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Bentley Announces Fully Electric Autonomous Grand Tourer - EXP 100 GT
Bentley announced the future of luxury today. In the gallery below, you can now witness in high res, the fully electric and self-driving Bentley Concept EXP 100 GT. We've got all the pics and the announcement video below, this thing talkin crazy...
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Aston Martin featured at 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed
It's one of our favorite times of the year! Goodwood! Hoorah!     Yes the famed Festival of Speed is upon us once again, and this year the star mark of the show is Aston Martin. The massive steel sculpture in front of Goodwood is...
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It's Canada Day 2019!
Happy Canada Day! It's our favourite holiday of the year! That's right the day we celebrate all the most awesome things about Canada. Being a Canadian company ourself we take a ton of pride in all Canadian products. So this year we curated a list...
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CanadaWheels Wins Another Award For Growth!
From left to right: Mehdi Saleh (Head of Technology ) , Brendon McLean (Sales Team) , Jean Senecal (Software Developer), Hong Tran (Sales Team), Saleh Taebi (Founder & CEO) We’ve been recognized once again! The CanadaWheels trophy case a...
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Canada Turns 150, CanadaWheels Turns 5, Top 5 User Submitted Cars!
Before Geneva, McLaren has revealed one of the finest custom P1s from MSO and the upcoming 675LT Spider. You might wanna check your shorts. #Canada150 We're so proud to be Canadian, and representing our great nation for its 150th birthday a...
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McLaren shows off stunning carbon P1 and 675LT Spider before Geneva - 17 high res pics
Before Geneva, McLaren has revealed one of the finest custom P1s from MSO and the upcoming 675LT Spider. You might wanna check your shorts.   McLaren's Special Operations division is being unfair to the competition.   Oh to a...
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Cigarette Racing Team Draws Inspiration from AMG-GT3 - 15 Hi Res Images
The Cigarette Racing Team, big dogs in the world of off-short high speed boat racing insanity, have unveiled their newest boat. It's inspired by the always aggressive Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT3   An aqua-racing icon has taken a page from a a...
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BMW Reveals Trim Options For M2, MotoGP Safety Car - 25 Images
BMW may have just revealed the most badass safety car ever conceived.   If you're a fan of Formula 1, but like more risk and less wheels, then you probably also love MotoGP. This upcoming MotoGP Season BMW will supplying the safety and...
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McLaren releases 8 hi-def pictures of the 650S-GT3 Before Geneva
Just when you thought the McLaren 650S couldn't get more badass, they put it on steroids and made a racing version. Prepare your drool-cup Holy bananas... In preparation for the Geneva Motor Show Mclaren has released photos of their upcoming...
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