Aston Martin Vulcan Supercar Revealed

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin’s made a new racecar for the super-rich to hoon around tracks. Good for them!

Aston Martin, the well-known British auto manufacturer, has revealed the very first pictures of its upcoming luxury and sport supercar. The large and aggressive Vulcan is set to be unveiled next week officially at the Geneva Auto Show.

Earlier this month, the Vulcan was announced by Aston Martin. The car maker released a teaser video to display hazy shots of its gutsy sportscar, with the sound of the revving engine of the vehicle playing in the background. The luxury sports car has been inspired by motorcars and consists of a powerful 7.0-litre V12 engine, which can produce over 800 bhp of power according to the manufacturer. The chassis of the car has been completely made out of carbon fiber, which promises “truly extreme performance” according to Aston Martin.

The wheels of the car have been equipped with competition-worthy carbon ceramic which measures 360mm at the rear and380mm at the front. The 19-inch magnesium wheels are light in weight and are covered with 345/30 Michelin race tires. The Vulcan is set to come with anti-lock braking system with traction control systems that offer assistance in variable degrees.

The Aston Martin Vulcan will come with a bold aerodynamic package, comprising of front splitter, large rear wing and rear diffuser along with cooling ducts of aerodynamically-optimized variety all over its chassis. The interior cabin comprises of fighter jet-spec steering wheel, roll cage and race harnesses. The car satisfies all the race safety requirements of FIA.

The car is set to come in a limited production run. Aston Martin has stated that only 24 models of the supercar will be constructed and sold with a $2.3 million price tag. According to Aston Martin, the styling of the car hints at the next generation of the road-going sports cars from the British car manufacturer.

Before the cars are delivered to their buyers, Aston Martin will also offer the chance to owners to participate in an extensive program in order to take intensive track-driver training and update their driving skills.

The vehicle will be unveiled next month at the Geneva motor show. Later in the year, its performance details will be revealed the more that the time for its track debut comes closer.

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