The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Will Start at a Luxuriant $189,350

Mercedes-Maybach S600

New price for the S600!

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 is soon to hit the market and the elegant car, in metal-and-cowflesh, is set to come at a hefty price of $189,350. While that seems like a really high price to pay, the makers have ensured that buyers get what they shell out.

For a twin turbo 6 liter V12 engine producing 612 Nm torque and 523 bhp of peak power, it is really quiet. It toils smoothly and silently, and sitting in the plush interior cabin passengers hardly feel that they are on the move. The reclining seats are wrapped in plush leather and the diamond-quilted upholstery ensures that the comforts and aesthetics are at a maximum.

There are semi-auto driving sensors and adaptive-cruise control sensors in the grille. The car has seating capacity for 4 people and every bit of the vehicle speaks ultra-luxury. At 21 feet, the vehicle has been designed for the supremely rich and this means only those with deep pockets and a fetish for the optimum luxury are allowed in it. It has rear seats that face one another for business meetings within the vehicle. The car will have optional armored plating that will make it resistant to small explosives and gun fires.

The car marks the first in the S-class sedan series from Mercedes and it was originally thought to be named as the S600 Pullman. This indicates that it was supposed to be a kind of throwback to the gorgeous Mercedes 600 Pullman of the 1960’s that was the choice of vehicle for the high and the famous, such as celebrities, royals, popes, members of aristocratic families and political heavyweights of the Western World.

While the rolling out of the Maybach S600 may raise some eyebrows, this highly priced car is a clear hint that Mercedes does not want to lose its status among the elite even as it prepares to expand its series with more number of entry level cars.

According to Business Week, the vehicle will rival the likes of the Audi and the BMW. The Maybach seems to be a car that is likely to be in the news for a long time.

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