What’s It Like To Own A Classic Lamborghini?


So Clean, So Mean.

Sometimes you get up in the morning, and you have no idea what to blog about. This is especially true when you write in the automotive space and all your morning press releases are about pace-car trucks, sales demographics, and male models. Desperate for some interesting content, I turned to Youtube and did my subscription box ever leave me salivating. Petrolicious fed my eyes with one of the most beautifully shot pieces of automotive cinematography I have ever seen.

“Untamed” is one of Petrolicious’s short documentaries, which they release every so often. They usually feature a very clean, rare classic car, as well as its dedicated owner. Today was extra special as they found a running Lamborghini Miura in California. This was the supercar that put Lambo on the map, and for good reason. Aside from the super mean, sideways v12, just look at the thing. There’s a reason why I have a scale model on my desk, the Miura is visually inspiring, it is my automotive muse.

If you’re not convinced that a simple car video can improve your mood and your drive to work for your dreams, watch the film. I promise it will make you happy.



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