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About Nitto

Nitto tires are for the enthusiast, built with stunning looks and outstanding performance, from the Toyo family of brands. After partnering with Toyo in 1976, Nitto Tire has been devoted to providing the best driving experience possible, and their reputation speaks for itself. The Nitto we know and love today, started in 1993, and you can actually read all about it in their comic book! Their drive to innovate and experiment is evident even in just that fact, they chose to tell their story with action comics. If there’s one moral to that story, it’s that Nitto is driven to deliver one thing, Extreme Performance.

Nitto can provide tires for your daily driver that provide great results, just look towards the Invo and Motivo lines when shopping for your Accord or Camry. For increased performance on and off the track, you can shop the NT555 line for a road legal way to really impress in your M3 or S4. Looking to upgrade your off-road package? Check out the Grappler line, with Dura for highway driving, Dune for off-road, and Mud Grappler for the most extreme truck tire available. Whether it’s going on a Ford, Chevy, Jeep, or Ram, the Nitto Grappler will help you turn heads. Nitto even has a winter line for those snowy months, check out the NT90W for when you want trusted performance on the ice and slush.

Nitto’s products can truly extend to anywhere in Canada, and we’re happy to offer Free Shipping almost anywhere. Customers from Calgary can speed off to the Rockies with confidence, and executives from Vancouver and Toronto love Nitto on their supercars. There’s even comfortable all-seasons for customers from the suburbs of Montreal. Truly Summer, Winter, and everything in between, Nitto’s devotion to Extreme performance shows.

If you have any other questions about Nitto tires, we invite you to contact us, our pros would be happy to assist you.


Based on 5 ratings, 4 Reviews

Dry Performance

100% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

80% Complete (warning)


380% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

80% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

85% Complete (warning)
  • Awesome tire on wet/dry pavement and snow

    On dry pavement the tire sticks to the road and is great for spirited driving. I wasn't expecting much in the snow but they out preform my other Firestone all season tires and feel closer to my wife's snow tires. The tire is unfazed by rain and has a cool looking tread pattern.

    Written by Brendon Kearney Jan 13,2020

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  • Great looking tire!

    When you put these on they will turn heads on the road. As for performance they are ok...

    Written by Brandon Gregg Mar 07,2020

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  • Ridge Grapplers

    Extremely happy and satisfied with them. Surprisingly stable and quiet on pavement and not bad on snow.

    Written by Kenji Nakamoto Mar 21,2020

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  • Great worth the money

    Great tires only had them on 2 weeks but none the less, comfortable ride not much noisier than the stockers, well when off road couple times while pulling my trailer, very satisfied.

    Written by victor oliveira Apr 03,2020

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