New Year, New Car Upgrade: Top 5 Vehicle Upgrades

The end and start of a new year are always two significant moments. At the end of a new year, people look back to see what they have achieved, and at the start of a new year, people start to make resolutions, such as what they want to accomplish, or how they can make themselves better. For you car lovers out there, we can imagine, you have made a resolution to upgrade your vehicle. Of course, why wouldn’t you, your ride should match your taste and style.

We know that power upgrades or style upgrades are nothing new to you, but you should know that some basics can be done to take your car to another level. With hundreds of ways to do this, we have chosen our top 5 favourite upgrades that will give you not only the best appearance and performance but will add value more than your money’s worth.


Like any product, choosing the right one can make a difference of night and way; the same applies to wheels. Having the right wheels can have multiple performance benefits. For example, having light, strong wheels can reduce unwanted weight, allowing you to have improved handling. Furthermore, a weight reduction will give you better braking and acceleration.

Moreover, the perfect wheels can give you the ability to place wider tires for better grip plus, give you the ability to install larger brakes onto your vehicle. Not having the right size can dramatically impact your car’s alignment, handling, braking, and acceleration. Of course, wheels can dramatically improve the appearance of your ride.

A popular choice among drivers is Alloy wheels, provided by brands such as Fast, Niche, American Racing and, more. These wheels not only come in multiple different colours and styles but are lighter in weight and have better fuel consumption. Alloy wheels also have improved heat transmission and will give you better breaking.


Tires – another fundamental upgrade. You have the most powerful engine but, if your vehicle can’t make it to the road, that engine is useless. If you have a certain amount of power, you need tires that can properly grip and handle it; the tires can determine how your vehicle will perform at its highest speed. Having the right kind of rubber during certain seasons can improve performance features such as acceleration, braking, handling, and more.

For example, when facing extreme winter conditions winter tires are ideal because they have an increased number of biting edges and high sipe densities, giving you better traction. While summer tires are fantastic when the weather is warm and for high-performance vehicles. With their tread compounds made to be more flexible plus having fewer groves, these tires will give better traction and grip during the warmer days. For winter we suggest, Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 or Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, and for summer we recommend, Continental ExtremeContact Sport or Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.


Probably one the most important upgrades – the ability to stop effectively. Brakes products provided by brands such as EBC Brakes, StopTech, Hawk Performance and more, improving your brakes will ultimately enhance the performance of your car. Furthermore, having high-quality brakes will not only last longer, but they will decrease stopping distance, have exceptional performance when put under pressure, and will give you extra safety. If you are trying to show off your ride without being too flashy then nothing beats having a big set of vented rotors peeking from behind those custom rims.

A common upgrade that car enthusiasts go crazy over is braided stainless steel brake lines that give you a firmer pedal feel. With these, they do need to be replaced regularly and need to be protected from debris. Another well-known upgrade is cross-drilled rotors and slotted rotors; these allow for increased airflow over and away from the rotor but, the moving air will take any heat away with it. Finally, brake pads and calipers are another easy way to upgrade your braking system.

Exhaust System

Getting an exhaust upgrade can mean a multitude of things because depending on the vehicle you are improving, there will be different options for products such as header backs, cat backs, or an exhaust system kit. These are all provided by brands such as Borla, ARB, Flowtech and more. Furthermore, exhaust upgrades will also depend on other modifications you are making to your car. For example, if you update your air intake, your exhaust will be the next upgrade to help the entire system breathe better. Having a less restrictive airflow will allow for better fuel economy and will allow for the motor to work better. Additionally, upgrading your exhaust will help save weight compared to the stock exhaust systems plus, will free up some horsepower by allowing exhaust gasses to exit the combustion chamber more efficiently.

Other upgrade options are getting a cat-back and axle-back system; these are most commonly used because they are relatively inexpensive, sound great and give small power gain. Getting a full exhaust system can potentially offer you more power but, this can lead to emission alteration and, can cost more.

Before doing any of this, remember to measure your exhaust; bigger is not always better. Backpressure, flow velocity, and resistance of flow all help the car run better at cruising speeds and maintain drivability.

Cold Air Intakes

Why cold air intakes? Air intakes allow for better airflow to both the engine and motor giving you the ability to have more strength. With this being said, having the right intake design becomes even more critical if you want to maximize the power of your engine. 

Cold air intakes are sold either sold separately or in kits by brands such as Flowmaster, Injen, or Mishimoto. You can also build your own using the right intake tube diameter, length and shape, attached to your OE MAF with a cold air filter with the same diameter. Having a cold air intake will give you a more open system and a larger filter allowing greater airflow and pull. Of course, the last thing you want is for the product to fail on you, which is why we recommend the brands stated above. 

Furthermore, you should try and avoid buying air intakes that go into the bumper because if the water is absorbed you can risk seizing it and, if there is a lot of water, you can potentially blow it up. Therefore, having a short ram that is close to the factory air box is perfect. Finally, try to keep it away from the motor and header, allowing the cold air to stay cold.

All these options can be fantastic vehicle upgrades! But before making them, be careful when making your decision. Remember to choose upgrades that not only will best align with your budget but your goals as well.



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