GMC Teases Electric Hummer

GMC recently teased the Hummer EV, which boasts that it will lay the foundation of their “Electric Future.” Then to cement this commitment, they released a bunch of Super Bowl commercial featuring the one and only LeBron James! Because nothing says mid-range vehicles like LeBron (See Kia ads from a few years ago.)

Very few details have surfaced about the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck killer, in fact only three real figures were included in GMC’s press release.

It’s got:

  • 1000 Horsepower
  • 11,500 lb/ft of Torque
  • 0-60 in 3 seconds

Is it weird that figures like this around EVs almost sound boring at this point? They’ve all got instant torque delivery, and they all have horsepower that seems to dial in via Adobe Lightroom slider. But hey, we can’t complain about another vehicle set to absolutely shred its tires, we’ll be here to replace them in a jiffy!

And what did The King have to say on the subject?

This baby’s gonna change the game forever!

And just to rub in the “electric-ness” of it all, GMC decided to remind us that electric motors don’t make much noise (See the Electric Harley Davidson commercial from several years ago).

We’re certain there are off-road and custom tuners that are going to be excited by what will no doubt be another SUV where chrome should not go! Stay tuned for the real details, slated to come out May 20, 2020!



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