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CanadaWheels.ca Ranked on The Globe and Mail’s 2020 Canada’s Top Growing Companies
September 25, 2020 CanadaWheels.ca places No. 130 on The Globe and Mail’s ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies OTTAWA, ONTARIO CanadaWheels is pleased to announce it placed No. 130 on the 2020 Globe and Mail’s ranking of Top...
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Tips for saving when buying a car
An Article from our good friends at RateHub.ca If you want to save money when buying a car, whether used or new, there are some simple rules. The most critical is understanding the total cost of ownership. Typically, we look at the sticker but...
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Ice Racing in Ottawa
Around the end of February I had the privilege of joining some of Ottawa's most rough and tumble automotive enthusiasts. Every Saturday in February, the good folks over at Calabogie Motorsports Park (about 40 minutes from Ottawa) organize some a...
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BMW Reveals New Aerodynamic Wheels for Upcoming iX3 Electric SUV
Not to be left behind in the EV race, BMW is expanding it's line of all electric vehicles! Coming soon is the iX3, and as a teaser they've released images of their "Novel Aerodynamic Wheels" In a world where the aerodynamics of a vehicle can a...
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GMC Teases Electric Hummer
GMC recently teased the Hummer EV, which boasts that it will lay the foundation of their "Electric Future." Then to cement this commitment, they released a bunch of Super Bowl commercial featuring the one and only LeBron James! Because nothing a...
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Mercedes Blends Tech And Nature At CES 2020
CES 2020 has come to a close, and we could not be more excited about all the interesting new automotive tech concepts the biggest brands are starting to explore. It's been awe inspiring to witness what Tesla has done to charge this industry. the...
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5 upcoming EVs to get excited about!
The EV Revolution is upon us! More Torque and Power than ever imagined, more user-focused driving experiences, and more eco friendly vehicles are coming to the market. Here's a list we compiled of 5 upcoming EVs that make us the most excited!...
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Nissan announces new EV SUV called Ariya
Loving this rapidly growing EV market? Nissan just dropped the look for a new all electric SUV. They're calling it the Ariya, and it looks like it's set to undercut the Tesla Model X in a big way. While this is just a styling concept for now,...
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Porsche unveils Taycan 4S with more competitive pricing.
Porsche and VAG aim to take more of Tesla's market share with their new electric Taycan. Porsche has unveiled their newest version of the Taycan EV super cruiser. This one will bear the 4s badge, and have a price point that's about $50,000 to...
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