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Price Up to $1500

About AMP

AMP Tires are as extreme as it comes. Choose AMP for your Off-road Truck or SUV today.

AMP offers tires for the car owners who look for high-traction tires that won't lose their grip while driving. The M/T series tires have a tread pattern specifically designed for off-road drivers. The A/T tire series is designed for individuals with versatile usages. AMP has the right choice for all off-road/traction enthusiasts.

Get a grip and attack the terrain with AMP Tires!


Based on 5 ratings, 9 Reviews

Dry Performance

97.777777777778% Complete (warning)

Wet Performance

97.777777777778% Complete (warning)


860% Complete (warning)

Snow/Ice Performance

97.777777777778% Complete (warning)

Comfort + Noise

91.111111111111% Complete (warning)
  • Rating about my tires

    Hi like them they are not noisy and my pick up truck ride a lot smoother so i like them ..Raymond Lacroix .

    Written by Raymond Lacroix Feb 01,2019

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  • Great Tires

    Awesome tires, good performance, a little slick on the ice.

    Written by Blaine Hazzard Feb 26,2019

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  • Happy Guy!

    I chose this aggressive tread pattern and am very happy how they work even though they do make some noise, however, it isn't excessive. No complaints!

    Written by Ed Pavlakovic Apr 10,2020

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  • Super Tread

    Love them

    Written by kirk theakston Oct 24,2020

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  • Best tire

    The absolute best tire I've used...These are on a Hummer H2. There quiet and offer a very comfortable ride and look great. Will be using these again..and the price is just incredible...probably because your not paying for a name.

    Written by Ruaire Calton Nov 27,2018

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  • Great tire for the price!

    Great all terrain and winter tire for the price. Harder to balance but all around happy with these tires.

    Written by Troy Dobler Dec 10,2018

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  • Excellent Quality

    I ordered these tires on line and am very impressed with the quality. They are wonderful for driving through some pretty nasty road conditions - freezing rain. heavy snow and slush, and icy roads. The delivery of my order was prompt and the price is great.

    Written by Wendy Guindon Feb 04,2019

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    Overall great tire. Love the look and the ride. Highly recommend

    Written by Larry Wiggins Feb 04,2019

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  • Great tires

    Love these tires on my diesel. They must be rotated regularly of course. They are fairly loud but they're a mud tire so that's to be expected

    Written by Amanda Cochrane Feb 12,2021

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