Infiniti Previews Its Own Vision Gran Turismo

Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo

The stunning concept for Gran Turismo 6 from Infiniti

For GT6, car manufacturers are competing with each other to design their own sets of wheels as part of the program known as the Vision Gran Turismo. Infiniti is the latest one to join the bandwagon. It has released two new teaser pictures to tickle the imagination of car enthusiasts and drop some hints about its concept for the program.

Other than two teaser images, no other details have been disclosed as yet. The Japanese car manufacturer has remained mum on the details of its official concept for the Vision Gran Turismo. The teasers confirm that Infiniti has gone for a 2 door sports car design. It is track-focused and low-slung. The long bonnet of the vehicle implies a front-engine design.

The aerodynamic profiling of the Infiniti model appears to be shaped like a creature from mythical stories, and appears sophisticated to the eyes. It has deep extractor vents in its hood and the front brake vents have intersecting side sills. There is a bigger rear wing and a huge rear diffuser. Video racers will love to drive this vehicle just similar to the Nissan Concept 2020 that was released earlier in June 2014 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The new concept can be driven in the Gran Turismo racing simulator from Sony Playstation and car enthusiasts can get a feel of how the model would look like and how its drive quality would be.

At the moment, there are only sketchy details and the actual information is limited to the two teaser images only. However, car lovers can expect the Vision Gran Turismo from Infiniti to be more luxurious than what is traditionally expected from Nissan, its parent company. Infiniti has kept mum on the actual release date of the complete first look of the Vision Gran Turismo concept. The only official word from the company has been that it will be “coming soon.”

Many auto manufacturers have made use of Vision Gran Turismo to stun the world with some excellent concepts. It is now the turn of Infiniti to get its own moment of glory with its own concept.

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