three Peak” Mountain symbol which makes them completely winter approved, and appropriate for places that have winter tire bylaws.

Zeta tires are a welcome addition to the Calgary farm truck, or the Montreal family van. They have a history of quality and performance without breaking a budget and will be a welcome home to your TPMS sensors.

If you have any other questions about Zeta tires, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 17 Reviews

Dry Performance

90.588235294118% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

92.941176470588% Complete (warning)


1440% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

98.823529411765% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

90.588235294118% Complete (warning)
  • Great consult!

    That's the place I was looking for exactly. Great customer service, polite employees, fast delivery and the most important is the best price I found in the market. Thanks for all counsel to choose the best rim and tire for my car. All appreciated guys.

    Written by Nima N Jun 06,2019

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  • Excellent snow and ice tire

    So far so good handling our Manitoba Winter.

    Written by Trevor Dec 30,2020

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  • Awesome service

    Awesome service! They answered all my questions very quickly and helped me with my order. The next day I had my tires delivered! Great company, would recommend to everyone. Thank you!

    Written by Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau Feb 05,2019

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  • Tires

    So far very satisfied, can't really rate tread where at this time as I have only had them for 1 month.

    Written by Paul Harrison Jun 17,2020

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  • Good bang for the buck

    Very soft tire

    Written by Robin Lawrence Aug 27,2020

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  • Tire

    Really great

    Written by Jonathan Chabot Aug 29,2020

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  • Zeta Tires

    Slick tires for the price.

    Written by Jonathan Sisangvone Apr 11,2020

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  • Amazing Tires

    Great tires!. Way better than the X-ice snows I had been running on for the past few years. The extra grip on ice and snow is very noticeable and fosters a warranted increase in grip confidence going into turns. They run well on the dry highway too - not too noisy. I guess the higher speed H rating has something to do with that. When you compare this tire with others, you will notice the rubber is a little softer - which give it better grip. Not sure how these will compare mileage wise with other snow tires but the I prefer to have better grip then longer mileage.

    Written by Mark Crowley Nov 28,2019

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  • Incredible price and shipping!

    I was looking for a set of these Zeta tires. Canadawheels was the best price I could find so I ordered. They were at my door 2 days later. Impressive!!

    Written by Todd Nesbitt Aug 20,2019

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  • Bang for your buck

    Very confortable ride, good tire

    Written by Vincent Milot Nov 21,2020

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  • Updated Review

    I have had these tires longer and wanted to give an updated review. I live in Nova Scotia and it's been a tough year (2020) for everyone. I was looking for a good quality affordable alternative for a maritime winter, and I am very impressed! I have driven with these tires in a couple of snow falls so far, and they handle well on Ice, slush and snow. I will be back!

    Written by John Collicott Dec 21,2020

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  • Quality Tire

    Overall a good quality tire especially for the price.

    Written by giorgio pennacchio Jan 31,2019

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  • So far so good

    Great winter boots so far on my 2016 dodge Challenger scat pac 392 up north in thunder Bay Canada. I have the Studded Zeta Antarctica Sports 245/45/20 Been my daily driver since Mid January so thats 2 solid months of winter driving. Yes you can in this car don't let anyone tell you different. Keep your foot out of it and don't be stupid. Heated seats and steer wheel, traction control, ABS, No slip rear end, Rust check...yup. Big smiles! Better than many cars and trucks 4x4 and otherwise that I have driven since 1982. Tires make a huge difference. Solid customer service and delivered quickly very happy thus far.

    Written by james claridge Mar 10,2020

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  • Tire review

    The tires are good value for money . I like their performance in snow.

    Written by Alex Paikada Dec 14,2019

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  • smooth and quiet tires

    performs just as well as any other tire but much better price. buy these tires you want be disappointed . good as Michelin tires.

    Written by Arch Noseworthy May 06,2020

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  • Put them to work the first day

    Drove on them 12 hours the first day...the first two hours were on snow and ice - tires did very well. When reached our destination, it rained for the first two days...the tires did admirably. Very pleased. We will see what the tread ware is like over the months to come.

    Written by Coleman Price Apr 27,2019

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  • Agréablement surprise!

    Jusqu’à present je n’est absolument a leurs reprocher! Une bonne grip et super silencieux

    Written by Sabrina Brunet Tassé Apr 11,2021

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