BMW Reveals New Aerodynamic Wheels for Upcoming iX3 Electric SUV

Not to be left behind in the EV race, BMW is expanding it’s line of all electric vehicles! Coming soon is the iX3, and as a teaser they’ve released images of their “Novel Aerodynamic Wheels”

In a world where the aerodynamics of a vehicle can improve efficiency by up to 30%, leave it to the Germans to engineer aero into every little detail. These rims are scheduled to appear on the iX3, as well as the currently unrevealed i4 and iNext. These rims are 15% lighter than BMW’s previous generation of Aero wheels, which reduces drag by 5% on the iX3, and gives the SUV an extra 2% charge life, or a spare 10kms, not bad!

So what feature of these marvelous new wheels is the secret? BMW is saying it’s the “V Spoke” design and “the inserts are precision-moulded and integrated into the outside of the wheel between the spokes. Thus, they are highly effective in reducing wheel-arch air turbulence – and therefore aerodynamic drag. As a result, the Aerodynamic Wheels form a key element of the overall package developed for optimum efficiency of the BMW iX3.”

Have a look at the below teaser pics and let us know what you think in the comments!



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