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Top 5 Winter Tires of 2020 for Cars and Crossovers
Having the right winter tire is fundamental when it comes to making sure your car is ready for the cold, especially the cold Canada brings. Canadian cold weather always comes with black ice, snowstorms, slush, and horrible snowy roads. So finding...
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My Top 25 Rims You Can Find At The CanadaWheels Online Store
Here are 25 rims I found in our inventory and I think everyone might like. This is all based on my personal opinion, you might not like some or you might not find your favourite brand of rims listed below. But you can always check our online as...
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World First: Ford to Mass-Produce Carbon Fiber Wheels for Shelby GT350R
Ford has announced they will be the first company in the world to mass product carbon fibre wheels, to be used on the Shelby GT350R Space shuttle technology helped this happen... Ford is ensuring their Shelby GT350R is the most insane version...
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Race Better with American Racing Winter Wheels
In case you are new to the world of racing, all you need to do is spend some time with the ace racers and before long, you will be able to understand that they are not particularly fond of all-season tires. Anybody who has had considerable on a of...
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How To Make The Best Of Winter Rims For Sale
Winter may not be just around the corner, nor is the snow to hit anytime soon; but what seems to be flooding the shops and showrooms are the products applicable for best use in this season! The world of automobiles is not far from this influence a...
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Ensure to Plan and Save Up for Good Quality BMW Winter Wheels
Did you know that these days it is extremely easy to get affordable BMW winter Wheels, that give excellent results for a smooth and comfortable driving experience, even during the harshest of weather conditions? Now, if this is a piece of news for...
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TSW Wheels in Canada for a Silky Smooth Drive
Love all things Cars and bikes? Does speed give you a thrill and a high like no other?  It is every car and bike fanatic's dream to have a modified car, according to his or her preferences. So, to begin with, how about changing the alloys of your...
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