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About Lexus Wheels

In the early 1980s Toyota had taken notice of the Luxury lines their competitors (Honda, and Nissan) had launched. In response they set about making their own luxury vehicle, but not just a regular model with advanced trimmings. Instead Toyota created what has become Japan’s flagship luxury vehicle, the LS400. With a powerful V8, rear wheel drive, and a technologically formidable suspension, Toyota had built a commanding road yacht with a ride that rated higher than even Mercedes-Benz or BMW at the time. From the LS400’s legacy came the brand we know now as Lexus, and it put Japan on the map as an industry leader in quality, reliability, and comfort.

After the tremors within the foundations of Luxury performance vehicles settled, Lexus’ presence in the world could not be denied. Most of their adopters had been Lincoln or Cadillac owners, and using the demographic as their inspiration, Lexus proceeded to launch one of the highest rated luxury SUVs of all time, the RX series. This new product, along with their current catalogue consisting of the ES300, SC400, and GS300 meant that now Lexus had a library of upscale vehicles for the successful family to choose from.

As the world crested the year 2000s, Lexus used its foothold in the automotive markets to push sustainable technology forward, and become one of the world’s first developers of hybrid technology. This practice would prove more forward facing than many had thought and would keep the company ahead of its competitors through the 2008 economic crisis. So much so in fact that Lexus would take a stab at the exotic sports coupe market, and develop the legendary LFA. Using a V10 engine carved from Toyota’s Formula 1 program, this long-nosed speed banshee would make its way to bedroom pinups and the garages of only the most exclusive buyers. Their cars would also make their way into the tuner markets, spawning many impressive designs of wheels and fitments.

Today Lexus continues to satisfy customers all across North America, their SUV lineup has grown to include the nimble UX and NX lines, along with the spacious of captivating GX and LX series. All of which can keep you in the lap of luxury and are still truly capable when the wheels hit the off road. The IS, RC, and LC sports lines have expanded their catalogue of cars, and garner more positive reviews and awards every year. You can find any Lexus riding around your city these days, in summer and winter. All of this cements the truth, that Lexus will be on people’s recommendation list for generations to come.

Lexus was developed from a competitive spirit, and a passion for quality. Those same traits are used as inspiration here at CanadaWheels, when each and every customer places their order. At CanadaWheels, we are committed to bringing all sorts of customers the optimal buying experience for their wheels, tires, parts, and accessories. In the same way that drivers have come to trust Lexus, so can they trust us to provide a hands on experience, that is efficient, affordable, and still loaded with passion for the road.

If you ever have a special request for your Lexus, and you can’t find it within CanadaWheels’ inventory, we invite you to contact us. Our pros are always standing by during business hours to answer any questions you may have.

Give your vehicle the treatment it deserves, through CanadaWheels’ award winning fulfillment and support network, the Lexus of your dreams is possible. Take control of your car’s wheel buying experience, and let us at CanadaWheels guide you into an optimized package that will meet your needs and keep your driving experience positive for years to come.

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