Wheel Maintenance – How to Clean Alloy Wheels?

There is nothing as new and shiny rims on your car. It accents your vehicle splendidly. However, the rims are often the dirtiest part of your car as it constantly gets exposed to the dirt. Here are the tips on “how to clean your alloy wheels?” that can help you keep your rims spick and span for a long time.

  • Always use a mild soap and water solution on your alloy wheels. Do not ever use a tar, household cleaners, detergent, steel wool pads, aluminum wheel polish, tire cleaners, etc.
  • Avoid steam cleaners at all cost in automatic car washes as it will only dull the paint and clearcoat finish. Some of them use acid cleaners or stiff brushes which is harmful for alloy wheels. If you have a wheel with low profile tires than please note that it can be damaged by the metal tracks.
  • Don’t ever clean hot wheels wait for them to cool down. If you clean wheels when they are hot they might end up with spots or a film of soap.
  • Clean one wheel at a time and clean it first. You may want to full strength of water hose to reach to the unreachable part where the dust particles may have settled.
  • A coat of soft paste style wax should be applied on wheels after they are clean and dry. This ensures longevity of the finish.

Wheel Check

If you have installed the wheels and are on roads, look for any sort of vibration or pulling symptom. If you find any then you must check wheels. They might be damaged.



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