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What is Better... Winter or All-Season?
Walking into your local brick and mortar store and not knowing what type of tire to buy for the winter can be frustrating. The end goal, ultimately, is to get tires that can last all season. The questions that probably come to mind are: what is a...
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Winter Tires - a Smart Financial Decision
If you've ever hit the brakes on your car, only to feel it slip - due to rain, snow, or ice - you know it's a little scary. You jump into defence mode - sitting upright, gripping the wheel, hands at 10 & 2, staring intently at the road you be...
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Bentley Brings Continental GT3 Together With 'Birkin Blower' For Epic Photoshoot [13 Hi Res...
After a bumper year in the Blancpain Endurance GT series, Bentley is paying homage to its heritage in this awesome photoshoot between the Continental GT3 and the "Birkin Blower" 85 years after its LeMans win. Know your roots, It's not just a a...
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Toyo Has Made A Winter Tire You Can Leave On All Year
Toyo has made a tire which is "Alpine Stamped" that means even in provinces where winter tires are the law, you could use The Celsius. However, they say it's good for year-round use. How cool is that? Could the Toyo Celsius be the last tire if...
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Goodyear Has a Concept Tire That Generates Electricity
Goodyear announced a concept tire that produces electricity! Absolutely Shocking!!! I'll see myself out...   At the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, the BHO3 concept tire was displayed by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. This is a...
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Scion Planning to Soon Start the Production of the New iM
LA Auto Show Image of iM concept... cute...   So, you must have heard about the Scion iM concept car that was unveiled in November last year. Since the time the curtains were raised on this car, hatchback lovers were waiting for the...
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Are Treadware Ratings as Truthful As You Think?
    We made a video a couple years ago explaining what UTQG means, and how it can effect your drive. Check that out below!   If you are into sports cars and racing, there’s news for you! Whether you are into racing...
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Four Essential Benefits of Winter Tire for Sale
With the winter season approaching fast, it is important for you to start looking for winter tire for sale - especially in case your country witnesses snowfall and ice on the roads. Winter tires are also referred to as snow tires and these are in...
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How to Choose the Best Toronto Tires for Yourself
When you are thinking of buying new tires, there are various things that you need to keep in mind. Good tires are essential to the safety and overall performance of your vehicle at the time of driving. When it is the question of purchasing the for...
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