CanadaWheels Wins Another Award For Growth!

CanadaWheels Team Poses With Award Plaque

From left to right: Mehdi Saleh (Head of Technology ) , Brendon McLean (Sales Team) , Jean Senecal (Software Developer), Hong Tran (Sales Team),
Saleh Taebi (Founder & CEO)

We’ve been recognized once again!

The CanadaWheels trophy case has a new addition with another entry into Ottawa’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies. We’re extremely proud to be listed for the second time, among some of the most influential companies in our city.

Since 2012 CanadaWheels has always strived to push the online retail experience forward, and with our most recent updates we experienced a surge of over 175% growth. These updates included improved UI and UX, a faster shipping solution, an inventory expansion that now includes over 200 brands of wheels and tires, and a more agile way to action customer feedback. First of all we want to thank all of our fans and happy customers who have helped us innovate in their wheel and tire buying experience. Thanks to this growth we have again been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in our home city of Ottawa, Canada.

From our humble beginnings, learning code in our founder’s garage, CanadaWheels has always been motivated to improve the online shopping experience and connect people closer with their vehicles. By targeting everyday people, frustrated by limited selections and logistical headaches, we have identified major holes in the current automotive retail system, and strive to elevate eCommerce in this sector, beyond current standards. With CanadaWheels’ current system customers no longer have to travel from one brick and mortar shop to the next; we consider this a waste of hard earned time. Instead, we have refined the process to the palm of your hand with a state of the art website that has been optimized for speed and function on any mobile device. Customers no longer need to live through a complex and stressful negotiation process. To combat this, we’ve developed a wheel and tire buying system that is, hassle free, safe, secure, and above all trustworthy. No longer will customers have to second guess their buying decisions because all questions, comments and concerns are handled 1 on 1 by our fantastic support team. We’re proud to the best reviewed wheel and tire platform in Canada and we vow to continue our quest for eCommerce excellence around the world.

Our current list of awards now appears like this:

Our mission at CanadaWheels is solely to improve the wheel and tire buying experience for Canadians. The aim is to put the buying power back into the consumer’s hands. If you’re buying winter tires, summer tires, or just looking to upgrade your alloy wheels, CanadaWheels will be there to lead the way with the best value and customer support in the market.

As we continue to grow we will proudly be releasing new features to our platform. Throughout 2019 stay tuned for more parts, accessories, and of course the same great value, and high quality wheels and tires you already know. Cheers to all the other winners this year, and let’s bring another one home in 2020!

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