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About Steel / Acier

Sometimes these are what came on your car, other times Steel wheels are what you want as a cheap solution for your winter tires. We only sell top quality steel wheels, in all sizes and applications, all are winter approved, and we only ship steel wheels that are guaranteed to work on your car without issue.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a steel wheel is Hub-Centric or Not. This is why we developed the hub-centric filter which you can find on the left hand side your search results when you use our website. If you select a wheel that is not hub-centric to your vehicle, it should still work just fine, you only need to make sure your installer knows what they are doing, as they won’t be able to use your hub to centre their work. We also ensure that our steel wheels can support your OEM TPMS sensors.

Steel wheels are by far the most economic option for anyone, they are however, heavier than an alloy wheel. If you’re looking for new wheels that will actually boost your car’s performance, then we recommend going with an alloy wheel. The real advantage of purchasing a steel wheel is that they are inexpensive, so you can put your hard earned money to more productive use in your life.

We’ve sold steel wheels all over Canada, from the icy mountains around Vancouver, to the suburbs of Montreal, and everywhere in between. If you have any other questions about our Steel Wheel guarantees feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-453-4484 to find your fit!


Based on 5 ratings, 141 Reviews


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  • rims

    good value

    Written by gary richardson Nov 23,2021

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  • Good quality wheels at a decent price

    Wheels arrived as expected in perfect condition. Just installed them 2 weeks ago. No issues so far.

    Written by Michael Oetlinger Nov 22,2021

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  • Great Balance

    Bought 17" black wheels & Mazzini Snow Leopard tires from Canada Wheels for a 2018 Jeep Cherokee; their low price fit my budget & included shipping; the installation kit was not necessary. They arrived cross-country in 12 days, including a Loomis holiday. Most amazingly, mounting/balancing/install went smoothly and used only 3 oz. of weights on all 4 wheels! Canada Wheels provided prompt email and chat service on any questions I had. Totally satisfied.

    Written by Martin O\'Brien Nov 22,2021

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  • good


    Written by CHUN HUAN XU Nov 22,2021

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  • Rim for Impla

    Just what I needed and the price was right

    Written by Therese Brosseau Nov 22,2021

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  • Good quality, reasonable price.

    Wheels arrived on time and in perfect condition. Packaging was good. Quality was good for a discount steel wheel. Paint was nice and thick,not thin like you would expect. Mounted the tires up and that went normal. Tire assembly balanced fine. Fit was good. Canada Wheels was good to deal with, kept me informed through the whole process of purchase and shipping, regular updates. This was a smooth purchase and Canada Wheels is a great company to deal with .

    Written by Corey McConnell Nov 22,2021

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  • Good value

    Fits as described.

    Written by Jeffery Liu Nov 20,2021

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  • Winter Rims

    A good basic black winter steel rim that suits my needs, perfect fit.

    Written by Mark Liljalehto Nov 18,2021

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  • As advertised

    All specs matched the rims delivered, which was my main concern. Ordered the black steel rims nothing fancy.

    Written by siddharth oli Nov 18,2021

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  • Rims

    Great service would highly recommend

    Written by Stacy Mackenzie Nov 17,2021

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  • Gloss Black Rims

    Very pleased with these rims. Convenient ordering and delivery. Just had them installed today with my winter tires.27412

    Written by James Dewis Nov 15,2021

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  • steel wheels

    The service was excellent and I'd recommend it to anyone.

    Written by Douglas Woods Nov 12,2021

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    Written by calogero agusta Nov 09,2021

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  • 2017 micra

    Perfect fit and no quality issues with after market rims. Original nuts also fit so you don't need extra lug nuts.

    Written by Tom Chen Nov 08,2021

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  • Perfect

    Perfect fit and very quick shipping

    Written by Terry Coleman Nov 08,2021

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  • Great service

    Good place to shop for tires and rims

    Written by Keith Readner Oct 30,2021

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  • Thank you

    Better price than I could get locally, great design, fast delivery!

    Written by Graham Chamberlain Oct 13,2021

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  • Steel Rim

    Rim as advertised. arrived on time and was a perfect fit.

    Written by mary lou best Sep 03,2021

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  • Steel wheels

    Satisfied all the way except it would of been nice to let the customer know that sometime the delivery don't always come in one shipment.

    Written by josee daraiche Aug 29,2021

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  • Great website, fast delivery.

    Order process worked well for me. Also appreciate that I did not have to create an account for a one time purchase.

    Written by victor groening Jul 06,2021

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  • Great Buy

    Great Product

    Written by Tim Wheeler Jun 19,2021

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    awesome winter wheels and priced right

    Written by Eugene Beauchamp Jun 04,2021

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  • Très bon achat

    Qualité et bonne dimentions très satisfait pas erreur de model

    Written by yvan soucy May 23,2021

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  • Rim

    It’s ok

    Written by Tavinder Jhita May 21,2021

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  • Would recommend

    They are great. No complaints from me. Relatively fast shipping, considering all that is going on right now.

    Written by Meaghan Vieira May 10,2021

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  • Speedy delivery at good price

    There was a super bump that caused a small problem, but once ground off and reinstalled all seems well.

    Written by Eva Webb May 10,2021

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  • The New Rims

    Recently changed from winter to summer tires with the new rims .They fit perfect. Great

    Written by Robert Janozeski May 10,2021

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  • Comments for 4 wheels of Toyota Echo 2005

    Thanks for fast delivery, good packing! The wheels are perfectly match my car’s tires!

    Written by NUONG PHAN Mar 30,2021

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  • Roue d'acier

    Le produit est arrivée à temps et les dimensions sont compatible avec le véhicule

    Written by Carol Mar 26,2021

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  • Steel wheels

    Very happy with the quality of service and product. Best of all, my wheels arrived just a few days after I ordered. Customer service was excellent, very polite and helpful.

    Written by William Khoo Mar 23,2021

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  • Worked as said

    Thanks guys/gals at Canadawheels. These rime bolted right up as said, only comment is they are 2mm or less away from the front brake caliper. That said they haven't touched.

    Written by Peter Beliveau Feb 27,2021

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  • Great Service

    We got what we ordered in a timely fashion and with ease I would definitely recommend others too this company Thanks!!

    Written by Kelvin Campbell Feb 01,2021

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  • So far, so good!

    I just picked up steel rims for my winter tires and these are doing the trick so far. I was impressed with how quick the shipping was. I was waiting for an email with shipping details, and a few days later they were at my door.

    Written by Nathan Chiu Dec 31,2020

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  • Great Service!

    Love this website! Recommending it to everyone. My rims came one day after it said shipped even during covid December which is a miracle. All rims were packaged in separate boxes which made it easy to move them into my car and also avoided wasteful packaging. Free delivery!!!! What's not to love? Website is easy to navigate and very helpful in finding the right set for your car. The information for each rim is detailed about wheel size offset etc. I used these cheap steel rims for my winter tires and they so far have been super quiet and beautiful to drive. Very satisfied.

    Written by Liv Dec 30,2020

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  • Happy Purchaser

    Despite this being a very early review, I am very happy with this purchase, and the customer experience.

    Written by Akkim Taylor Dec 30,2020

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  • good price

    Lowe good service

    Written by cosimo balice Dec 30,2020

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  • Winter wheels

    Installed on 2017 Kia Sorento LX with winter tires.

    Written by Michael Laudenbach Dec 30,2020

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  • snow tire rims

    timely delivery and fair price. Also really like the rim matching system as the fit was perfect to the 2012 Malibu. thank you!

    Written by paul kolisnyk Dec 27,2020

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  • steel rims

    totally satisfied with the quick service and a quality product

    Written by David Kelly Dec 21,2020

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  • Great product

    Does the job well

    Written by Alexandra Chaber Dec 19,2020

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  • Work great so far!

    Happy with tires. Good price. Likely buy here next time.

    Written by Paul Desormeaux Dec 07,2020

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  • Looks good

    Overall experience was good. I bought the tires and rims. Delivery was fast but I was not notified of the tracking number. Time will tell about the quality of the paint.

    Written by Mina Hanna Dec 07,2020

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  • Definitely good winter rims with low cost

    Definitely good rims. Really surprised me when it is delivered. I ordered 205/50R17 for my Subaru Impreza sedan, it comes different from what is shown on the website, they are not very common winter steel rims with small holes, they are really stylish and looks premium. I think the exact rims vary with different size you need. I took them to costco and they put the winter tires on these rims and installed on my car just charged extra 15 dollars for installation. Looks so good on my car, never looks like cheap and basic winter rims.

    Written by Shan He Dec 04,2020

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  • Great service, good price, pretty quick delivery to BC

    Online service, options for my vehicle and response by email all excellent. I was surprised to get this rim delivered this fast given the timing.

    Written by David hale Nov 30,2020

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  • Don’t match

    Hello, the wheels that I received don’t match. There are more air slots on the front. I have tried contacting your costumer service numerous times. Get put on hold then get disconnected 10 minutes later. Your company obviously doesn’t value my time. Very unfortunate as I own numerous vehicles, which I like to update wheels on from time to time. I guess I will continue to shop local and pay more. If you find time to contact me please do. Brad at 250-808-7966

    Written by Emily Beagle Nov 30,2020

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  • Exactly as ordered

    Great deal to get me through the winter!

    Written by Jason Brown Nov 30,2020

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  • Steel Winter Wheels

    The wheels for were fine once installed, but two were very dented along the bead... Common guys, this wasn't necessary... I was lucky that they didn't leak. Overall once balanced they're great. It's a bonus having hub-centric steelies.

    Written by Sebastian Nadelle Nov 25,2020

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  • rims&tires

    Great job, guys! Fast and not too expensive! Thank you!

    Written by FLORIN IORDACHE Nov 22,2020

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  • Great wheels at a great price

    Wheels are exactly what I wanted. Customer service was great!

    Written by D Williamson Nov 21,2020

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  • Great quality

    Perfect fit and way much better look than regular steel wheels for winter tires.

    Written by Pierre Denis Nov 21,2020

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  • Exactly what I expected

    They are heavy and fairly plain, but that's exactly what I expected. Super impressed with the price and the quick shipping! Overall very happy with our purchase.

    Written by DawnC Nov 19,2020

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  • Satisfied

    Very happy with the product

    Written by Valerie Chiasson Nov 19,2020

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  • fast shipping & good quality

    I received the rims within 3 days of ordering them. good quality for the price

    Written by Malak Khalaf Nov 19,2020

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  • Rims

    Works perfectly

    Written by Eric Hozleiter Nov 14,2020

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  • Soft (apparently) steel

    Three of the four wheels that arrived were bent. It looked as though the boxes in which the wheels were packed had been bumped or perhaps dropped. The steel from which these wheels are made appears to be abnormally soft. This may just be my impression, based on the damaged wheels, but I think it worth noting. To the credit of CanadaWheels, they replaced the 3 bent wheels promptly. They are a perfect fit for the car. They required very little weighting to get them accurately balanced. This points to a fairly accurate and rigorous manufacturing and quality control process, I would think.

    Written by Karl Koch Nov 14,2020

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  • Winter Steel RIMs at the first the Kia Soul

    I bought for my daughters 2016 Kia Soul and some new winter tires. The installed wheels look good and will serve her well over the winter months.

    Written by Clinton Work Nov 13,2020

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  • Steel winter rims

    The first thing I noticed was that the rims where genuine OEM rims made in the USA. NOT China. The quality was there all at a price that was at least $10 each less than any competitor. Great!

    Written by Lane Winsor Nov 03,2020

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  • Great Value, Fast Delivery

    Excellent delivery and perfect fit!

    Written by Mike Frizzell Nov 03,2020

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  • Winter Rims

    Exactly as advertised. No issue with tire installation and they fit perfectly on the vehicle. Very good value!

    Written by Bradley Nov 02,2020

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  • Great Service, Great Tires!

    The service was friendly and prompt, didn't take long at all to receive my tires and rims. Tires and rims are great quality, look great and easy to install! Thanks CanadaWheels

    Written by Kayla Delangis Oct 28,2020

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  • Not black

    Good quality fit great not even close to black

    Written by cory wilson Oct 24,2020

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  • Steel Winter wheels

    Very pleased with how fast I received the wheels, good quick service. Most of the boxes the wheels came in were destroyed from rough handling. Good thing they are just for winter wheels. The wheels were not damaged however. The finish looks decent. I have not yet installed them. That’ll be next week. Waiting in sensors. Hope the finish withstands the salty roads.

    Written by Ron Prevost Oct 24,2020

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  • Good Value Excellent Service

    The wheels arrived very promptly and several questions I had before ordering were answered quickly. All were as ordered. I have tires mounted now on them but not yet installed but I did confirm they fit before mounting. Am waiting for the snow to get closer .The only thing I thought based on past experience was that I think the paint is a little too thin to resist the high salt levels on our roads. This is similar to other steel rims I have previously used, that I find always rust too easily. Because of this I have put another coat of paint on them. using Tremclad Black, solvent based rust resistant paint . Hopefully this will help them stand up better as I expect to use these for several years.

    Written by Peter Pearce Oct 15,2020

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  • Ideal Replacement

    Replaced my original Ford rims with these for winter tires ... great price and fast shipping!

    Written by Corey Humenaj Oct 14,2020

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  • Two thumbs up

    Quality winter rims at a fair price. Shipping was fast. Very satisfied.

    Written by Camille Odenbach Oct 10,2020

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  • Big strong wheels

    Wow! What strong steel wheels. They allow my car to move forward when the engine goes vroom vroom. Wowowowow Let's be wheel, steel wheels are ugly af but these ones are beautiful because they fit on MY automobile. Put some nice wheel covers on these bad boys and everybody is going to be swooning over your car. Wow so responsible with these strong steel wheels your significant other will say.

    Written by Mathieu Nobert Sep 29,2020

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  • 20" rims

    Best deal for 20" rims for my snow tires

    Written by James Byers Sep 03,2020

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  • Bonne roue pour le prix!

    Bon rapport qualité prix

    Written by Serge Couture Jun 17,2020

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    purchased these wheels and had quick FREE delivery

    Written by DENNIS BARAGAR Jun 17,2020

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  • Good wheels for my second set of winter tires

    Recently mounted my winter tires on these rims so I haven’t tried them yet on the vehicle but it will be nice just to change the wheels out come winter instead of paying to change the rubber twice a year on the oem wheels

    Written by Chad Giraudier Jun 16,2020

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  • great quality steel wheel

    Super fast shipping and the best price by far for a great quality steel wheel

    Written by Christopher Ford Jun 15,2020

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  • Perfect

    Loved the simplicity and the price for the set. Couldn’t have purchased from a better vendor.

    Written by Jose Mendoza Jun 15,2020

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  • Steel Rims

    Very happy with the service. Delivered on time and in good shape as per the advertising.

    Written by John Richter May 22,2020

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  • Good set

    I put a set of these simple rims on my civic as my summer set. Good price, good quality, no complaints.

    Written by Jordan Crawford Apr 13,2020

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  • Steel rims

    Very pleased with the product, the shipping and cost

    Written by Roger Pichette Apr 09,2020

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  • Steel / Acier Premium Black

    Simple plain black steel rims. About as you would expect. Website provides all necessary information about size and center bore so you know you are getting exactly what you need and whether they will fit or not.

    Written by Matthew Vincent Mar 20,2020

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  • Wheels for 2017 Jetta

    Very good technical support

    Written by Reinhard Rosch Mar 17,2020

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  • Great deal

    Good product, we'll see first winter. Fast delivery.

    Written by Costel Suna Mar 17,2020

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  • A great company to deal with

    This wheel was a replacement for one of four that was shipped in error. Mistakes happen and the original miss-ship of one wheel was an easy mistake to make with only a minor difference to the other three. What matters to me is how well Canada wheels followed up on the error even though I did not discover it until long after they shipped it to me. They went out of their way to resolve the issue and searched out a matching wheel for me, then followed up by phone and e-mail to insure that they had fixed the problem. The exemplary service I received when I discovered the issue was refreshing. Great people to deal with.

    Written by Lee Battiston Mar 16,2020

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  • Great transaction

    These rims fit my Sprinter exactly and they look better than the OEM rims. Delivery was unbelievably fast! Best prices I could find.

    Written by David Phillips Mar 16,2020

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  • Exactly What Needed

    Purchased Rims for 2010 Ford Ranger, only place I could find in stock, price seemed pretty good, shipping was quick. Overall, nothing special about rims, for use in the winter, quality was standard compared to other steel rims I have purchased.

    Written by Chris Mar 12,2020

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  • Good winter rims

    Rims fit as advertised. Order arrived before expected delivery date. Excellent service

    Written by Bret Neal Mar 09,2020

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  • Great Value

    I needed a new set of steel rims for winter tires. This was the cheapest price I found anywhere online for the size. Fit my 2010 Nissan Versa perfectly and no issues all winter. Great deal. Would highly recommend!

    Written by Daniel Beatty Mar 07,2020

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  • Super fast shipping + gr8 price

    Couldn't believe it when the rims showed up only 24 hrs after i ordered!! Exactly what was advertised. Great fitment. Good quality. Best price on the web!

    Written by Sharon Penny Mar 07,2020

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  • Purchased on behalf of account holder

    I purchased these for the car I bought my mother. They arrived fast, as described. The price was great, and so far they are handling well. Would buy again from this seller.

    Written by Michelle Stover Feb 23,2020

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  • Work great for Ford Ecosport

    Perfect fit for 2018 Ecosport.

    Written by Todd Harris Feb 16,2020

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  • Good quality wheels for a low price

    I like these wheels because they fit perfectly in my 2012 Chevrolet Orlando and they look good. I bought them for my winter tires therefore didn't want to spend too much money on them.

    Written by Alexander Ruscio Feb 10,2020

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  • Great value

    Nothing special, just solid rims for a great value.

    Written by Matthew Sanche Dec 26,2019

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  • Review

    Arrived on time, fitted to the vehicle as stated

    Written by Sandeep Parajuli Dec 25,2019

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  • Exactly what I needed

    Came far faster than I expected and fit perfectly. Not 1 complaint, will definitely do business with canadawheels in the future.

    Written by Carey Roth Dec 23,2019

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  • Rims 3 out of 4

    One wheel was not able to be balanced but the garage did their best. Said the rim was bad as they added 4 weights to the rim and said I might experience some vibration so I should install that tire on the rear of truck. I would have returned it but the vehicle had an immediate trip to make. So far tire vibration is not noticeable but tire mass at 265/75R/16 probably mitigates the imbalance. Guess I'll know more once I try rotating wheel to the front.

    Written by Craig Shannon Dec 23,2019

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  • ,


    Written by Julien Goguen Dec 23,2019

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  • Great

    This is very good my Nissan Murano perfect fit.

    Written by NGUN NEI IANG Dec 16,2019

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  • very good

    heavy steel ,

    Written by jim tricco Dec 16,2019

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  • Great buy

    I needed a set of rims for my car. The ones that Canadian Tire tried to sell me had the wrong bolt pattern listed, so I turned here. The wheels are cheaper than what you can find on Canadian Tire, and as far as I can tell, there's nothing wrong with them. They arrived quickly (within a week of me ordering) and fit my tires and the car perfectly. I drive a 2007 Toyota Yaris, and these wheels come with the exact dimensions (bolt pattern, width, diameter, center bore, etc) for the car. Would recommend to anyone who needs to buy rims for their car.

    Written by Justin Dec 15,2019

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  • 2 of 4 wheels were bent

    Order came quickly and the price was right but you get what you pay for. 2 of 4 wheels had a bent in the barrel and the tire shop was unable to balance properly. Put them on the back of the car and does cause a lot of vibration on the highway.

    Written by Chris Sloan Dec 14,2019

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  • Winter rims

    Purchased steel rims for winter tires,what can I say they fit the SUV and the price was the best on line

    Written by Thomas Knott Dec 13,2019

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  • 3 parts but good looking

    those are 3 parts mags which makes them weak and cheap. i was expecting it but couldnt see on the picture. they were not coming with valve which I had to buy and no center cap. You get exactly what you pay for. the minimum

    Written by Olivier Mayeu Dec 09,2019

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  • Good wheels

    Nice wheels.Nothing special but will be good for winter tires. Arrived very quickly!

    Written by Allan Grosvenor Dec 09,2019

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  • A


    Written by alexandra Hurtubise Dec 08,2019

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  • Winter wheels

    Perfect! A lot nicer than I expected!

    Written by Zare Gurarslan Dec 07,2019

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  • Steel Wheels

    Perfect fit. No issues.

    Written by Keith Richards Dec 06,2019

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  • Great

    Very happy fast simple shipping weep packaged

    Written by Gary McGee Dec 04,2019

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  • Satisfied customer

    Very satisfied with the purchase. Fits perfect for the vehicle I needed it for as winter wheels. Fast delivery. I would likely look at Canada Wheels again if I am looking for another set of rims.

    Written by Bob Dec 02,2019

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  • Did the job but they came bent

    Rims were great value. Shipping was quick and overall the experience was good. They did come bent though. That wasn’t great as my mechanic had to hammer them into shape. It was easy enough, but new rims shouldn’t come that way. It’s not cool.

    Written by Steve Wishko Nov 30,2019

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  • good value.

    fast shipping. exactly same as the factory rims I got with the truck. will use for winter tires with no sensors

    Written by peter hinkson Nov 30,2019

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  • Winter wheels

    They realy look good

    Written by Gary Hassan Nov 28,2019

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  • great rims

    rims were very affordable and they are stylish. My mechanic installed them onto my winter tires without any problems

    Written by Jillian Liberty Nov 28,2019

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  • winter rims

    effective winter tire rims...just wish wheels and tires came from same spot so that they could have been delivered mounted and balanced

    Written by Michael Bromley Nov 25,2019

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  • Winter Rims

    Basic winter rims of good solid quality. Would have preferred black but they were not available Delivered quickly to my front door. The whole process simple and efficient.

    Written by Richard Allum Nov 23,2019

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  • Great Value

    Great price for steel rims and they came very quickly. Easy to install and look great. I'm definitely buying my next set tires/wheels from here.

    Written by TD Nov 23,2019

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  • Great rims

    Great rims that came quickly and well packed and great price got them on sale. Thanks

    Written by Michelle Mleczko Nov 22,2019

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  • good winter wheels

    very happy with our purchase

    Written by Wayne Mews Nov 19,2019

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  • Great customer service

    One of the wheels had a manufacturing defect, and the replacement was sent right away, after I documented the issue by video/photo, even before I sent the defective one back. Product issues happen, and customer support was very effective. Keep up the good work!

    Written by Peter Cheng Nov 17,2019

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  • Steel wheels

    Good cheap wheel. Didn't expect a great deal at that price, so was pleasantly surprised. I was surprised to find 50 lbs. of air in each tire when I received them.

    Written by Thor Frohn-Nielsen Nov 17,2019

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  • Good

    Overall a good wheel

    Written by Randy Hurley Nov 16,2019

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  • Convenient

    This was the most affordable "winter" option I could find for an oddball size. Thanks for being here for me!

    Written by Scott Peace Nov 16,2019

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  • Marvellous

    Top Notch outfit!

    Written by Gary Tomasta Nov 16,2019

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  • Great Value

    Shipped quickly, fits on my vehicle. Great for winter wheels.

    Written by Ash Nov 11,2019

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  • Good price, good service, good product

    I initially shopped around Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, etc., but none of them could do an exact match for my vehicle (their rims would have required a fit kit at extra charge). Found these rims online for less than the big-box stores were charging, and the fit was exact. I called their phone centre, and they picked up the call immediately and double-checked to confirm the fit for me before I ordered (diameter, bolt pattern, offset, etc.). Plus, the price included delivery to my door within a couple of days. Can't beat that. The rims are basic steel winters, but the quality is exactly what you'd get from the mainstream tire shops, and the price, service and convenience were excellent.

    Written by Ian Johnson Nov 09,2019

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  • Perfect fit

    Very good quality. Time will tell if it will stand the test of time. Very happy with this purchase.

    Written by Sylvain Croussette Nov 07,2019

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  • They fit and look good. Guys at canadawheels assured me these were the right fit.

    Happy with my purchase.

    Written by tom couch Nov 04,2019

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  • Winter rims

    There winter rims! They work for me. Price is ok, comparable with Canadian tire

    Written by albert martin Nov 04,2019

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  • F150 17 inch rims

    Excellent value for the money and fast delivery.

    Written by brian brand Nov 03,2019

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  • Recommending

    Shipping was prompt!

    Written by Wayne Barrowcliffe Nov 02,2019

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  • Item as described.

    Good service, items arrived quick and as described. These are black steel wheels for winter tires. They fit and they work! I down sized my rims for the 2015 forester XT from 18 inch to 17 inch and these clear the brakes fine. Hub centric and factory lug nuts worked. First time ordering wheels, will order some nice alloy wheels from them again given positive experience.

    Written by Gary Chow Oct 31,2019

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  • Wheel

    It is exactly what I was looking for.

    Written by Hugh Lockwood Oct 31,2019

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  • Good Winter Wheels

    Fast Delivery.. whoa !!

    Written by Dave McGuire Oct 31,2019

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  • great price, fast shipping

    got exactly what i needed, fast and for a good price. and its Canadian.!

    Written by karalee heppner Oct 30,2019

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  • Normal good winter rims

    Good steel rims for winter use. I found nothing wrong with them so far. A couple of season will show more.

    Written by Maksym Stepanenko Oct 27,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Amazing product

    Got my rims super fast delivery and amazing product I will be telling everyone

    Written by Michelle Bliss Oct 26,2019

    Is this useful?

  • good wheel

    They are good steel wheel.

    Written by Alex. Jun 19,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Great Delivery

    Good Selection

    Written by Miro S Jun 04,2019

    Is this useful?

  • Ultra fast shipping

    Would like to give a 5-star review. Ordered a winter wheel set for both my 16 Honda Civic and 13 Nissan Murano. Both sets were delivered within 3 business days. No damage, and ultra fast shipping to Red Deer Alberta. I'll be recommending to my friends and family.

    Written by ‎Mandeep Parmar‎ Jan 31,2019

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  • Easy and quick process

    Thanks Canada Wheels ! The process was quick and easy Good the go the winter!

    Written by Chuck Williams‎ Jan 31,2019

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  • Prompt service

    Thanks to the crew at Canada Wheels for supplying me with some much-needed winter tires/wheels. Their service was prompt, and the order process was a breeze. The tires are fantastic, too! Special thanks to Clinton, Saleh, and VIP Autocare for your outstanding customer service. I'll be recommending you to friends and family.

    Written by Chris Girard‎ Jan 30,2019

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  • Best experience

    It was one my best experiences in shopping something which I don't have enough knowledge about. They explained everything about possible solutions for my car and gave me lots of information about different choices. I recommend CanadaWheels to my friends and family. Thank you CanadaWheels

    Written by Majid Akbari Jan 29,2019

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  • Heavy duty

    High price but are heavy duty.

    Written by Gary Rooney Jan 21,2019

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  • Great quality

    Bought a set of winter tires four years ago and a set of rims and tires last year. Impressive customer service, amazing price, fast delivery and great quality. Highly recommended.

    Written by Fraidoun Tavakoli Jan 18,2019

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  • Winter Tires Package

    Thanks for the smooth delivery, cheers to the founder and my friend Mr. Saleh!

    Written by Kaveh Arami Rezaei Dec 13,2018

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  • The customer was very happy with the tires and wheels.

    As I said the customer was very happy with the tires and wheels. The only problem was the lug nuts never showed up. I told the customer that when they do I would get them to him.

    Written by Peter Kyte Nov 27,2018

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