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About Gibson Performance Exhaust

Gibson Performance was founded by Ron and Julie Gibson who before forming the company, needed products to enhance the performance of their motorhome but couldn’t find anything. To resolve this issue, they build their own exhaust system, leading to the creation of Gibson Exhaust. Today, still being a family-run business, the company is one of the largest and trusted manufacturers of performance exhaust products in the industry, making items such as exhaust pipes, exhaust system kits, mufflers, exhaust headers and more. 

Gibson is aware that peak horsepower and torque gain are important while ensuring that customers get the most performance out of their products. To tackle this they designed their products to not only deliver the ultimate horsepower for better performance in towing, acceleration, fuel economy and more in addition to better torque in the lower rpm range. 

The exhaust system provided by Gibson will give your vehicle more power through the increase in exhaust flow by eliminating turbulence and restrictions. Restrictions are created at the muffler and every bend on your exhaust system, however, Gibson reduces this by designing a muffler with baffles and chamber dynamic structure. For example, the Gibson Superflow muffler has only a 5% restriction compared to the streamline muffler that has a 34% restriction.

Though many believe that having a bigger pipe diameter leads to better performance, Gibson through extensive research has determined that pipes that are too large will affect your vehicle's power. Therefore, Gibson has designed their products not to give you as most flow as possible but to give you flow most effectively. 

In addition to performance, Gibson has made their products to give you not only the right sound but also the right appearance. No matter what you like Gibson has a sound and exhaust system made for anything and with their Swept Side, Dual Sport, Split Rear, and Super Truck systems, there’s an exhausted look for every driver. Their products are available in stainless and aluminized steel and everyone can be installed hassle-free. 

All of Gibson’s products are made in their state of the art research and development center located in Corona, California. In the facilities, they use CAD/CAM software, flow benches, engine and chassis dynamometers, and audio test equipment to design and evaluate every Gibson muffler and other exhaust system components. Gibson headers, Gibson exhaust tips, and more must pass the most rigid performance and quality inspections for flow, sound, fit and finish before it’s cleared for manufacturing. Gibson uses the most modern processes to produce their exhaust systems. 

To say the least, Gibson Performance Exhaust is the company that will give your vehicle the ultimate power. Whether you need a muffler for your Mazda or header for your Audi, Gibson in there for you. If you ever need a special request for your car and cannot find what you need within our CanadaWheels Inventory, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are always on standby during our business hours to answer 

With CanadaWheels' award-winning fulfillment and support network, we want to give your car the treatment it deserves. Your dream car with the ultimate horsepower is possible. Take charge of your performance buying experience and let us at CanadaWheels guide you through an optimized package that will meet all your car and car accessory needs. Let us support you in building a positive driving experience for years to come.

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