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Montreal Winter Tires

Canada Wheels has the ultimate tire solution for car enthusiasts in Montreal wanting to have a smooth driving experience on snow covered highways. In fact, these tires are engineered to overcome slush, frost, ice and similar winter challenges as well, to provide you a joyride even in these extreme and challenging conditions.

 Our Montreal winter tires will showcase the products that use advanced level traction engineering for a better grip on slippery surface.  In addition, it allows you to have an enhanced performance level while digging, braking, or maintaining a powerful traction force in freezing temperature conditions. Being a specialist at winter driving, we make sure that your loved vehicle gets the tire that has got years of research and advanced technology behind it.

Each of the snow tires we offer from our Montreal outlet is tried and tested to ensure about its fitness to perform in specific territories and conditions. We have the winter tire package to meet diversified demands, whether it is for your luxurious MUVs, or off road trucks, or any other four wheelers.

Typical features of the Montreal winter tires

·Optimized speed rating for snowy roads and driveways

·Usage of high quality and dense polymeric compounds that wear and tear in an evenly pattern, thereby making sure about maintenance of excellent traction

·Narrow and thin tread pattern that increases traction on frosty highways

·The material of construction incorporates crushed walnut to foster biting and digging on ice-packed surfaces

·Outer tread surface host dimple like designs for better resistance and traction, in order to roll the tire through deep snow surface without difficulty

Canada Wheels recommends you to purchase a set of four winter tires, instead of two. Usage of two different tire varieties can be risky, and we advise you to use four identical tires while driving in snowfall. For further technical assistance and installation of snow tires, head to our Montreal unit, can find us online, or ring up at 1-800-453-4484. Winter’s not too far way, be prepared.