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About Goodyear

From Antarctica to The Moon, Goodyear tires have been there and done that. Since their first envoy into automobile tires in 1899, Goodyear has been a leader in the industry. No matter the season, you can count on Goodyear to arrive first at the finish line. Need to win on the track? Goodyear has been a mainstay at the Indy 500, and has over 1000 Nascar cup victories under its belt. Want safety in winter? The Goodyear Ultra Grip series will help you through the ice and snow. Need something long lasting? Goodyear has some of the longest treadlife warranties in the world. Commercial Vehicle? Easy. ATV? They do it too. Goodyear Tires, the most ubiquitous tire brand there is.

For more than 120 years, Goodyear has been devoted to developing superior rubber technology. When you’re shopping for Goodyear, you’re looking into the original tire, named after the inventor of vulcanized rubber Charles Goodyear. With a heritage as deep as rubber itself, Goodyear can be found anywhere a tire is involved, and compete with the largest manufacturers on earth like Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, and Michelin.

Names like Eagle F1, Wrangler, Ultra Grip, and Duratrac ring through car and truck communities with great reviews. Goodyear tires can even be found as OEM on automotive legends like the Corvette, or Jeep Wrangler. Their reputation combined with their great warranty and rebates solidify Goodyear as a top performer for any tire purchase.

Goodyear’s rich heritage and dedication to performance means that your vehicle will excel when using their products. Whether you’re cruising the streets of Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, or Vancouver, there’s a Goodyear for your application. If your TPMS indicates you need new tires, we always advise you include Goodyear in your shopping list.


Based on 5 ratings, 12 Reviews

Dry Performance

100% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

100% Complete (warning)


1180% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

98.333333333333% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

91.666666666667% Complete (warning)
  • Excellent tires

    Excellent tires

    Written by James Stokes Dec 25,2019

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  • Awesome Snow and Ice Performane

    Live on hillside/mountain with ice being the major hazard in winter. These tyres have been everything expected in the first month of use.

    Written by David Hastings Dec 25,2019

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  • Good Year ultra Grip tires

    The Good Year ultra grip is a great winter tire for all conditions in the Rockies

    Written by Pierre Fortin Nov 08,2019

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  • Goodyear winter tires

    Great winter traction makes my Subaru a tank in snow...tires very noisy ...just wish tires and rims came from same warehouse so that they could be delivered mounted and balanced

    Written by Michael Bromley Nov 25,2019

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  • Awesome Snows

    Great deal when in sale

    Written by SEAN LENDVOY Aug 19,2019

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  • Tires

    Great tire a little noisy

    Written by Luciano Gentile Nov 02,2020

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  • New winter tires

    Great tires.

    Written by Herman Tulkens Aug 27,2020

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  • Good enough but not the greatest

    Coming from Goodyear i was expecting better grip on snow and ice, but they do the job for general winter driving. On the pros side they are really quiet and the drive on them is smooth. Cons is not the best grip, specially when breaking

    Written by Raul Acosta Dec 18,2019

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  • Nice Winter Tires

    Love the design of these tires. They are quiet on the road without studs and handle dry conditions fine. Will have to wait longer to see how they handle snow.

    Written by Jason Buss Oct 28,2019

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  • Winter Tires

    Very Nice Tire , Great on icey roads and super stopping performance !!

    Written by Derrick Hayes Dec 20,2019

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  • Great for winter

    These are great for winter shipping was really fast right to my door. Come spring I will order all seasons.

    Written by Nicole Fenyvesi Feb 08,2020

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  • Very nice price

    Very nice price

    Written by Yong Yao Nov 19,2020

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